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~ Ron Head ~ Channeled Readings – Price Extended

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2014Channeled Readings

The special pricing I offered for December was very successful for me, and as so many of you have told me, for you as well. I truly enjoy being of service to everyone. In order to kick this new year off to a great start, I am going to continue offering these readings at $36 per 1/2 hour.  Thank you all for your support in this.

Usually a half hour will cover three to four questions.  Usually the response will come through Michael or Creator unless you wish to ask someone specific, your guide or guardian angel, for instance.  It is best to keep your questions general.  And asking for spirit to make your decisions for you is giving up your power.  This should be about taking your power, not giving it away. Better to say “what advice would you give about” than to ask if you should marry her/him or buy this/that.

Send your questions to  Payment can be sent by clicking on the new “Payment options” page at the top of this blog or through Paypal by sending funds to this e-mail.

May your new year be magnificent, joyful, and abundant.

~ Ron Head ~ Archangel Michael:We Congratulate you on a year well lived

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It is customary at this time of year for you to look back across the preceding months and remark upon the year that you have just passed through.  Now that you are less than one week from completing this cycle, we agree that this is the time for just such an assessment, with one small adjustment.  We wish you, each of you, to not only look at what has occurred on your world, where the vista will contain both desirable and undesirable scenes still.  But look primarily at the changes you have seen happen within your own lives, and further still, within your selves.

So many of you have begun a journey which you must see now is leading you to higher awareness, broader consciousness, and a more loving and compassionate life.  Many more, having already placed themselves upon that path, have seen vast and almost unimaginable changes in every facet of their lives.  Many have begun to receive, or to perceive the reception of, communication from this density from which we speak.  And there are many other internal changes which so many of you are going through.

Spend some time contemplating these things.  This year, your 2013, the first year after passing the marker of 12/21/12, was hardly a ‘nothing has happened’ year.  And yet, dear friends, let us now alert you to expect a year which will be far and away more significant in each of your lives.

~ Ron Head ~ Your next trip around the sun will be even more eventful than your last.

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Michael for the Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters

At this time of great celebration all over your globe we wish to bring you a short message of our appreciation.

We are more aware than you of the wide reach of these messages.  And combined with those of our other channels, there are very few places on your world that have not read or heard messages from any of us during the past year.  This has resulted in a great shift in the consciousness and understanding of thousands upon thousands of people in almost all countries, speaking most languages.

That has been the major task which you have accomplished over the past two years.  This is a time of yearly celebration.  Some of you are in the grip of winter.  Some of you are basking on sunny beaches.  Nevertheless, this time of your year is focused, around the world, on joy, peace, and unity.  Due to the internal shift which has been and is being felt by most of you who follow our messages, we know this is felt more deeply this year than ever before.  Know then that we join you in this celebration of all that you have accomplished, all that you have become, and all that you yet dream of.

~ Ron Head ~ There is much yet to come, but your progress is remarkable.

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You sit today completely immersed in an energy that, although it is not completely new to you, has become so intense that you feel it continually and not only when you are meditating or sitting quietly.

Tomorrow is the peak of the solstice and the moment of these peak energies will occur then.  After that, for a while the intensity will seem to die down, but as is the case for each of these surges now, it will not reach the level it was before.  Couple that with the fact that your ability to sense them has increased each time and you will realize why you are feeling these so strongly.

Each if you will be sensing this in ways that will differ somewhat from those around you.  That is dependent on how you are ‘wired’.  Are you a seeing person, a feeling person, a hearing person?  Your dominant ways of perception will apply.  But for most of you it feels like you are sitting in buzzy, tingly pressure, or as if a presence surrounds you.

In the strictest sense this is not new.  What is new is your ability to perceive it.  This has been building all year.  You thought nothing changed at this time last year?  How often we heard that.  Well, congratulations to you on a year well lived and a job well begun.  There is much yet to come, but your progress is remarkable.

~ Ron Head ~ Archangel Michael: You are immersed in a field of energy that you have never experienced before.

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Let us speak today of your approaching solstice.  We would wish for as many of you as possible to prepare yourselves for that event.


It is true that you have a solstice twice a year, every year.  And it is true that for many, if not most, this will seem no different than it ever has been.  We would point out, however, that you are in a portion of the universe that is totally unique to this time.  You are immersed in a field of energy that you have never experienced before.  And you are approaching an even more intense experience of that than you can possibly be aware of.


Even those of you whose perceptions allow them to anticipate what is coming, have nothing to help them understand the impact this will have upon them and upon your entire world.  Many who do feel it, having nothing to compare it to, interpret it as something fearful.  Nothing could possibly be further from the truth.


It will seem for many of you that you have received an immense gift which you could not possibly deserve.  This also is not true.  Understand that you are the ones making that judgment.  The universe does not operate on judgment.  The universe operates on cause and effect.  <humorously> You are somewhat limited in being able to remember all of the causes you have made.  You are also somewhat limited in understanding the truth of who you truly are.  We see your understanding of those things as being a bit expanded in the near future.


