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This Libra Full Moon Eclipse is one of the most powerful, urgent and intense Full Moons of the year! It is a very powerful time….a time of break downs or break through's .  It is time to hold on tight as we climb through the chaos… with urgency….up the hill of change and transformation….to the very peak….where you can begin to see the “New” that you are co-creating!


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March 20th – Spring Equinox/Sun enters Aries – 11:57 am CDT.  These energies last for the next 3 months, and will be the back drop over the next year!  The Spring Vernal Equinox!!   First day of Spring!  The Vernal Equinox occurs when the Sunreaches the zero point of Aries.  It is when the Sun cross’s directly over the Earth’s equator.  Equinox means “equal night”.  Because the Sun is positioned above the equator, day and night are about equal in length all over the world.    This is a time of Balance!   This is a time of embodying the “new”.   This is a time for change and growth. 

Astrologically, the Equinox’s and Solstices are very important for the earth, but they also open portals to the universe, allowing for more information and down loads to happen.  They are powerful events, shown and interpreted by the chart that is formed at the exact time of the Equinox, or Solstice.  The energies that are down loaded at the time, through the portals to the universe and the planetary aspects, remain active, for up to 3 months, until the next Solstice or Equinox.   However, with the Spring Equinox  it also happens to be the beginning of the “New Year” for Astrology.  The Spring Equinox is ……The Astrological New Year! 


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology 
Full Moons are a time of releasing.  It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working. Go deep into yourself, your foundations, your old perceptions, your Soul and observe what is no longer working for you.  What is no longer vibrating where you are now vibrating?   It is a time of purging and releasing in all areas of your life.   
With all Full Moons (remember Full Moon energy is a day and half on each side of the peak), we have the Sun exactly opposite the Moon.  So with the Full Moon in Virgo, the Sun is in Pisces.  The Sun and the Moon are in opposition, and an opposition in Astrology asks us for an adjustment, a balancing, a compromise of the opposite ends, in order to obtain positive growth.  In this case, the Full Moon is in Virgo & the Sun is in Pisces.  Virgo sees the details and Pisces sees the whole picture on all spiritual levels, Pisces is in dream land, and Virgo is in real land.  Virgo is in the head, and Pisces is in the heart. Virgo is in the physical realm, and Pisces is in the Spiritual realm. Balancing Heaven/bliss (Pisces) and Earth (Virgo).  With this Full Moon we can bring in the incredible amount of Piscean energy through meditation and dreams, creativity and manifesting,  and bring them down to Earth, with the Virgo Full Moon, where we can ground the energies and use them in this reality.  Be aware however of the grey side of Virgo, which is too much detail, putting things off because you think that you don’t know enough yet, or because it isn’t perfect yet, holding yourself back.  The grey side of Pisces to be aware of … is addictions and getting lost in the fogginess of the Piscean energy, procrastination, and being ungrounded.


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