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Why Is Real Change So Difficult?

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Note that I said real change, I'm not talking about switching from drinking Coke to Pepsi, changing political parties, switching religions, or changing your diet because of some article you read online. I'm talking about real changes, not superficial things, but deep, lasting changes that are a part of your growth as a human being. Things like becoming more loving, more compassionate, living with honesty, integrity and responsibility. Releasing fears and living freely and joyfully. How do we bring these kinds changes into our lives?

Superficial change is easy, the underlying patterns don't have to change, only the surface beliefs. Your identification with one limiting thought is just traded for another limiting thought. These kinds of changes occur all the time, once the novelty of one belief is worn out, it simply gets exchanged for another. Sooner or later though, the inherent emptiness of these types of changes becomes apparent. They're food for the mind, but they leave the Soul hungry.

So why is substantial change so difficult? Well, it's really not that difficult, or rather, it's as easy or as difficult as you make it for yourself. Most everyone has been taught to resist change, though it's largely unconscious. It's rare that a parent will tell a child directly that change is bad, but it is still taught through actions. Life becomes very structured, the same static patterns repeating over and over again, each day just like the last. Then the child goes to school, where repeating the same patterns is strictly enforced, then they get a job, and they get even more locked into this rigidly structured life.

When the mind is quiet

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Notice that when the mind is quiet, often the first thing you feel is anxiousness, restlessness. Notice the urge to constantly be doing something. This is why meditation is so difficult for people. You meditate because you want to relax but instead the opposite occurs! Instead of feeling peace, you become frustrated, and I wonder how many people quickly abandon meditation because of this?

You may feel you're doing something wrong because you feel anxiety when you were expecting peace, or you believe you're simply unable to still your mind. However, this isn't the case at all, and the fact that you're feeling this restlessness, this constant desire to be doing something, is the first step to overcoming it.

One may be led to believe that the restlessness was brought about by the meditation, but it was actually there before you even started, you just weren't aware. The mind combats this feeling by staying constantly busy, always doing doing doing. The mind is constantly restless, and moments of real Peace are few and far between. Real stillness has become something foreign, and this constant anxiousness has become "normal". Of course, because it's "normal" now people are barely aware of how much stress is in their life, especially because of the way our society deals with this anxiety, through distraction.

Is the ego a friend or an enemy?

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This discussion seems to come up over and over again, and has people heavily polarized. The ego, is it some evil to be fought against, some sinister force that steals our happiness? Or is it like some unruly child that needs to be tamed, controlled and eventually befriended? Is the ego an enemy or an ally?

I see this question creating much conflict between people, and within them as well. It's a simple question, so why no simple, clear answer? That's easy, it's the question itself is flawed. Only being able to see the ego as a friend or an enemy is a great example of a false dichotomy, which is the illusion of only having two options.

Duality is based upon false dichotomy, good or evil, right or wrong, light or dark. It presents this image of a universe of opposites that oppose each other, and you're supposed to choose one or the other. It's such an incredibly limited, two-dimensional way of looking at things and it's precisely why people have such a hard time transcending the ego.

If you view the ego as a friend, something to shape and control, you're giving your energy away to a false sense of self. If you view the ego as an enemy, something to fight against and defeat, you're still giving away your energy to a false sense of self. Either way you're giving it power, even when fighting it. Somewhere within the mind of the person who fights with the ego is the belief that the ego has control over them, that's why it has to be fought against, correct? And so long as you believe this, it will be true. This belief that the ego has control over you sits in the unconscious, while the ego is struggled with on the surface. You have to look deeper, ask why does the ego have control, and who's giving the ego control?

God Is...

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God is the Joy in freedom.



God is Love with no restriction.



God is Happiness shared with others.



God is expressed in the clouds, in the butterflies, in the stones, and in the people too, though sometimes they do a very good job of hiding it.



