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Everything Is Exactly As It Should Be

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From the Soul's perspective, from that place of Oneness, the thought that everything is exactly as it should be is completely true. You could nitpick about the "should", as the whole concept of "should" is rooted in the mind's judgments, but since we're talking about the Soul's perspective I won't get into that yet. To the Soul, everything is divine perfection, not a single atom is out of place. Everything comes and goes at the precise moment it is "meant to".

That's the Soul's perspective, but most human beings on Earth don't operate from the Soul's perspective. They operate from the mind's perspective, which is a totally backwards way of looking at things compared to the Soul. To the mind, "everything is exactly as it should be", is never really true. If everything is as it should be, there would be no use for desire, and without the energy of desire, which is what feeds the mind, the mind would fall away.

Trying to understand things through the mind turns universal truths into spiritual platitudes. The mind takes "everything is exactly as it should be" and turns it into a belief system. Despite it never really being true for the mind, the mind can hold contradictory beliefs, which is a big part of why living from the mind inevitably results in suffering.

You Have All The Knowledge You Need

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You Are God, though your understanding of God my need to shift before you really understand what I mean when I say that You Are God. It's no wonder that people have such a hard time seeing God when they're looking for someone else's vision of God. In fact, good luck putting God into words in the first place, though I foolishly attempt that impossibility on a regular basis.

Something rather miraculous has happened to Humanity in the past couple hundred years. There has been increasing access to enormous amounts of knowledge. Writings that were long kept secret have been made public, and now with the advent of the internet, they're easily accessible, even from a phone. Everything from ancient mystic texts to cutting edge scientific studies is readily available, yet has all this access to such a wide array of knowledge gotten people any closer to God? Any closer to their own Divine Presence?

Part of the issue in dealing with such huge amounts of information is how do you separate fact from fiction? It's plenty of work just to read it, how do you know you're not wasting your energy on fantasies and propaganda? With all the contradictory information, it cannot all be true, and unfortunately this means people usually just go with what they want to believe. This is a very foolish thing to do if your goal is Truth. Truth is simply what Is, it very rarely fits into preconceived beliefs.

Negating Negativity

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So often there's talk of eliminating negativity. Really look at that approach, it's using negative thinking to try to get rid of negativity. Then there's the idea that we just focus upon positive thoughts, which at it's core is still based upon rejecting the negative. Then there's another approach, which is to combine the positive and the negative together, which is supposed to create a whole, though all I've seen it create is confusion in people. If you try to hold two contradictory thoughts in your mind, something most people's minds are already full of, it just creates chaos.

The issue with all these approaches is that they're based upon the assumption that the positive/negative duality is something valid. Positive and negative are inventions of the mind, you're not going to transcend them using the same kind of thinking that created them. The mind tries to take all of Creation and divide it into separate categories. The mind takes the richness and freedom of Creation, the uniqueness of every single atom, and narrows it down to either one thing or another, good/bad, light/dark, positive/negative. The mind interprets everything dualistically, and that kind of incredibly limited thinking makes the unlimited wonder of Creation seem dull and boring.

It's dualistic judgment that divides things into positive and negative. If you really want to release the negative, you must transcend that paradigm altogether. It's not about combining the "two", it's about the realization that there was never any division to begin with. You must go beyond the mind, and into the inherent wisdom of the Heart, then God begins to speak to you, though you, and As You.


Releasing Fears Before They Manifest

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Do you know what you're afraid of? Awareness of a fear is the first step to releasing it, someone who isn't aware of their fears is controlled by those fears. People don't like to think of themselves as being afraid though, people would rather think of themselves as brave, it's a matter of pride. The fears are stuffed down into the unconsciousness so they don't have to be acknowledged. This is probably the worst thing you can do though, as in the unconsciousness is where the fears fester, multiply, and eat away at the person.

Uncovering the fears is quite simple, simply pay attention to your behavior, it will give away the fears. Look at what you avoid, is it simply because you don't enjoy that thing, or is there a deeper reason? Look at what you attack or condemn, especially when it stirs up anger or hate, what's behind that? Also, things you aggressively defend such as beliefs, possessions or other people, are you afraid of losing something? When you get all riled up emotionally, there's a fear somewhere behind those emotions.

Your mind is like a house, and the thoughts are your guests. Fears are obnoxious and unruly guests who will trash the whole house if unchecked. A mind without Awareness is like a house where the owner has left and rowdy guests have taken over. The guests aren't going to leave on their own, they like being in control of the house even while they destroy it.

The Divine Never Left Planet Earth

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I've got some great news! The Divine never left you! It's always been with you throughout your entire life, and the Divine is here right Now! Realization of this just takes a shift in perspective, a shift in consciousness, and for that there's nothing you have to do, nor does it does it cost a dime. All the busy doing and searching for the Divine is actually why the Divine is so hard to find. How do you find something that's as close to you as your own Heart? How do you find something that's Everywhere Present? It's through a shift in Consciousness, a change in perspective. It's not an intellectual pursuit, in fact intellectual pursuits are what created the illusion of separation in the first place.

The Divine never left Planet Earth, and neither did Planet Earth ever leave the Divine. She's not under the same illusions Humanity is, Her Consciousness didn't fall along with Humanity's. She's still very much a Higher Consciousness Being, her only issue is that she has a skin condition. I'm sure it's insulting to call Humanity parasites, but I don't know of a more fitting term. Humanity takes and takes and takes from their host, and only a tiny minority actually does more good than harm. Humanity could work with each other and the Planet to turn the surface back into Eden, but at the moment this possibility isn't even considered, at least not collectively.

