~ Ron Head ~ Heaven indeed does have feet and hands, but they are in your shoes and gloves, dear ones.

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jigsaw puzzleMichael and Raphael with the Councils of Heaven

We bear a message today regarding the speeding up of the manifestation of those concrete changes on your planet for which you have been waiting so long.  There is, at last, an over-balance reached which allows your intents, those of the ones you term lightworkers, to override more of the negative that still remains.  Therefore you will see, or are seeing, an almost daily increase in change within your societies, and even your media stories.


A huge push is now being made to begin solid change which will develop into the beginnings of that higher dimensional life which you so desire.  Some incredible, from your viewpoint, technologies will become commonplace within your very near future.  Those who will not be controlled by your power structures have found ways around those who would continue to block them.


We continue to hear many say that we should do more.  And once again we say to you, not to accuse, but to instruct, that you need to be the ones who do more.  Heaven indeed does have feet and hands, but they are in your shoes and gloves, dear ones.


And so we ask you to make a choice between involvement and patience.  Lack of patience combined with non-involvement are not becoming to you.  Now, we realize that not everyone can be physically occupied with, or even know about, all that is going on.  It is a very big world when seen from your viewpoint.  But when you daily offer your prayers, meditations, and intentions you are involved.


Those who do that are not the complainers, you see.  Offering your agreement with the goals and then doing nothing but asking for more help is hardly what we have asked of you.


We have said over and over that the changes that you wish to see will be reflections of changes within yourselves.  Yet many make no such changes and then take heaven to task for not saving them.  It is never too late to begin, my friends.  But the time is soon to come when you may wish you had begun.  You have lived long enough on your world to recognize that possibility for yourselves.


On a happier note, it is becoming more and more frequent that we see some of you having breakthrough experiences in consciousness and understanding.  We have spoken in other forums of the possibility of this occurring for large numbers of you soon.  This possibility is bearing down upon you rapidly.  We know you feel the changes within more and more strongly.  It is as if the final pieces of a puzzle are dropping into place.


This will be a year of good news, dear ones.  Polish up your dancing shoes.  Good day.



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Please inform "our Friends" from on High that this sounds like more stalling to us. And is there anything They can share with us that we don't already know? It's not like most of us don't watch the TVs and see what is said by them.

Thanks for the promises again fellas and gals, but it is "Your feet" that we need on "our ground" if this not what you have been promising for years to us?

So because it hasn't happened according to your statements of passed, consider you selves DEBUNKED.

Ron please try to connect with the "Real" ETs that tell the truth, the whole truth and noting but the truth as a favor to us "dear ones"

This you said long ago: Ron Head w/AA Gabriel and Michael: Posted 6/9/13 "We wish you to know that that which you have worked for so long, and with such dedication, has now commenced. You have been informed of this from other sources, as well, and we confirm for you that this information is correct. The freedom, abundance, prosperity, and total transformation of your world, which you have prayed for these last thousands of years, and which has been incomprehensibly denied you, is now to be yours."

Why would Beings of Light mislead us? I am with and for the people, "who" are you with?

David Porter

Author of the series


Thank you.

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Thank you for this very timely message Ron and company!  I feel like it was spot-on. It is up to US to use our INTENTIONS for those changes we wish to see and to not  be lulled into thinking nothing's happening. NOW is the time to BE GRATEFUL for the NEW  WORLD that we are creating, to ASSUME it is already here, and to act as if WE ARE of the highest caliber and the world, also.