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What do you do if someone has hurt your feelings or violated a boundary you have set for yourself?  The most important thing to remember is that your energy has played a part in the situation.  This is not saying that you are wrong….it is saying that you have a choice on how to react to it.  Was it an honest mistake?  Then take a deep breath and forgive the situation.  However, if you choose to set a boundary, allow others violate it, then loudly proclaim your hurts only to do it again keeps you in the same space you were in the beginning.  Remember, growth begins with you…..just do it. ~ Creator

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Who’s In Charge?

A gentle reminder; you are the one in charge of your growth and healing, you are in charge of your perceptions and emotions.  If you choose to say, “You are making me feel ____” or “You are doing ____ to me”, you are relinquishing your power.  You are solely responsible for who you are in any given moment.  Once you grasp this concept, things will become easier.  As always, free will is yours. ~ Creator

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Take Action

You can wait with bated breath every day for a hint of what your future will bring.  You can seek out those who may foretell what will happen, but even that is not 100% guaranteed.  And while you are doing this, your world is moving past you at an alarming rate.
My beautiful child, it is time to be in the moment, in your moment!  Yes, it is nice to know what is coming, but it is a wonderful experience to take action and move to where you choose to be.  Never fear, there will be hints and signs along the way…..let free will and The Universe create the best future with you as an active participant. ~ Creator

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Power And Responsibility

Power is responsibility, responsibility is power. Do not shy away from it. So many times and in so many ways, human language and actions have put a negatives spin on both of these words. If you fear power and/or responsibility you are, in essence, existing in fear of yourself. Embrace your power, take joy in responsibility and love yourself! You are the only one who can do it for you. ~ Creator

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The Gift Of Increased Awareness

Pay attention, my love….things are changing!  Yes, you realize this on a conscious level, but it is something deeper and more profound than you realize.  Lift your head up and really look around you; notice how your awareness has increased and your feelings have moved from merely superficial.  You have been given this gift for a reason, please do not let it go to waste!  In the coming months, this will be very important for the well-being of your body and mind.  Practice now, practice well, become very familiar with it so you can use it to your full advantage! ~ Creator


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