Humanity only sees the surface, this is true both literally and metaphorically. They don't grasp at the depths, they only see the surface layers, and then make assumptions about what's underneath. They do this to each other, and the do this with the Planet too. Shallow visions and limited thoughts.

Those Who Rebel Against Society Are Often Doing It A Favor

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If nothing else, this is a message of compassion. I don't want to discourage rebellion, nor do I want to encourage rebellion, I just want people to love each other.

We live in a very divided society, and the elite have learned to exploit this division for their own gain. Conservatives vs. liberals, native born vs. immigrants, rich vs. poor, so much petty conflict among people who have so much more to gain by working together. People who have far more in common than different, yet the manipulative media keeps people focused upon the differences, the divisions. The media gives equal weight to two contradictory pieces of propaganda, and calls this "balance". Telling the truth would be balance, what the media spreads is cognitive dissonance which leads to confusion and conflict.

Then there's the mainstream society and the countercultures. At the moment in the US, I don't know of any countercultures that mainstream society takes seriously. Hipsters, goths, punks, emos, environmental activists, the Occupy movement, feminists, all of these are mocked openly, they're generally considered a joke by mainstream society. Back when these movements were gaining momentum they were taken a bit more seriously because they threatened societal norms, but now they're usually the butt of jokes and treated with disrespect.

The civil rights movements, as well as the hippie counterculture, are a couple examples of ones that merged into the mainstream, at least partially. It's now socially unacceptable to be racist in public, especially for those of European ancestry. We're constantly told how bad racism is, which is a step up from the way it was before. Of course, you don't have to tell a loving person to not be racist. It's a racist culture that needs to be reminded continually to not be racist. Society is a little less racist thanks to the civil rights movement, but there's still a long ways to go for real equality.

My thoughts on Jesus

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Let me start by saying that nobody knows the facts about Jesus, because we were not alive, so absolutely everything we believe is based strictly off what we are taught by our parents or churches. To blindly believe everything we hear is like playing the game telephone and defensively and forcefully saying it's impossible the message had changed by the end, even though it's impossible to know what the original message was. That being said, here is what I think about Jesus.

Jesus was a human being. He did not walk on water, change water into wine, miraculously heal people, etc. He was a great person. He was kind, generous, loving, compassionate, and people during that time spoke highly of him for that. The church made up the fact that Jesus did all these things for one reason: control. The catholic church is a sick, disgusting, power-hungry, corrupt organization, and to blindly follow everything said by an organization who money launders millions of dollars, rapes little boys, etc. is a pretty ignorant thing to do. The church from what I see says this: "Be like Jesus, even though it's impossible because he walked on water, etc." But what if Jesus was just a humanitarian? Someone who put others before himself, someone who did not want followers but co-creators. Then we actually could be like Jesus, which scares people from what I have seen. But instead people get defensive and try to force their beliefs on others, but guess what? I doubt that is what Jesus would do. Jesus would let you believe whatever you want, be whoever you want, and love you for it. He did not force his beliefs upon others, he treated everyone with kindness regardless of race, social status, amount of money, etc.

The Problem with God (the word)

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God is easily the most abused Being on the Planet. People blame God for all their problems, expect God to solve all their problems, and then curse God when She doesn't. Imagine if you did that to another human being, it would be an extremely abusive relationship! Yet for some reason it's okay when you do it to God, like you don't have to show any kindness towards Her.

Oops, I seem to have used the "wrong" pronouns for God previously, I'll bet that bothered a few belief systems. God is supposed to be a man, right? A bearded old guy that lives in the clouds or something along those lines. I'm not even sure how God can have a specific gender, isn't God supposed to be the one who created male and female? Still, we're taught to think of God as a "him", and it's what is comfortable for most people.

I can understand men referring to God as a man, it's easier to relate to God that way. It makes God something more familiar and brings God closer. It makes God more personal, which is nice, though I'm not sure women referring to God as a man has the same effect. Personally, I don't see God as a he or a she, I see God as a He and a She. Each are God expressed, and both are essential to the Whole. If you want to view Creator as male and Creation as female, I can understand, though I wouldn't view them as separate either.

"We know when we understand, Almighty God is a living man" -Bob Marley

The Perception of Separation and the Reality of Oneness

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How to communicate Oneness to people who believe they're separate? It's an interesting challenge with no simple answer. I'd like to share the joy of Oneness with everyone, but I have to appeal to their illusion of separation to even begin communication. It makes things rather complicated and confusing to switch back and forth between these different perspectives.

For instance, we talk about God Being Everywhere and Everything, but then we also talk about reaching God. Do you see the problem there? It's a contradiction, though a better word for it would be paradox. How can you reach what's already everywhere? You don't, and "reaching God" is simply a shift in perspective. A realization of God's omnipresence.

To the person that believes they're separate, I can't just tell them God Is Everything and have them really understand what I'm saying. From their perspective, God is clearly not everything. Even if they believe that God Is Everything, it's still different from the Living Experience. Beliefs operate from the paradigm of separation, no need for beliefs in Oneness because Truth is always Present. You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Truth is a deeper vision of Reality, beliefs are just words.


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