A Message from The Earth Allies~ The Great Awakening

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Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, Your Family of Light and Earth Allies, working Behind the Scenes for Humanity's Freedom and Return Home into The Light. We are The Ground Crew Medical Team for First Contact. Thank You for Honoring Our Presence here With You On Planet Earth=Heart. WE Now Have less then 2 Years till the end of our Mission here.

Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Inner Balance, Peace, Joy, Laughter, Harmony, Equality, Abundance, and Many Magical Synchronostic Events in the Present Moment of Now. 

 The New Energy is Now completely Anchored into the Planet, what this also means is that the Eternal Flow is Flowing with the Awakened Ones. With this Completed, it is causing a wave of Energy Much More Intense than Any Energy Wave that has Entered into the Physical Realm thus far. Now, this Energy will push the old energy out and away from the Planet. You can Say that We are Now really Heating things Up and Events are about to get very Interesting indeed . Those of you that have stepped into the New Energy Completely, meaning you are Serving Love ONLY, will begin having more experience's of Effortless Magical Synchronostic Events, Miracles, Overflowing Joy, the Wonder and Magic of the Eternal Flow and All the Gifts Love Gives. For those of you that have made it through this Portal Opening, You will Now Move Forward into Your Destinies, and Receive Your Christmas Presents from Love.

“Each Of You were Born on this Planet with a Divine Mission, and that is To Be Love and Serve Love”

For those hanging onto the old energy, meaning illusion a.k.a. unconsciousness, they will increasingly find that their lives are becoming more difficult and challenging. They will experience blocks, delays, and discovering that nothing seems to work like it used to. The reason being that the New Energy is Here, Love is In Charge, and the Only Simple Solution for those hanging onto the old is To Let Go, and WAKE UP!

Now we would Like to Share a Gift We have For Each of You for this Intense Energy Wave! This is Written in First Person and We Highly recommend Stating these Words Out Loud. To Ground these Truths into Your Beings.

~By Serving the Love I Am, I am Serving the One=The All= All of US. By Serving the Love I AM, I am Trusting Love in ALL Moments of My Experience. When I am Trusting Love, Love Serves Me. There is nothing for me to do and Everything to BE in All Moments.~

As I Serve Love and Love Serves Me the More Joy, Happiness, and Wholeness of Being I Feel and Experience in All My Present Moments of NOW.

The True Reality of Who I Really Am, Love, is Now Being Born from My Being in Every Present Moment of Now. I Am Becoming The Unique God I Am, Incarnate on Planet Earth=Heart. As this Occurs My Soul Begins Expanding as I Marry with Creation and Love. Stepping into the Unknowable, I Become a Bright New Star of Brilliance. And So it Is On Earth as It Is in Heaven. I AM Love, and I Am God”

The Grand Event~ A Huge Energetic Wave Is Arriving on the Planet as a result of some intense energy released which will be shared in our Next Update. AS More Awaken, this is Adding to the Energy Of Unconditional Love and Grounding it into The Physical Realm, which Is dissolving all ignorance in Its path.  As A result Many More will Join in the ONENESS Energies. You Are All Entering into The Symphony of Creation. Your Destinies are Inevitably Unfolding. Don't Forget to Wave!!


End Transmission in All Love Is Unconditionally



Love The Earth Allies!

Thank You for Honoring us and our Continued Dedication to You and All Of Humanity with your support today if you can share!

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