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How Would You Act When Introduced To YOUR Angels?

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"How comfortable are you with angels? If you were to meet one face-to-face, what would you do? I really want to know."--this is the question that produced a tremendous outpouring of response from my readers. Here is the post inspired by this Welcoming LOVE for God's helpers with wings. Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste. (here is the link to what everyone had to say:

A Vision With The Ascended Masters, Saturday, November 9, 2013

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Good morning! This morning I had a Vision that was very eye-opening…hence the 'Oh Myyyyy' . Except in this case, it was Highly Spiritual Vision, including Ascended Masters and Warrior Angels. They cleansed the dark entities from four major Spiritual Organizations/Movements. Here's the entire story, if you would like to know:

How To Connect To The New Matrix--A Meditation and 'Something To Add'

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Would you like to 'plug in' to the new 'grid' or 'matrix' of the Eternal Now moment? Here is the meditation from Anna Melchizidek posted today, with 'something to add'--including pictures and diagrams and examples--to help you 'see' what this new chakra and the new 'matrix' are all about. Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste.

Timelines For The Event and You

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Are you ready? Seriously--besides wanting an end to 3D and Duality--and wanting to welcome our new 5D Reality--do you know what to do? We have three big intel sources--Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock's comment on Fulford (both posted graciously by Kauilapele), and now Sheldan Nidle, who suggest quite clearly that the time is near. All three article links, are in this post, along with my own intel from my source off planet. Further, there are links of 'where to look' for guidance during and after The Event. Are you ready? I sure am! I hope you are too. Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste.

Spiritual, Vegan Doctors Who Meditate? I Am Serious!

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For those of you who have ever watched Dr. Phil, today was a 'Changing Day'. In the Doctor's Dining Room, my 'project to raise awareness and options for vegetarian and vegan patients, doctors, families and staff' hit a Grand Slam Home Run! And it brought up meditation, too. We had seven doctors at the table. Of the seven, two are vegetarians, and three meditate on a regular basis. Everyone ate salad, although there were cooked options available, just by random chance! And the other five, well, the conversation started them 'thinking'... LOL. This is totally exciting to be changing medicine from's the scoop, in case you are interested in it too:

Surprise Message From Our Lady 11/4/2013

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I was starting to tidy things up for the night, and was pleased how I went through all of my 'Food Reserves' for The Event. Then I felt Spirit 'nudge' me to write about preparedness in general. Blessed Mother asked me to share a message. It is here, along with everything else I had written first on my thoughts of waiting for The Event since March 2012. It's a good message--very upbeat. I think you'll like it.


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