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This Virgo Super Snow Full Moon….is quit the powerful one!  As we know….we are in a very intense time period!  The World seems a little confusing and quit chaotic right now.  Lots of conflicts, anger and accusations daily just about everywhere you turn.    Actually these energies, even though they can be disruptive and chaotic…are putting things right in our faces so that we have the opportunity to make decisions/choices on the high side or lower side……as to what we need to purge in our lives and in society, and what we need to keep. The choice is ours.  This is a powerful time in our Evolutionary Journey. 


THIS SUPER VIRGO FULL MOON   is the closes to the Earth and the Biggest and Brightest Moon of 2019.  This is the second consecutive Super Moon in a row, after last month’s, and with this next month’s Super Moon happening on the Spring Equinox (first time this has happened since 1981) we will then finish up the Super Moons for the rest of the year.  A  Super Moon means that the Moon is very close to the Earth (this is called a Perigee Moon) and it therefore increases and intensifies the energies that we normally feel from a regular Full Moon.  It will also affect the Earth, the weather, the tides, and all of humanity. 


 FULL MOONS ARE A TIME FOR RELEASING   It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working, especially at this Virgo Full Moon. Go deep into yourself, your foundations, your old perceptions, your Soul…..and observe what is no longer working for you, no longer vibrating where you are currently vibrating. It is a time of purging and releasing in all areas of your life. Full Moons bring light to the dark or to the shadow side….helping us release the shadow areas of life.  Especially at this Virgo Super Full Moon……you may find yourself wondering rather to embrace something…or let it go!


Also this Virgo Full Super Moon falls at the Zero degrees of Virgo.  The Zero degree of any sign is a very powerful degree.  It is a starting point of many possibilities.  It is as if the Universe is saying….Anything is Possible!  Take time to Meditate during these Virgo Full Super Moon energies on starting points for the future that you are co-creating.  Manifest and create what the Universe is telling/showing you….what do you hear or feel?  Are you listening???


With all Full Moons we have the Sun exactly opposite the Moon. The Sun and the Moon are in opposition, and an opposition in Astrology asks us for an adjustment, a balancing, a compromise of the opposite ends, in order to obtain positive growth.  In this case, the Full Moon is in Virgo & the Sun is in Pisces. We are being asked to bring into balance our intellect (Virgo) with our intuition (Pieces). Virgo sees the details and Pisces sees the whole picture on all spiritual levels. Pisces is in dream land, and Virgo is in real land.  Virgo uses analysis and Pisces uses intuition. Virgo is in the head, and Pisces is in the heart. Virgo is in the physical realm, and Pisces is in the Spiritual realm. Learning to balance heaven/bliss (Pisces) and the Earth/grounding (Virgo).  With this Full Moon we can bring in an incredible amount of Piscean energy through meditation, dreams, creativity and manifesting…..while being able to ground them into the Earth’s reality, with the Virgo Full Moon. Be aware however of the gray side of Virgo, which is too much detail, putting things off because you think that you don’t know enough yet, or because it isn’t perfect yet.  In other words....don’t hold yourself back.  With the grey side of Pisces be aware of …..addictions, procrastination, being ungrounded and getting lost in the fogginess of the Piscean energy, 


With this Virgo Full Moon and Piscean Sun…there will be a blend of logic (Virgo) and Illusion (Pisces)…along with a pull between living good and temptation….with some wild and sudden responses.  One of the wonderful things that this Virgo Full Moon brings us…..is the many opportunities for releasing, shifting and Healing!


With this Virgo Full Moon, it is also a good time to focus on your health, work and service. A lot of Healing is available during this Full Moon.  It is also a great time to clean (release) out closets, basements, and your own hidden stuff deep in your Soul…… that the Universe is waiting for you to release!   This still holds true for things that are no longer vibrating where you are vibrating, including jobs, where you live, family, friends, and lovers…. it is a time to distance from them in the most loving and compassionate way…..as things may change down the road.  Release the old in all areas of your life…. that are no longer working towards your future!


THE SUN IN PISCES (WHICH IS PART OF THE FULL MOON) is sitting with 3 other planets in what is referred to as a wide running conjunction.  They are Vesta (our passion, where our fires burn the strongest), Neptune (ruler of Pisces, psychic, direct connection to Source, high creativity, Spiritual), Mercury (our voice, communication and the ruler of the Virgo Full Moon. All of these planets in Pisces then oppose the Virgo Moon. When you have this many planets sitting together it is hard to separate them into individual meanings as all their energies blend together.  This adds a lot of energy and power to this Full Virgo Moon.  With Mercury being our voice and our communication…this Full Virgo Moon brings us a lot of opportunities to share our knowledge on all levels….to speak our truth…to be of service to others and to show our love and unconditional love to others….bringing relationships to the for front….at this Virgo Full Moon.