Effective Manifestation

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Effective manifestation is not learning to direct or control the Universe, it's learning to work with the Universe. It's learning to see the possibilities and to go with the Natural Flow. If you approach manifestation with the belief that you're going to get everything you desire, you're bound to be disappointed. If you approach it from the understanding that you'll be Co-Creating with the Universe, you may get something priceless.

Update on the Galactic Free Press

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I should probably explain some of what's been going on behind the scenes here. A couple weeks ago our site came under heavy attack, which ended up bringing down the site for the better part of a day. Not sure why we got attacked, it could have been malicious, it could have been spammers, I don't know exactly, though I did notice a large number of connections to our site coming from the Ukraine. It's interesting that the Ukraine is where a whole bunch of world conflict and drama is being played out, and that's also where the problems for our site seem to be coming from. Even right now our site is being scanned by computers with Ukrainian IPs.

We switched hosting services, which helped to clear up some of the problems and keep our site more stable. We made a number of changes behind the scenes to help make the site faster, and we're still working on that as well as finishing up the transfer between server hosts. During all of this, Hotmail started blocking our newsletter entirely, and Gmail now sometimes flags them as spam. We're working on getting all that cleared up still.

We've also been putting  many many hours into our new site, Awakening Daily. Essentially, that site is an aggregate of all stories from the sites we used to check daily for articles to post up on the Galactic Free Press. It's functional at the moment, though I'm still working on the back-end to clear up some bugs. We have plans to expand that site, and offer things like a user-customizable home page where you can select which sources you'd like to see articles from. We'd also like to offer ways for our members to add their own articles, though it may be a while before that's ready.

Your Only Problem Is Your Own Mind

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Where does fear exist? Does it have any physical existence, can you hold it in your hand? Same with judgment, where does that exist? How about hatred, jealousy, all the negative emotions? Where do all these things "exist"? Are not all these things the cause of enormous pain and suffering for people? It seems understanding the nature of their existence is extremely important.

The answer is obvious, they exist in the mind, and they have no existence outside of the mind. You may see things like violence happening around you, which is an expression of anger, but violence isn't anger itself. You may see the expressions of negative emotions happening in the world, but the negative emotions themselves are only in the mind.

The mind is the source of all problems, you may believe that someone losing the use of their legs is a physical problem, but the reality is that the problem is still in the mind. There's people with physical disabilities who curse each day they're alive, and there's people with the same disabilities who have learned to live with them and are much happier because of it. Physically, it's the same situation, yet mentally it's vastly different. It's the difference between happiness and misery, simply because of a mental attitude. The way things are is the way things are, it's the mind that judges that as being a problem or not.

The Direction of the Galactic Free Press

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I want to discuss a few things with our readers and give people a chance to add their own input, the first thing being the status of our donations. We've had over 50,000 unique individuals visit our site in the past month. Over 50,000, that's quite a few people! You know how many people have actually donated? 13. 13 generous people out of 50,000. For the mathematically inclined that comes to .026% of our readers.

We're at $416 out of our monthly goal of $2,000, which we recently lowered from $3,000. We'd like to continue to make the Galactic Free Press our main "job" and have our readers assist us just as we assist our readers. However, with the way things are currently going we won't be able to pay our basic living expenses. Obviously something needs to change, so we're discussing a few options.

I don't much like begging for donations, but it's proven to be the most effective way by far of getting donations. I try to only put up donation requests once a month, as I don't want to make fundraising a major focus of the site. Here's this month's request: If you enjoy the site, please consider donating, if you don't enjoy the site, well what are you doing here? Our financial service, PayPal, offers things like recurring monthly donations. It would be great to get enough of those that I don't even need to mention donations anymore.

Awakening Daily, Our New Sister Site

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We've got a new site, Awakening Daily!

It's an automated feed of articles from our various friends around the web, updated continually throughout the day. It's part of the reason why our updates have slowed down a bit recently, as we're been working to get this site ready. The site features The Creator Writings, Heavenletters, Waking Times, Aisha North, Ron Head, & much more!


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