The Creator Writings

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The Masterpiece

Take a moment and think about every great work of art ever created by the human hand.  Each loving stroke of the pen or brush shows the beauty of the artist’s soul.  Now….take some time and think of your own life.  Are things a jumbled haphazard combination of events?  Yes, chaos can be art as well, but is it as eye catching as a Monet, Picasso or Da Vinci? (Smiling)  Or is there an energy that flows through it beautifully?
Today you are being invited to make each thought, action and deed your own masterpiece.  Be beautiful, my child…..your life is art.  It is time to start seeing it that way! ~ Creator

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Master In Disguise

A reminder; never be afraid to be amazing!  Even the small moments that you think are nothing are something to someone.  Reach out, expand your awareness, be in love with your Earth plane existence and, most importantly, love and treat others with dignity and respect.  What may appear to be the most ‘lowly’ person could be a master in disguise. ~ Creator

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Forward Movement

How many times have you used these statements;
I am damaged.
I am broken.
I am worthless.
I am useless.
Rest assured, The Universe has never created any of these things!  You are, as you have always been, perfect in your imperfections.  Things may not always go according to plan, but they are moving in a direction that works in your highest and best.  Once you get the hang of forward movement, there is nothing that can stop it. ~ Creator


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