Pisces again is about unconditional Love and high channeled creativity.  It is very intuitive and understands the more mystical world. It is about Meditation and dreams.   So with the Pisces Sun (our life force) sitting in the running conjunction with Neptune (which rules Pisces), the spiritual energy…the direct connection to Source, Spirit, God/ Goddess, Buda, Yahweh …whatever  your version is…  Is extremely powerful!!    Making it a wonderful time to let go of the “old” ideas you have about abundance, Spiritual energies and unconditional Love…and meditate and manifest using the higher energies…. for your tribe…and all humanity.  With both the Sun and Neptune sitting with Mercury, and Vesta …….the Universe is wanting us to take notice…the Universe is speaking loudly here….are you Listening???  This aspect can also enhance your abilities as a mentor and a healer and with the Virgo Full Moon…your abilities to ground this energy…so it can be used in everyday life…is also enhanced!   Meditate and manifest that the energy is shining brightly (Pieces Sun ) to all about unconditional Love, high creativity and abundance.   Listen to your intuition, and Listen to your guidance....it is Very Strong during this Full Virgo Moon. 


The Universe is asking us to create/manifest with all the resources that Neptune/Pisces gives us. It is asking us to connect to our higher selves, our guidance and to God/Goddess….and open up that line of communication (Mercury in Pisces). It is a time of things being put right in our faces….right in our faces when it comes to communicating and sharing our knowledge...while we demand integrity and respect for what we share! Ask for guidance with discernment..in navigating all the things that are being brought up all around us. Some of these things are deep in our Souls from past lives being brought up into our consciences now so we can release them. It is time to speak (Mercury) with Love, integrity and respect to and for each other and throughout the World.   


AT THIS VIRGO SUPER FULL MOON….CHIRON HAS JUST ENTERED ARIES   Chiron is referred to as the Wounded Healer and he was also the Teacher of the Gods!   This is a major shift!  Chiron’s knowledge is in the Healing Arts.  Chiron will now stay in fiery Aries, as the Spiritual Healing Warrior, for 7 years, leaving Aries at the Summer Solstice in 2026!


The Universe is saying that it is time to heal (Chiron) our inner wounds and the wounds of the Collective.  It is about healing our Ego (Aries)…and our self!   We will be learning how to let our egos’ work for us…not against us.  This is true for both ourselves and also for our Communities, Leaders of Countries and all Humanity.  Chiron in Aries will be about taking care of things…healing quickly and getting done what needs to get done!  Chiron can also be a little on the aggressive side when things are not moving quit like Chiron in Aries thinks it should….especially when it comes to healing.  Chiron in Aries will be strong, powerful, and will start that crusade when needed.  It will help us find new ways of looking at things, new awareness so we will be able to heal on a whole new level.


URANUS IS ALSO SITTING WITH MARS AND ERIS  at this Virgo Full Super Moon   This is an extremely powerful conjunction and is the same set up we had at the Aquarian New Moon on February 4th.   Uranus is the constant of change.  Its energy is like lightning bolts coming from any direction.   Like Earthquakes suddenly happening with no warning.etc. Uranus however has just moved into Taurus by 3 degrees….adding a little more Earth energy, grounding energy to the mix.  Mars is our action energy…our warrior and pioneer energy and brings in our passion.  Eris is a newer planet a little beyond Pluto and has been classified as a Dwarf planet. Remember Dwarf planets are still planets. Just like Dwarf Humans are still human.   Eris’s energy is the energy of Chaos, Discord and Competition (which can be both good and not so good…so keep it on the high side).  Eris is also a “wild card” energy….it is hard to know which way those energies will play out.  This is some powerful energy at work here.   Eris and Uranus both can get riled up whenever there is injustice around, and add in Mars….


These 3 planets are compelled to do the right thing for all humanity!  They will bring about opportunities for changes to be made…in all areas. This can also be a very insightful time. This conjunction is asking us to move towards the responsible use of power and resources including Earth’s resources.  New adventures are being started and much action being taken in the directions that assists our evolution…… individually….throughout the World…..and also collectively.


WE ALSO HAVE SATURN, VENUS, AND PLUTO along with the South Node  sitting closely  together in Capricorn.  Another powerful conjunction!  Saturn (the father figure, integrity, respect, maturity, responsibility) rules Capricorn (government, military, banks, corporate America, integrity and respect….all our structures) and Saturn is sitting with Pluto (planet of transformation, deep Soul work, sex and death/rebirth) and the South Node (represent past lives..the past). Then add in Venus (Love, attraction, creativity, money, relationships) and we find that this Virgo Super Full Moon is also emphasizing relationships.  Both personal and those within all our structures including corporations and the government (Capricorn).  The Capricorn is demanding Integrity and Respect in all Relationships….personal or not!     