You really are doing better than you realize~Ron Head

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Let us discuss with you today the ways in which you interpret the channeled messages which you are given.  We of course know that these will be received in the manner that they are.  But it will be helpful, perhaps, for you to see the things which we see.

Many channels and their messages are influenced more than others by their own belief systems, by their pre-disposition toward one interpretation of information or another.  This may be slight or it may not.  All messages are, because of the methods involved, meaning telepathy, subject to greater or lesser degrees of accuracy.  This is not to convey, nor is it meant to, any disapproval of anyone who is trying very hard to provide the best information they can to you in these times.  Every sincere effort is appreciated.

In our description of this process, we have now arrived at the point where there is a readable or audible message for your access, exactly like what you are reading or hearing now.  Each of you will read or hear this and will accept or reject it according to its resonance with what you already believe.  And at this point, the message is further changed.  You have a children’s game, called Telephone, that illustrates this very process.  In the game, the more people involved, the more the original message is changed.

~ Ron Head ~ Archangel Michael: We are, in a sense, drawing closer now, and it is time for you to know this

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We would speak today on the topic of clarity.


As you are more than well aware, whenever the communication between physical and non-physical is done in this manner, meaning telepathically, there is always some level of distortion.  This is due to the necessity of using the faculties of the receiver.  The mind of the receiver is involved, which brings into the process the experiences and beliefs, the emotions and fears, as well as the greater or lesser vocabulary and understanding of the channel as well.


Many of those whom we choose to employ in this fashion make great efforts to insure that they are as clear as possible when involved in this process.  Many make it their goal to improve constantly.  And we too do our part in both clearing their abilities to receive and in continually urging that they remain focused and intent on being always just a bit better.  We do bring this message to you so that you may feel comfortable in what you read or hear whenever the message resonates with truth for you.  But we have another reason for broaching this subject at this time.


You will have noticed, and perhaps experienced for yourself, the increase in the number of individuals whom we are now able to reach in this manner.  That is to say, perhaps even you are beginning to sense the beginnings of contact with what you term ‘the other side of the veil’.  If that is the case, we urge you to take to heart the lines above.


~ Ron Head ~ Archangel Michael: Your desire and prayer are very definitely the fuels which impart your forward motion. And your intent provides the direction.

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Dear friends, we meet you today in a period of integration and consolidation for you, a time for you to assimilate what you have gained thus far on your journeys.  This will not be of great duration, and some of you may wish that it would last longer than it will.  But there is still a long way to travel, even for the marvelous beings you are and continue to become.

Most of what we speak of now is still somewhat beyond your understanding.  Still, we know that many of you are beginning to get the beginnings of such.  You are seeing more of the light, more of who you are, more of where you are going.

For those of you who do not yet see, let us say that if this is the kind of message you follow, if this is the kind of dream that you hold in your heart, then you are most definitely upon this path as well.  And let us also assure you that you are much further along than you now perceive.  Looking about you, you may wonder how we can state such a thing.  How can you possibly believe it?

Let us remind you of one or two things.  Firstly, your desire and prayer are very definitely the fuels which impart your forward motion.  And your intent provides the direction.  And then, we remind you that you are a part of the oneness of the collective heart of humanity.  You rise together.  And it is a most beautiful and fantastic thing to see.

~ Ron Head ~ Archangel Michael:Giving thanks for what one has is always a sure way to raise one’s energy.

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Oregon Sunset - Photo by Gretchen


For those of you who are celebrating the holiday known to you as Thanksgiving, we wish you a joyous day of holding gratitude for the abundance in your lives.  For most of those in other countries, this is, of course, not a holiday.  We offer that perhaps a thought or two along these lines may be appropriate for you, as well.  Giving thanks for what one has is always a sure way to raise one’s energy.


Today there is also a great deal of attention and speculation upon the path of the comet that you have named Ison.  That is as intended, dear ones.  You are well aware now of the powerful effects of great focus when billions of you can be brought to concentrate upon an event.  This is what is happening.  Let it bring into focus what it is that you desire to be its effect.


Some of course will look at it with some trepidation.  We can tell you that this is being far outweighed by the heightened expectations of the more positively focused of you.


You may think of this as a cause of certain things.  You may think of it as an indicator of certain things.  In both cases you would be correct.  We do wish to tell you that you are passing into a time of wonder and excitement which, if you so wish, can be full of joy and upliftment (Yes, we have invented a word.  It is a good word.  Leave it be.)


~ Ron Head ~ Archangel Michael: A loving and joyous opportunity not to be missed.

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You are in it now.  The great portal of which we have previously spoken through this and many other channels is upon you.  For several more of your days this will be the case.


You may say that it has arrived.  You may say that you have reached it.  You may say that it will pass.  You may say that you will pass through it.  Once again, as you attempt to describe what is, your words will fall short.


Does the sun actually rise?  Does your orb actually orbit your sun in a circle?  You see, your reality and The Reality differ, do they not?  Are you passing through light, through energy that is lying in the path of your planet?  Is light, energy, love, being beamed to your planet?  Yes and yes.  Will you pass through it?  Will you make it a part of you?  Again, yes and yes.  Is this or any other description the truth of the matter?



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