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It’s a Scorpio New Moon….one of the most intense, transformative, mystical Moon’s….and perhaps one of the most important moons of the entire Year! With this New Scorpio Moon, we have major planetary shifts happening. Within about a 3 day period we have 2 major aspects happening within 24 hours of this New Moon. We have Uranus (constant of change, future thinker, community, humanity etc) retrograding back into Aries…forming again, the powerful, transformative, birthing of New with some Urgency…. Cardinal Square/Grand Cross! We also have the Nodal Axis switching signs from Leo North Node/Aquarius South Node….to a Cancer North Node and Capricorn South Node! Then the day after this New Scorpio Moon we have Jupiter moving into Sagittarius! This is a lot of movement of energy for everyone to try and incorporate into their bodies and consciences! There can be a feeling of chaos, anxiety, being overwhelmed and just plan exhausted....among other things and feelings. There are also some aspects happening that can help us through this intense period. There are chapters in your life that could be ending and there are also some exciting chapters in your life that are just beginning. Remember…we are on the path of Radical Evolution!

This Scorpio New Moon again has a main focus on Relationships of all kinds. Scorpio itself is about sex, passion and deep Soul Love….the true Soul Mate (the merging of 2 Souls in deep Soul Love on both levels)! During this Scorpio New Moon……many desires will surface in all areas, and raw sexuality (good and not so good) may be lurking around the corner. We can find ourselves exploring our own deep psychic….our Soul…..and also the passions, that surround the ecstasy and madness of all our Soul Mate relationships!

Scorpio is also about the shadow side of things…..the part that we really don’t want to look at until it is put right in our faces….and we have to deal with it. This powerful New Scorpio Moon is not only bringing up our own shadows, but also the shadows (especially sexually) of many well known people, both politically and famously……while also adding chaos, urgency and major transformation in all areas!

During this New Scorpio Moon and the days that follow …….be outside and be with the Earth. Look up at the sky and realize that as above….so below. Scorpio is also the sign of Earth Spirituality and Natural Shamanism! Honor the Earth, play on the Earth and when the sky is dark…..meditate and listen to what the Universe is trying to tell you. This is a time that even people who think they are not intuitive at all…..will begin to realize that are “picking up” on things. Scorpio is a very intuitive/psychic sign!!

A Scorpio New Moon is also a time for honoring and communicating with your Ancestors.

All your ancestors…..your more current ones, and those ancestors that have been with you for many life times…..not only on Earth, but throughout the Galaxies! Scorpio also rules medium ship and hospices.

The Sun and Moon (the New Moon), are in Scorpio. Scorpio energy is about deep transformation, Earth Spirituality, sex, death, desire, natural shamanism, others money, the detective, passion, intensity, highly intuitive, the Soul mate, our shadow, medium ship, hospice, looking deep into our unconscious and our Soul…..and anything that feels a little uncomfortable! If it isn’t uncomfortable……it isn’t Scorpio!

Be aware of the gray side of Scorpio which is…. lies, secrets, judgments, out of bounds Ego, control, manipulation, betrayals, jealousy,.. etc. If you feel yourself in these areas, recognize it…and make a conscious effort to move out of it and forward into the higher energies of Scorpio. The “gift” of Astrology is being able to recognize the energies…. move away… so you can navigate to a higher level. The energies are very passionate and intense….everything from casual sex, to sacred sexuality, the merging of the physical body with the Soul.

Remember also that a New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. New Moons are the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create! Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies giving us the knowledge to create a beautiful future. This is a very powerful time to manifest and create. Take the energy of this very powerful Scorpio New Moon and manifest a beautiful and peaceful world. Take time to manifest for yourself also.

With this Scorpio New Moon ……The Universe is asking us to face our greatest fears….to face things that we haven’t wanted to look at (rather recent or in the past)….face our shadows (our less desirable qualities)……except them…. move through them… so we can transform them into the higher energies, as we become part of the “New.” This is a very powerful time….with lots of changes leading to transformation. This powerful Scorpio New Moon…. could trigger a challenge in your life or an opportunity…..or out of the challenge, which you are facing, you can receive an opportunity.

At this Scorpio New Moon…we have the ancient ruler of Scorpio - Mars (the warrior energy, passion, action, the pioneer) in Aquarius (the community/humanity) giving us the ability to use this passion and taking action energy…..on bringing acceptance of all and treating everyone as equals….for all humanity! The modern day ruler of Scorpio is Pluto (transformation of the Soul) in Capricorn (government, corporate, structures, rules, integrity, respect, father figures). We have been watching Pluto over the last several years giving us the opportunities, rather we like them or not, of taking us on the paths of radical transformations. For the evolution of our Souls, the Earth, and for all humanity!

