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While fundraising is something we try to do as little as possible, we've learned that we don't get quite enough in donations to support ourselves if we don't ask for them specifically. We're currently at $620 out of our $3,000 monthly goal, and since we're about two thirds of the way through the month, we've got some catching up to do.

We are completely reader supported, your donations pay for our server costs, as well as things like rent and food expenses. This allows us to make running the Galactic Free Press into our daily "job" and we're very blessed by this opportunity to help spread Higher Consciousness.

While there's tons of websites that post what's popular, and tell people what they want to hear, that's not our focus at all. We recently stopped posting the kind of messages that keep promising an "ascension" or "the event" that's coming right around the corner, despite the fact that those were some of the most popular things we used to post. You can read more about why we no longer post that stuff here.

Our site is not about hoping for something to happen and then waiting. Our site is about real changes that you can create for yourself right Now! Predictions are worthless without people actively creating change. The hundreds of failed channeled predictions should illustrate that nicely. We'd much rather see people come together to participate in a shared vision that they all have a part in than just having faith in some external channeling. It's people collectively standing up that's always lead to the advances in humanity's consciousness.

Growth comes from challenging what you believe, it doesn't come through reinforcing what you already believe. Our site is here to offer new and different perspectives, even if they frighten, anger or disturb people. Those kinds of emotions are wonderful pointers to personal fears and insecurities, the kinds of things that hold you back the most. You don't have to agree with everything we share though, we don't want dumb followers who automatically believe everything we say. We're here to assist people in stepping into the own Divine Self and discovering their own creative potential.

If you'd like to support us in this, we ask that you consider helping us out with a donation to the Galactic Free Press. Thank you!

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Saving Jesus From Religion

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Did Jesus create the Christian religion? And if you believe that, which Christian religion did he create? Is it Catholicism? That's the version all the popular modern churches are based upon. There's millions of people who believe that Jesus directly helped to create the early Catholic church. Is that really Jesus' legacy though? He once said to judge a tree by it's fruits, what are the fruits of the Catholic church? Recently there was a pope who stepped down after it was revealed the church was protecting child abusers and even helping enable abuse (source). They helped to kidnap babies from their parents in Spain (source). They helped with the destruction of the indigenous culture in Canada (source). And that's just a small selection of what they've done recently.

And this is supposed to be Jesus' legacy? Was Jesus an evil bastard or something? I don't believe that, nor do I believe such a wicked organization represents him. I don't believe the protestants are much better either, they just haven't had the same level of power that the Catholics have. They simply haven't had the same level of opportunity for abuse yet.

Jesus gave two commandments, you might think they would be the whole basis of the church and what it means to be a Christian. Nope! Jesus two commandments are largely ignored. The vast majority of christian religions are based upon an interpretation of Jesus' teachings called the Nicene Creed. So a most Christians don't even really have faith in Jesus' words, they have faith in a series of councils, originally organized by a roman emperor and where the main opposition, Arius, was assassinated. Jesus' actual commandments, which had little to do with belief systems and everything to do with Love, come secondary.

Can We Really Heal Another?

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At the Galactic Free Press, our focus is upon assisting people in healing themselves. Imagine if that was everyone's goal in Life, self-healing. Not waiting for Jesus, ETs, or the government to come fix things, but everyone actively helping themselves and improving their own lives. How quickly the Planet would change! Everyone being proactive and self-empowered, instead of reactive and giving their power away. Isn't this what everyone really wants? I can think of nothing else that would create a happy and healthy humanity faster than this.

Yet so many are waiting for someone or something else to come heal them and to fix their problems. All your suffering, your fear, the problems in your life, those are things you hold onto yourself. Who can let go of them but you? You protect those things though, you use your own mind to justify them. You cling to fear because you're afraid of what would happen if you didn't cling to those fears. It's a form of insanity, though in society it's "normal".

There's this phenomenon called Stockholm Syndrome, where a person is held hostage and through all the trauma they start to sympathize and identify with their captor. They may even try to defend the person abusing them. Sound familiar? Most people do this with their own fearful thoughts, the ones that bring them so much suffering. They become those thoughts, and aggressively protect them.

Selfishness and Selflessness - Two Sides of the Same Coin

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To those used to dualistic thinking, these two things might seem completely different, but selfishness and selflessness are more closely related than one might believe. That's part of the illusion of duality, it takes something Whole, chops it in half, then tells you that you have to choose one or the other. Such limited thinking.

Selfishness, that's believing you're more important than others. Selflessness, that's believing others are more important than you. There's the illusion right there, the "more important" concept. Which part of Creation is more important than some other part? God doesn't create "more important" parts of the Universe, those who believe that don't understand Oneness or Unconditional Love. The Whole couldn't be Whole if it was missing a part, every single part is essential, none more important than another. The whole concept of "more important" is really just judgment created by a limited mind.

Life can't be lived dualistically, not unless you want to attract all sorts of suffering and ignorance into your life, and that's not really living anyway. The whole defining yourself as being selfish or selfless, that's part of the ego identity. What if you see everyone as Equal? What if you consider both yourself and others in your decisions? Then the whole selfless/selfish duality starts to lose all meaning.

The Limited and The Unlimited: Mind and Consciousness

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What is the mind? It's really not complicated, the mind is simply a collection of thoughts that you're attached to. With everything that you believe is true, you make an emotional attachment to the thought and you keep it around. You hold on to it. All your memories, those are a part of the mind. What you believe about who you are, that's a subset of the mind called the ego. Your whole worldview, that's a section of the mind as well.