That is a lot of emphasis on transforming Capricorn and Saturn areas.  We can see this happening in the news almost daily.  Also in our own lives.  The Universe is getting serious…..we need to head to the higher side of all these energies while staying within integrity and respect for all living (including the Earth) things!  With the South Node involved….the Universe is saying that we haven’t been real good in the past in all these areas and we need to bring ourselves and the world out of the “not so good” way of doing things and move towards helping and nurturing our families and our communities etc.


THESE 2 SETS OF CONJUNCTIONS ARE FORMING A VERY POWERFUL CARDINAL GRAND CROSS.   The Cardinal Grand Cross (stressful and friction type of energy)  is actually made up of both of these powerful conjunctions but also adds in the North Node (our Souls, and the Soul of Humanity’s  intent for this life time)  in Cancer and Pallas Athena (female warrior who wins with Knowledge) in Libra….forming the figure of a Grand Cross in Cardinal Energy.  Cardinal energy is the energy of….Birthing of New, Change, and Urgency! Can you feel it?  All these planets are sitting in this energy.  So we have Uranus/Mars/Eris (in Aries) squaring (stress and friction energy) South Node/Pluto/Venus/Saturn (in Capricorn)…squaring Pallas Athena (in Libra)….squaring the North Node in Cancer (where humanity is heading)…Cancer is family, nurturing, caring for each other.


The Universe is getting serious and it is like humanity, the World, and the Collective….are like a Soul in Crises at this time in history.  We can no longer hide or turn the other way….we need to make changes now!   In all areas!  We need to move towards the higher energies in all areas and not worry about the past.  We need to stay out of fear (crises thrives on fear) and know that we can intend, visualize and create a better way.  Call in your guidance to assist you and Manifest a better way. Start demanding integrity and respect for yourself, both giving and receiving, and in all areas. This is part of what all the Capricorn (and the planets in Capricorn) energy is all about.  We are on the path of accelerated and radical transformations. This energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross

is giving us the revolutionary and evolutionary energies for radical change. Individually and throughout all Humanity the World and the Earth!  Although the energies are a bit chaotic at times…..out of Chaos, comes creativity!   If something really needs to transform and change in your life or the collective…..now is the time!

We are supporting the shift….. The time is now!  The Universe is speaking loudly….are you listening?


THIS FULL SUPER VIRGO MOON IS ALSO SITTING ON THE STAR REGULUS   The Star Regulus is in the constellation of Leo.   Regulus is said to be the Lions Heart! We are learning to think with the Heart…come from the Heart!   Regulus is also one of four Royal Stars and helps guide humanity’s evolution….it is about humanity’s shift into becoming heart centered. This energy is courageous, powerful and independent.  It is associated with leadership and success.  On the greyer side it can activate arrogance and attachment to “material prosperity”.  Keeping this connection to Regulus on the high side of this Powerful Full Moon is important!  The Universe has a message for us by placing this Full Virgo Moon on Regulus….it is saying:  Start Thinking with the Heart and start coming from the Heart!  It is extremely important at this current time in our History.


THE ENERGIES WILL BE INTENSE ….letting us know that the Universe is getting very urgent for us to release all the old structures and create (remember out of Chaos comes creativity) a new future for us all.  We are co-creating the new…and the new is knocking on our door.   Take time to meditate and listen to what you hear and feel…..what it is trying to tell/show us!  Are you listening???


REMEMBER  that The Earth has also been, and will continue to receive these intense energies.  We have already seen and will continue to see very unusual weather and Earth rumblings, and releasing…..etc     We can see these energies also playing out with the World Powers…. the US and all nations as we  encounter and try to put an end to tensions throughout the World.  Remember we are releasing the old ways…the “Old”  that are know longer working…in all areas of existence.    The “New” is about Peace, unconditional love, Joy etc.


Our intentions this month need to come from our hearts.  You must Love with higher Wisdom (Pisces), and experience Joy with Knowledge (Virgo).  Meditate and Listen!  Remember…lets envision needed change….with integrity, and respect for all!  Let’s envision Peace     


Watch your thoughts, your emotions, and your reactions.  Pay attention to your reactions in situations that present themselves.  If your buttons get pushed, don’t judge… but observe.  The Universe could be trying to tell you something. It is time to release these things at this Full Moon.   It is a time to be quiet, call in God/Goddess, your Angels and Guides…..your whole Team. Connect with your Guidance and think with them….talk with them……and ask them for guidance……. then trust in there guidance.      Manifest….Create….Meditate… and above all……Listen!!!  


These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart. Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart; through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). 

Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 


Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2019   Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved. 



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