The Truth~ What is Means to Be a Pure Being~

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Earth Ally Will Harader

It's not pure water, food or air that cleanses a Being. In fact, no physical thing is going to cleanse your Light Body, especially because your Light Body is already pure. The "impurities" that people feel lie within the mind, and those are what need to be cleansed. Poisoned thoughts leads to poisoned bodies, not the other way around.


People are going about it a totally backwards way, though most people on this Planet are living upside-down. They believe change in the physical, what they do in the lower dimensions, creates change in the Higher. Even people who don't consciously believe this still act like that's the way things work. Go tell that to any Master and they'll find it highly amusing. The Master knows which way Energy flows.


Now many, if not most, on their path to Freedom make the choice to cleanse themselves and then they change their physical habits (like what they eat, drink, etc). They feel better afterwards, but often the root cause is missed. It's attributed to what they did, instead of the fact that they made a conscious choice to improve their lives. They were clear in their intentions, and got precisely what they asked for, but they miss what truly created the change. It wasn't what they did afterwards that brought change, it was the purity of their intention. It's a case of the outer reflecting the inner, not the other way around. This is something very important to understand.

Earth Ally Will Harader Speaks about the ~Spiritual Ego~

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~Very Brilliant Reshare Article for the Current Moments~

Eventually a person has a moment of clarity. In this moment, they see the inherent emptiness of all the things they thought were so important. This causes a person to reevaluate their whole existence and look for a deeper meaning in Life.

This is the beginning of spiritual Awakening, when a person realizes the life they've been assigned by society isn't who they really are and decides to recreate himself to reflect his expanded understandings. At this point there's an enormous pitfall that most do not notice which causes spiritual growth to halt almost as fast as it began. This is spiritual ego, when a person recreates herself but then gets attached to their new "spiritual" identity.

Important Message from The Earth Allies~ Returning to Balanced Harmonics

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This Message is a repost from March 2013, Still Relevant!



Love from The Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, Your Family of Light, Your Galactic Free Press Staff, Earth Allies and Representatives Of The Whole Truth On Planet Earth=Heart .

We Are Stationed at Galactic Central or Center where We Are Maintaining The Oneness Energy, as We Are the First Perfectly Balanced Area On Planet Earth=Heart, With Many More To Occur All over Planet Earth, and this Connects The Dots.


Greetings Many Blessings, Miracles and Many Many Magical Synchronostic Events. We Have Shared With You, that We have Been a Part of The Behind the Scenes Crew on Planet Earth, In Very Big Ways, For The Greatest Good of The ALL [As WE Have Shared Before All Of Your Higher Selves Have also Been Participating in Facilitating this Process]. AS Father God and I Represent A Perfectly Balanced Harmonic of the Male and Female Energy, that has Never Been Allowed in this Realm in this way Before [This Means All The Chakras are In Perfect Balance and Harmony With The Planet and All Of Creation, Reconnected To Source].

The Humbugs~ By Earth Ally Will Harader

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There was once a race of humans who all lived together in a big cave. We'll call them the Humbugs. The Humbugs spent their entire lives staring at the shadows cast on the cave wall. They believed the shadows were who they were and the cave wall was the whole world. Now don't get me wrong, it was a big wall as far as cave walls go, but it didn't take them very long to explore the whole thing. It was then that the Humbugs concluded they had explored their whole world, which was true. They now knew everything worth knowing about a flat wall and the shadows cast upon it.

~Earth Ally Will Harader~ Where Is Peace?

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Where is peace? Think about it for a little bit. Is it something to be achieved? If you believe that then you put it outside of yourself. What makes you feel like you aren't already at peace? Is it because you're still searching for all the things you think you need? It's being filled with desire that robs us of our peace, so how intelligent is it to desire peace?

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way” This simple statement tells you all you need to know to find peace. It's only as complicated as one makes it. Peace is already the very nature of your being, yet this is often obscured by all the worries of the mind. Fear is what destroys peace, can you set aside your fears and rest within the Love you find within? Can every action and expression come from this place of peace within?


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Brilliant Repost Of Truth

Jehovah~ Leader of the Anunnaki, He destroyed the Planet Maldek, which is now currently your Asteroid Belt, and is between Mars and Jupiter. He is also referred to as "Kal", which is the mind. The mind can only function in a power over. Love can only function in Power with! Consider that Jehovah was like a negative divine power, absence of something, absence of Love.


~Jehovah, the Story behind him, and How this affected Planet Earth.~


Jehovah is also one of our sons, and somehow he got the idea that he wanted to be in control, the experience of power over, and he became a master of manipulating energy.


~ A Message from the Earth Allies~ The New Story is Unfolding

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~ A Message from the Earth Allies~



ALL the Eyes are on Planet Earth=Heart To watch Creation Occur, in a way that has never occurred before. A Love Story, Where Everyone Awakens as ONE, where The Circuit has Been Completed, and an Even Grander Creation begins. This requires the Whole Planet's Participation, and is why Everyone must Awaken!


Truth, Love and Creation are just like a Symphony and this Unfoldment on Planet Earth is So Unique and is The Grandest Event that that has occurred in all of Creation. The Event of a Humanity of GOD, that traveled to the depths of illusion and then to rise up, to Play their Part, within the Symphony of Creation. Each Atom carries a Note and each Instrument must Play. Each of Humanity as a Unique God Spark, have a Note within Creation to Play, just as each Atom that makes everything up. ALL parts Make the Whole, and Complete the Circuit. This Moment has arrived~


~Love cannot be forced, it can only be Embraced, Unconditionally. There is a Moment in a Symphony, where the Whole Orchestra Gets to Play, and That is ALL OF US, and that is NOW~

REAL Telepathy in REAL LOVE

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~ Earth Ally Will Harader~ Repost


Humanity's latent telepathic abilities are beginning to active again. Not that they'd ever really been turned off, but they've atrophied greatly from lack of use. Often the younger a person is, the stronger the ability, as many mothers with young children can tell you. As one grows up, one is taught to rely less and less upon their Higher Senses, and to instead search for answers in places like books, schools and churches. What if every Human Being on this Planet had a Direct Connect to the God They Are? Well, they do.

What if people found that Truth within Themselves and shared this Freely with others, and not necessarily through words, but simply by Being Themselves? This is the true meaning of telepathy.




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