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Archangel Michael, Death Doulas, and Making The Most of 'Goodbyes'

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Sometimes it is time to go. The cigarette habit. The friend who drains your energy. The partner you may have outgrown. And sometimes, through no choice but fate, people leave the Earth Plane through transition. Here are some thoughts to make it easier in any case. Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste.

Why My Cousin Survived The LAX Shootings

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This is a story of a miracle. Both the 3D angle, and the 5D 'backstory' behind my cousin's safety at LAX when the gunman opened fire ten feet away from him. He has also gotten back on a plane again to continue his work in the film industry already. Here's the story, if you'd like to learn how to be protected spiritually like my cousin is, 24/7.

Three Signs You Are Experiencing Full Consciousness

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As Matthew Ward says, although Gaia and her Spirit are 5D, many of us who live on Her surface are in 3D and 'progressing toward our Personal Ascension at a speed compatible with our comfort level'. Three things I have found to be like 'road marker' experiences are summarized in this article. Long story short, there are: 'The Galactic Faux Pas' sensation, the 'Waves Of Illuminati are Crashing In all around you' feeling, and then the sudden, 'OMG I Hate It Here--Let Me Cancel My Contract, I Want To Go Home!' crisis. All of these are normal and healthy reactions to having vast amounts of new Information and Galactic Truth in your perception. More examples, and suggestions for how to best adjust to the 'process' are here, if you are interested:

What Hybrid Anesthesia 'Looks Like'--The Anxious Patient

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Conventional Medicine is at a crossroads. This writer, a working anesthesiologist, embraces Reiki and all forms of energy healing. There is as much to be said about bringing the 'spiritual' into the 'conventional' as well as joining the other healing modalities together in One healing paradigm where 'patient comes first'. The problem with this approach is that many of these 'alternative healing methods' work on a subtle energy level that is almost 'quantum' in nature, and therefore, difficult to measure. The effect is seen more readily in the response of the patient, and is most noticed by the patient family. Here is an example of an extremely anxious patient, who benefits much from a 'combined holistic-anesthesia approach'. More, if you're interested, here:

I Just Bought A Light Box!--Almost

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Cobra just released information about the new technologies. I am interested in the one which involves healing. Here is why I bought the Mandala Sphere Laser System. To read more of why an energy healing M.D. would plunk down serious moolah for one of these, here's the link--and I will be sure to keep you informed of how the new healing technologies go.

A Daily Prayer For This Time

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Dear Angels in Heaven:

Help me to Feel The Love in the Universe Today.
Help me to Be That Love Present Here on Earth.
Help me to Bring The Touch of Compassion To All I Meet.
Help me to Maintain this Spirit of Light against All Challenge.
Help me to Always Grow Stronger in Faith, Hope and Love.
Love Is The Highest Power There Is.
Bathe Me In The Energy of this Love Until my day ends.
Fill my Heart With Love to the point of Overflowing.
Let Love Guide me in Everything I Do: today, tomorrow, and every day that I live.

What Doctors With Reiki Is All About

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Doctors With Reiki is a grass-roots movement to bring the 'healing' back into the doctor-patient relationship. Traditional healers from ancient times relied on Spirit guidance to direct the care of the sick in their care because, frankly, technology was non-existent. In time, conventional medicine has become so reliant upon these laboratory and non-invasive imaging studies that our patients get the feeling they are 'just another patient' and those providing care are 'just treating the numbers'.

Our group has no membership fees, no conferences (yet!) as it is just starting out. We have one naturopath, one anesthesiologist, several chiropractors, and many nurses from all areas of practice, including critical care and ER. We also have Respiratory technicians and Hospice Reiki Volunteers in our organization. Together we are focusing on ways we can bring Energy Healing, especially but not limited to the use of Reiki to the bedside of our patients where we work.

Here is an example of our work--it is an actual text I got from a junior colleague recently when I was post-call:


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