This Scorpio New Moon is also happening on the tails of Uranus Moving back into Aries and The Nodal Axis switching signs….both happening yesterday November 6th. We will be feeling this energy shift for quite awhile….intensified by the Scorpio New Moon.

Uranus retrograding back into Aries has formed again a Cardinal Grand Cross! Uranus has been in Aries for the last 7 years except for its short movement into Taurus on May 15th. Now that it has retrograde back into Aries (for the next 4 months) it is ready for its last “ha raw”! It will again fuel the radical changes, revolutionary transformations and paradigm shifts…. that the Cardinal Square has been bringing to humanity since 2010.

The Cardinal Grand Cross that has just formed and is the back drop of this Scorpio New Moon consists of: Venus/Ceres in Libra…Pluto/South Node in Capricorn….Uranus/Eris in Aries…. The North Node in Cancer. The Nodal Axis also just switched into Cancer North Node/Capricorn South Node yesterday November 6th…… triggering another major shift! This 4 month activation of the Cardinal Square (T-Square, Grand Cross’s) will activate the things that still need to be changed and transformed in a very urgent way/energy! Once Uranus moves back into Taurus on March 6, 2019….we will no longer have the urgent push and things being put right in our faces (and that of the collective)…or that evolutionary “Push” that we cannot dodge! Things then will be at a slower pace for changes/transformations…..when Uranus moves back into Taurus. So If there are changes that need to be made or redirected…in all areas of your life or community, especially in relationships of all kinds… is the time! While we have the extra energies to help us along. Remember that this Cardinal Grand Cross is also strongly associated with worldly events….the relationships between Countries, the Country Leaders, or Religious groups, etc. This aspect can also bring about the possibilities of Earthquakes and Volcanoes… the Earth also receives this powerful energy. This aspect can also bring about power struggles, arguments and heated discussions. We have been watching this play out on almost a daily basis in Washington DC, around our elections here in the United States, and around the World. It is also asking us to move towards the responsible use of power and resources.

Another message from this reforming of the Cardinal Grand Cross is that Venus is sitting with Ceres in Libra. Venus rules Libra, and Ceres is about Motherly love etc. and they are opposing Uranus/Eris in Aries which is about community/humanity and change…and with Eris the change can create a bit of chaos (remember out of chaos comes Creativity). Venus is our Love and Libra is about Love and the law….they are opposing Uranus which is about community and everyone is created equal! This is a powerful aspect. It is saying that we need to balance our relationships and worldwide relationships….we need to Love everyone equally. We are one…. no matter the color of your skin or who you pray to. These 2 planets are also squaring the Nodal Axis that just moved into Cancer/Capricorn yesterday. Forming squares to the nodes. Meaning that we need to learn how to show love and respect to everyone…before we can move to the North Node (where we are headed as humanity) which is now in Cancer, and is about the Nurturing of humanity/the community….. our homes and Families. Moving away from the Capricorn South Node representing the old way that the community and our home and Families were treated by those that were in control. Also the way that Corporations govern by the structures and money….instead of nurturing and respecting the people that work for them and their families etc.

This is a powerful time to manifest (New Moon) that we all become the Spiritual pioneers for all Humanity (the Cardinal Grand Cross) sharing and involving all types of communication ….Mercury in Sagittarius is sitting on Antares (the heart of the Scorpion, fearlessness, and readiness for action)…. at this New Scorpio Moon, involving all life forms throughout the Galaxy!! Listen to what information you might receive…. from all Realms!!! Go deep within yourself, your soul and see what comes to you…things that you might need to look at, from childhood traumas to things that you are reacting to now. How can you change your current approach to these things? Because this is a New Moon, which is the most psychic and Spiritual moon of the whole lunar cycle, it is a time to mediate, and a time to manifest. Take all the energies of this New Moon and manifest a beautiful path to ascension for all, a beautiful world and a beautiful community. Manifest Peace!!!.

This Scorpio New Moon is in a harmonious trine to Neptune! This is a wonderful energy. A very intuitive energy and a peaceful energy….and can help us navigate the Cardinal Grand Cross at this Scorpio New Moon . Making this a deeply intuitive/psychic Scorpio New Moon. It can be very inspirational and a softening factor at this New Moon. This trine will help many relationships through their intuitive feelings….blissful types of feelings and higher Love! This aspect can also bring a spiritual closeness and a devotion to your lover. Meditate on how to use this aspect in the highest way for your highest good!

