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Give To Yourself

How much energy are you willing to give a negative experience that is over and done with? In replaying the moment over and over, you are continuing to feed it the power you so richly deserve for yourself. Releasing the energetic charge and closing the circle will allow you to move forward into a new, more positive experience. ~ Creator

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Exploring Options

There will be times where you will see your child, a partner, a sibling or loved one making a decision that you feel is an incorrect one.  You will squirm and fuss, you will question their decision, become angry and attempt to convince them that what they are doing is not right for them in the long run.
Even though it may be painful for you to watch, please remember, it is their path and their existence.  The advice you give them, regardless of how wonderful you feel it is, is just advice.  Take the time to realize that the only thing they need is your love and support.  Each of you was created with an infinite number of options…..give yourself and others the chance to explore them. ~ Creator

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Dancing With Darkness

Dear one, there will never be an understanding of your Light until you dance with your Darkness.  Running away from it will always bring a hot pursuit, one that you will never outrun.  Turning and facing it head on, learning to accept and love it as a part of yourself is the only way.  This does not mean letting it control you……it does mean an acknowledgement of its existence. ~ Creator

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How You View It

To you, being seen may mean opening yourself up to ridicule, judgments and being vulnerable to others.  To The Universe, opening yourself up to being seen may mean ridicule, judgments and being vulnerable to others.  “What is the difference?” I hear you ask.  The difference is in the way you view it.  If you can truly embrace and love yourself, what others think, do and say will not matter.  Be who you are, my beautiful child!  Joyfully challenge the status quo.  The Universe is there to support you! ~ Creator

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You Know Not Why

Imagine the first time you look into your (a) newborn child’s face. The purity and hope of The Universe in his/her eyes shines back at you with a brilliance that is very rarely matched. THAT is unconditional love. You know not why you love, you just do. Each and every one of you still possesses that quality. See it in each other! ~ Creator


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