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ST.GERMAIN ~ Awaken From the Dream

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Awaken From the Dream
Posted: 15 Mar 2011 04:15 PM PDT
Chelas of the Great White Brotherhood, we are going to tell you the next answer to your contamination concerns: When the movement of awareness occurs in an Awakening, a body gains in health. No more will the loss of defense attributes  occur, as there will be no dependance on the world for inner strength. Self-care is about becoming detached.
Awareness can operate without negative emotions effecting a human body. As more days are spend in complete calm, the light that has been activated will eliminate density by clearing the meridians of dross. Twenty days of calm can completely re-energize a body. Are you willing to focus on being detached and calm? Are these required? Only if the body's condition needs aid.
My answer to health is calm. My answer to strengthening your inner defense system is calm. My answer to being helpful to others is, be calm. All these answers are the same, as this is the truth for each question.
Mandates for change come from an unhappy condition. If all was great, why alter anything? Calls for money are always coming to us by needy chelas. Are they creating money as they ask? Absolutely not. Can they create money? Yes, with happy thoughts, courageous decisions, and giving out thoughts of abundance instead of "not enough". My dream is that all can accept what comes as adequate, and be grateful it is in their lives.

MASTER KUTHUMI ~ Our Rewire, Astro Travel and Group Consiousness

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Kuthumi: Our Rewire, Astro Travel and Group Consciousness
 15 March 2011
Channeler: Lynette Leckie-Clark
Tuesday, 1 March, 2011
I Kuthumi enter your energy field once more with a feeling of hope and joy for your future. You are aware that old energies – and those ones attached to these – are being moved on. It is a case of either change or move away. Those who would dictate, cheat or lie, in present or past actions, are no longer being tolerated. You who hold such Light energy should congratulate yourselves. It is the power of so much Light emitting from you all which is exposing all levels of dark behavior. Perhaps now you can see what I have been speaking of and preparing you for, for some time now.


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SaLuSa 16-March-2011
~Our appearance on your television channels will enable us to reach out to people to dispel any doubts that they may have about our intentions. We will go to great lengths to explain why we are here, and the plan to take you up to the end time.~

SaLuSa 16-March-2011

ESU Chats Briefly about JAPAN

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Esu Chats Briefly about Japan
By Esu thru Eve
Mar 14, 2011 - 5:29:16 PM

14th march 2011
Esu, can you comment on Japan?
Ok, Eve, short briefing: Japan is very serious. We are sucking off the most of the radioactivity – we are shift working 24 hours a day. We have taken care of the souls who were victims of the tsunami and there is special care for the ones whose bodys were harmed by radioactivity. Japan is an incredible mess of harm and grief.
A catastrophe like that – in a place of such a high population density - is a pure apocalypse. You see the volcanic underground of Japan. This is merely the beginning. We've told you before, how hard Japan could be hit. A chain reaction is likely to follow from this. The whole place is like an open wound right now – and this is in fact – unveiled – a drama when man sees what he has created.
So many of you have signed petitions for stopping that nuclear energy thing. They have not been heard. To build these kind of nuclear plants on volcanic ground makes it even worse. Tschernobyl has not been bad enough, so it seems - to turn the tide. The NWO players have placed a big coup by this. Now they are trying to make you believe they had arranged this by Haarp, as a shock and awe scenario. Your internet is already flooded by rage filled indictions and statements, that Haarp had been used to intentionally make a mess out of this. Not so, beloveds.


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Nuclear Reactors Must Go
Posted: 13 Mar 2011 07:35 PM PDT
Many lessons about human decision making are about to be learned. When the decision was made to generate nuclear devices for electricity, many assumptions were made, and decisions to build many devices throughout humanity's living areas were made without discussing these decisions with the more aware consciousness within man's heart. Now, many changes like the recent earthquake in Japan are to let the men who made these decisions know how wrong they were to conclude nothing could destroy these magnificent collectors and their housing. No war or change by man's hand can destroy these war proof tactical machines, but man neglected to check on nature's continued evolution to get more accurate information.
Two nuclear reactors are now about to close at nature's hand. How to close them completely will need to be decided next. Are the countries that have them aware that all of them need to close? Can they deduce from this current climate of fear what can occur once more changes are demanded of man by nature?
After this calamity, the good news will be less radiation contamination than either Chernoble or Three Mile Island. Can this be a message to look at other possible nuclear attempts to lead man to death's door? Many contacts about this subject were made when cancellation of these structures could have occurred. Now, closing them all down will be demanded by one or more of the more conscious countries, and this will be considered completely unacceptable by those that just created theirs.

You Have Infinite Choices

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HEAVEN #3762
You Have Infinite Choices,
 March 14, 2011
God said:
If you ask Me what I am thinking, My answer is: I am thinking of you.
If you ask Me what I am doing, My answer is: What am I doing? I do nothing. I AM, and that means I LOVE. I am here. That is what I do. I sit still and, by My Being, everything is created.
The inception of all creation is in this moment. There is no other moment. It is not easy to convey to the world mind the existence of right now only. And yet, there is no train to the past. There is no train to the future. There is no string of existence. There is existence. There is no line that can be traced. There are no lines. There is love. We can say there is a Union of Love, and so love is joined, and yet love was never unjoined.
Time is a passing fancy. Space is too.
Life is a children´s fairy book with magnificent illustrations. There are the good children, and, for the sake of the story, ogres crop up. There are the innocents, and there are the wicked witches. Playing the witch can be fun.

SaLuSa ~ 14 March 2011 The Final Cleansing is underway~

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SaLuSa 14-March-2011

We ask you to remain calm and know that it is not true that the end of the world is taking place. In no circumstances will it be destroyed or even seriously impacted by natural or man-made circumstances. Matters of that nature are within our control, and we are here to ensure that the cycle is completed as divinely decreed.

Remember that we are with you at all times, in Love and Light. 


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