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True Archangel Michael Stories by Deborah Faith

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The Feather

In October of 2012 I had a dream that felt so incredibly real. In the dream a large dark ominous looking ‘thing’ was moving towards me. I was terrified and screamed out Michael’s name 3 times and the next thing I knew I was being physically lifted out of the dream. I woke up safe and sound in my bed and as I turned the light on I noticed the most perfect white feather I’d ever laid eyes on. It had been carefully placed on my side table, where he was sure it wouldn’t go unnoticed. I knew then that he’d saved me! What I didn’t know at the time was that he’d saved me from a figment of my mind and over active imagination. I had been listening to the fear-filled stories of my online friends and these stories had released a deep seated fear for demons which had been installed within my psyche from a young age.

Over the next couple of months Michael patiently worked with me helping me to overcome my fears. He taught me there is nothing to fear except fear itself and even then it shouldn’t be feared because fear is an illusion. Only love is real! He showed me how powerful the human mind can be.

Since then he’s never left my side. He’s been my confidant, my mentor and closest friend. He taught me about unconditional love and he continues to guide me in every area of my life.

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True Archangel Michael Stories

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In 1990 my thyroid became ‘hyper-active’ and I was advised by a specialist doctor to have radio active iodine treatment which he said would help restore it to balance. It was either this treatment or surgery, and I’m allergic to surgery! So I opted for the treatment instead. As it turned out, my specialist doctor miscalculated the dosage of the radio active iodine and I was given too much which destroyed the normal function of my thyroid. I was told that I would have to take chronic meds for the rest of my life. I was still religiously taking the meds when 22 years later Archangel Michael became a conscious part of my life. One day I was guided by him to take less of the meds. He told me that my thyroid had started to function again and that soon I would not need to take the meds at all! I asked him how can that be? He told me that he had protected a small part of my thyroid the day I’d had the radio active iodine and this tiny part had started functioning again. He said that it would grow larger and eventually become 100% fully functional. He said he would guide me as to how to continue to reduce my meds. I was amazed! Sure enough, 3 months later, I no longer needed my meds. This was the first time I’d realized how active he had been in my life without me even knowing it.

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My Favorite Archangel Michael Story

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How I Met Archangel Michael

I have been working with Nasrin and the Ascended Masters for many years now and from the very beginning, Archangel Michael has been my constant companion. In fact, at my first channeling session; my first opportunity in this life to connect to the Ascended Masters through Nasrin, it was Archangel Michael that came to speak to me.

I was thrilled when the session began and Nasrin said Archangel Michael has come to talk to you. I had no idea what might happen in a “channeling session.” but the love I felt from Archangel Michael quickly convinced me that this intangible connection was real and profound. Michael was loving and comforting and fully aware that this was my first experience of this type and that I did not know what to expect. He seemed absolutely delighted to speak to me and honored to take me, energetically, on my first journey to experience higher dimensions of reality. He presented himself, not as a superior and vastly more powerful being but as a friend or a buddy, someone who has walked with me in many lifetimes before and has come back to be my guide to discovering this vast inner realm. His words were humbling beyond belief, yet totally exhilarating.

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