We also have Venus and Mars in a harmonious trine with each other. Venus planet of Love and Mars planet of passion….accents even more relationships of all kinds and with an energy of love! This trine increases your desire for love, romance, and social contact. It is accenting the intense loving Soul Mate energies of this New Scorpio Moon! Both of these aspects (Moon/Neptune trine and Venus/Mars trine) helps us to navigate the intense…revolutionary transformations and changes that the Cardinal Grand Cross brings to us.

All of these configurations are asking us if we are moving forward, are we evolving, are we treating others with integrity and respect or are we still judging others? Are we bringing areas of our lives into balance? We are being asked at this Scorpio New Moon to look at how we love ourselves, and others. Are we working at bringing the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Male energies into balance? Make sure you are handling all areas of Love with integrity and respect.

With this being a New Moon in Scorpio…….we are being asked to go into the depths of the unknown (Scorpio) so we can see what we need to let go of and purge.

Scorpio and it’s rulers are again bringing relationships of all kinds to the surface to be looked at and processed. Both in personal love relationships, friends, work, etc., and also in the Government, corporate America, structures, leaders etc. Try to defuse the energies by exercise, doing a project or anything that will take your attention away from the more stressful energies. With Pluto it is about the transformation of the Soul’s of those within the relationships (personnel, community, or with leaders throughout the world) and with Mars it is about taking action that can lead to either War/fights (Mars) or to the high end of Aquarius your “outside the box thinking…the future thinker… to help you navigate these energies! The choice is yours!

For many….there is a feeling of chaos as if the rug is being pulled out from under our feet….. It is a time of letting go, detaching from things…..and moving away from people, places, jobs and things…. that no longer serve us……as we continue to move forward and into the “new”. Moving through all of this is not easy. It can make us feel at times…… depressed, sad, hopeless, and we can question our sanity. At times we can feel lost and overwhelmed. Sometimes we realize there really are no bases for these feelings. The energies are deep and intense and all part of the looking deep into your Soul and facing what needs to transform. Actually this is good….because as you face the Soul searching… begin to transform and you find yourself in the high energies of Scorpio…..the rise of the Phoenix….out of the ashes…..this is Scorpio… Remember that it is usually in the darkest hours….that we find our answers and then the light (healing) starts to appear.

We are receiving a very powerful message from the Universe about Love….. for ourselves, for all our Soul Mates, for humanity, and for all life forms in our Galaxy. We need to transform where we are….to where we are headed…towards a powerful Love…. that is easily flowing back and forth between us, humanity, the Earth, and all life forms in our Galaxy! Wow…..the Universe is speaking loudly!!! Are you listening?

The Earth itself may have a hard time incorporating all the energy from this powerful New Moon……There could be some natural rebounding, major storms, earth quakes, volcanoes etc. from the Earth. The Earth is also purging. Take this energy of transformation, Birthing of New, Change and Urgency and empower yourself to change where needed and then to change the World! Take a step, any step, just move……now is the time to take action!!

Old pathways dissolve and new ones show up. This Scorpio New Moon brings us a lot of changing energies, life changing down loads, and new knowledge. There can still be confusion, and chaos. Watch money markets, the weather. Watch out for more aggression, accidents and some violence. There could be a lot of “World” violence and aggression…..trying to manipulate us into “World Relationships” that we do not want to be a part of … a nation and also as a people. Watch what you say and how you say it. Watch where you are walking and how you and others are driving. Be careful, be cautious! This is a very powerful Scorpio New Moon! It is time to manifest…create the future you want….create the world you want to live in….create a beautiful world for your community and for the world. It is a time to ask for guidance and then trusting the guidance you receive…. It is a time to meditate….as much as you can….and Listen!!!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety! AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2018 Cathy Lindsey All rights reserved.
Cathy Lindsey
Astroeyes Evolutionary Astrology



This New Moon of Scorpio is the next transformation of the life

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New Moon of Scorpio



This New Moon of Scorpio is the next transformation of the life structure as the planet ascends into the New Earth Planetary/Universal Ascended Life System of Creation and Civilization.


This New Earth life structure is the universal ascended life organism of unity and power available to those who are serving the New Earth creation and civilization.