Names of cities that are now in 5th Dimension

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This is just a raw energetic discernment as to the state of the ever growing / moving 5th dimension, as the planet earth finishes its transition into the 5th dimension. The rate of change is 3 miles (4.8km) per day. It flows out from any 5th dimension location, over and through that which is not yet 5th dimension. I accidentally fell upon a 'tentative' JOB DONE time frame ... as being the end of August of 2014. It would be really cool to see this reality be finished then. Here are the cities that are in the 5th dimension (YES) and those who are not in the 5th dimension (NO)

Denver, CO YES
San Francisco, CA NO
Lincoln, Nebraska YES
Chicago, IL YES
Beijing, China YES
Tokyo, Japan YES
Portland, OR YES
London, UK YES
Frankfort, Germany YES
Miami, FL NO
Dallas, TX YES
Houston, TX NO
Boston, MA NO
New York City, NY NO
Salt Lake City, UT NO
Las Vegas, NV NO
Detroit, MI NO
Paris, France NO
Dublin, Ireland YES
Mt. Shasta, CA YES

This list has been evolving and changing as the 5th dimension frequency moves over the areas of land which are at the lower frequency. There is no criticism associated with this list. All of the earth will soon be in the 5th dimension and everyone living on it will either up their frequency as well in order to thrive ... or folk will feel the difference and wonder what is happening.

Peace of God be with you today, tomorrow and all your tomorrows.



The 5th Dimensional facets which can be seen NOW!

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Here are just several indicators around you that you can literally see indicating this profound change from the 3rd to the 5th dimension:

1) Go beyond the city lights into the country after dusk... look into valleys or top of hills... you will see what appear to be low 'flying' clouds of color. I've seen dark dark reds, blues and purple. So can you.

2) sometimes when you shut your eyes you will notice a small ball / sphere of light. You will have picked up on some of the 5th D coloration next to you / beside you. [Not inside you.]

The change into the 5th dimension is happening now... just take the time to notice some of the visible / noticeable colors. It is awesome.