The mind can be viewed as a cloud of thoughts that surround the Being. Too many of these thoughts, and the mind is all the Being can see, just the same repetitive and limiting thought patterns. This is how the individual and society as a whole get "stuck in a rut". This is why people have so much difficultly really growing and evolving. The mind is what's responsible for ignorance, it believes that all it's beliefs are true, and thus automatically rejects new thoughts and different perspectives. The cloud of thoughts obscures the Being's vision, and pretty soon the cloud, the mind, is all the person can see. This is how people get so caught up in their separate illusions (sometimes foolishly called "your reality").

The mind is what creates the illusion, the mind is the reason people believe they're separate from God. Now I'm sure there's some people who will read what I just said and have a automatic reaction, believing I'm saying the mind is "bad". There's nothing inherently wrong about the mind, in fact it's the mind that creates "good & bad", "right & wrong", those types of dualistic thinking are what the mind does best. If you believe the mind, or anything else for that matter, is "bad" or "wrong", you're actually just strengthening the mind.

Communing with Nature

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If you're feeling overwhelmed in your life, there's one thing I highly recommend, breathing. Deep, full, conscious and thankful breaths can do wonders to calm you down and get you grounded. If you're feeling anxious at all, pay attention to how you're breathing. Chances are it's short, shallow breaths, and breathing that way actually helps to feed into feelings of anxiousness. Slower, deeper breaths are highly recommended.

My next recommendation if you're feeling overwhelmed and you need to decompress is to go out into Nature. When you're surrounded by people who are constantly worried about things like money, jobs and other people, it's difficult to not take on some of the energy yourself. It's good to disconnect from all of that at least sometimes, and it certainly helps with finding your authentic self. You can then approach the human world from a much more balanced state, instead of being caught up in the middle of all the chaos.

Trees don't worry about paying taxes, though governments would probably tax them if they could. The whole human world, all the businesses, currencies, governments, and nations, they don't really exist out in Nature. The only way those belief systems can get out there is if you bring them in your own mind. If you can leave all that stuff behind, you will find that Nature is an incredibly peaceful and wondrous place. Something worth much more than what money can buy.

Solitude Only Goes So Far

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I can understand the appeal of being alone, especially for the more spiritually oriented in our society. For years I didn't have anybody I could really talk to about what I was going through, so much of my time was spent walking through nature by myself. However, being alone so much never really felt "right", I always yearned for other people to interact with. I did have friends, but it was clear our paths were going in different directions, and being with them very much felt emotionally draining.

Before long I moved to the big city believing I could connect with more people there. Boy was I naive! There's a term, "urban solitude", which describes perfectly my experience in the city. You might think that more people together means more connection between them, but in the big city the opposite seems to be true. I watched as people went out of their way to avoid personal contact with each other. It was fascinating to see people make an effort to not even look at each other. You could wave and say "hi", but many people would react by looking down at the ground. All the people so busy trying to get someplace else that they're barely aware of where they are.

After a few years in the big city I moved to a very small town with a more spiritually oriented community. This was a breath of fresh air compared to the city. I connected with more people in a week there than I did the years I lived in the city. Sure, the smaller communities have their drama and gossip, but the personal connection between people is there and it's something very sacred.

What You're Searching For Has Always Been Here

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What could be more amazing than experiencing the whole Universe as God, Yourself included? What's stopping you from doing that right now? Probably a whole lot of attachments and desires that you've made more important that God. You may deny this, you may believe its not true, but do your actions say the same thing as your mind? Do you actually trust God more than your own fears? If you do, you will let go of them, as well as your attachments to the past and desires for the future.

This is not just a mental release either, you don't just say in your mind, "I release my desires". Do you understand what that would do? You'd just be creating another desire in your mind! True surrender is a function of the Soul, you're not going to fix a limited mind with a limited mind, you will just be an imitation of whatever you believe "Higher Consciousness" is supposed to look like. If you want that go join a religion.

Real Truth can only be realized through the Soul, you feel it directly. It's not something you figure out, not something you read in a book. You're already completely immersed in Truth, which is God, which is Higher Consciousness. Truth never left your life, it's simply that your own vision became clouded and confused. You stopped seeing through the Eyes of Love, and started perceiving things through your mind. From a higher perspective, it's such a minor detail, just a flaw in perception, but for the being caught up in the illusion it's the difference between Heaven and hell. You make a molehill into a mountain and wonder why the path is so hard to walk.

Higher Consciousness isn't coming to you, it's ALL-WAYS HERE. It's not something to be achieved, it's not an award, it's not some place you get to. It's Where You've Always Been, it's Where You Are Now, it's the Way the Whole Universe has always worked.


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The Lies of Capitalism

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Capitalism is something that you might think is totally separate from spirituality, and while that would be nice, it doesn't seem to be the case at all. Capitalist belief systems have become so embedded in people's psyches that it bleeds into all the other aspects of their lives. There's people who even delay and retard their own spiritual growth because of financial concerns. This is not something to ignore.

There's a lot of spiritual messages that say money is just an exchange of energy, let's look at that more deeply. Is this an equal exchange? Who gets more of the money, the people or the elite? Seeing money as an exchange of energy is an accurate way of looking at it, but it doesn't paint a very pretty picture. It certainly doesn't make money seem innocent or harmless. It means that money is one of the major tools the elite use to drain energy from the people. It's used to create a system of economic slavery and exploitation.

It's not money that's evil though, I don't recommend thinking in such dualistic terms. It's the way the money is used to allow a whole class of ridiculously rich parasites to exist that makes me wonder how useful money is. Probably the biggest lie of capitalism is that unchecked greed would somehow create a fair system on it's own. What a ridiculous myth that is. Even religion warns us about greed, so how incredibly ignorant is it to base our whole society upon a system of greed? You have a whole system that was rigged from the very beginning, yet the people who the system abuses the most are often the ones aggressively defending it.


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