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 This Full Libra Moon is a powerful one!   It is very energized…intense and revolutionary!   It seems to have a message……no matter how chaotic, intense and transformative the last several weeks/months have been, and still are..…..there seems to be a “newer” energy and focus about bringing things into Balance….that is underlining this Full Libra Moon.  This Libra Full Moon is also at 29 degrees which is sometimes referred to as a “critical” degree and is often associated with endings of cycles and new beginnings.  Libra which is ruled by Venus is relationship orientated and about Balance and Love!!   At the same time we have a very intense Full Moon who’s energies don’t seem to be bringing us as much “Peace” as you would think.  It is as if the Universe is serious about us learning to bring things into Balance!


The current energies (even though we are at a Libra Full Moon) are very chaotic, a bit volatile at times, and quit powerful.   For some it is a bit scary “out there”.  Stay out of the fear!  The Universe is getting very serious now and is putting everything right in our faces so that we don’t miss what needs to change….or what we need to move away from that is no longer vibrating where we are vibrating.   The big aspect at this Full Moon is Uranus that is sitting with the Full Moon and pulling it into the Cardinal Grand Cross!  It has a lot to do with the governments (here in the U.S. and all over the World).  It has a lot to do with Corporate America and Worldwide.  It has a lot to do with all the structures that are no longer working for us…along with all humanity!  It has to do with Integrity and Respect…both giving it and receiving it…for all!   Things are being put right in our faces.  We have to be able to See them…in order to be able to fix them or move away from them!!  We can no longer dodge them!  We are in a time of Radical  Revolution…..and we will be there for quite some time.   Remember that all this energy can be used and is intended for the higher transformation of  both Ourselves and all Humanity!  Stay out of Fear and the gray side of the energies….think positive and manifest Peace!!


THIS LIBRA FULL MOON IS KNOWN AS A BLUE MOON.  A Blue Moon is when we have 2 Full Moons in one month.  A Blue Moon usually only occurs once every 2-3 years.  Other than having 2 Full Moons in one astrological month; there is no Astrological significance to a Blue Moon….but remember that the saying “Once in a Blue Moon” does have its own energy around it.    However….this Full Libra Moon is a powerful one! 


THIS LIBRA FULL MOON IS ALSO REFERRED TO AS THE “PINK” FULL MOON. It is called that not because it is “Pink”, but because it is named after pink flowers that are called “Wild Ground Phlox”, which bloom rapidly in early Spring.  However the name…“Pink” Moon”… is actually perfect because the color “Pink” symbolizes Love and Peace, and this Libra Full Moon is ruled by Venus the planet of Love!    This emphasis on Love….. is actually perfect for these chaotic and revolutionary times that we are currently living in.  It is a wonderful time to release all things that are not of Love and Peace……then meditate and manifest on Love and Peace…. for yourself and also for all Humanity around the World!!


BECAUSE THIS LIBRA FULL MOON IS FULED BY VENUS…. it also means that it is about relationships of all kinds especially romantic love relationships!  This can also be a very disruptive time in many relationships. There is a lot of emphases on integrity and respect in all relationships.  Are you handling your relationships with integrity and respect?   The Universe seems to be saying that during these turbulent times we are currently in……the focus internationally and individually needs to be on…  Love and Peace! 


Venus, which rules this Full Moon..…has now moved into Pieces which has the energies of unconditional Love!  Venus is also sitting with Mercury which is our Voice!  How we speak, write, and communicate!  When we speak or write etc…. Try to stay as neutral as you can for the next few weeks as relationships play out.  Venus is saying to communicate in all forms with unconditional Love…come from your Heart and think with your Heart. 

FULL MOONS ARE WHEN THE TIDES ARE HIGH AND FEELINGS ARE FLOWING.   Full Moons are a time of releasing. It is a time of purging….in all areas of your life!   It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working for us. During this Libra Full Moon we will be surrounded by the intense releases of  “old” energy…..that is no longer vibrating where we are now vibrating. We are being asked to look at all of our relationships…to look at the areas that are working for you and the ones that are not working for you.  It is time to take action and decide which relationships you need to move away from…and do it in the kindest way possible. 


THIS LIBRA FULL MOON IS ALSO ABOUT  balance…..finding balance in your life and releasing everything that is taking you out of balance.   Relationships of all kinds can take us out of balance…but also work; scheduling, illnesses, social activities, etc. can take us out of balance.  Balance is one of the major energies of this shift….we need to bring things into balance so we can continue to rise into the higher energies. Meditate on how to bring your energies and the energies around you into a more harmonious balance!


ALL FULL MOONS INVOLVE THE SUN AND THE MOON,  as the Sun opposite the Moon is what creates the Full Moon. This Full Moon being in Libra along with the Sun being in Aries, is all about balancing the “Me” energy with the “We” energy.


Aries (fiery, action, impatient, self/me, and the pioneer energy full of passion) is ruled by Mars (male energy, our passion, the initiator, the spiritual warrior and pioneer), and  Libra (feminine, balance, equal give and take, relationships, the “other”, and the peace maker) is ruled by Venus (our love, attraction, creativity, and feminine energy), really emphasizing, and acknowledging the balance we need to achieve…. between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine in all relationships.


Libra is about the “other”…..and being with the “other” in an equal give and take manner…. in all your relationships. Libra is about being in right relationship to everything in our lives.  With this Full Libra Moon we are trying to bring into balance…. love & peace (Libra)….with passion and war (Aries)….the merging of opposite ends into a balanced, equal give and take relationship for ourselves, along with all humanity. Another way to phrase this is….Make love not War!  Full Moons symbolize an emotional peak.  With this Full Moon being in Libra…the emotional peak is happening around relationships!


THIS FULL LIBRA MOON IS SITTING WITH URANUS AND ERIS….making it a bit volatile at times….with unsettled energies that can bring about radical revolution and many changes, in all areas of our lives….including all relationships…personnel and throughout the World!  


THE MOST POWERFUL ASPECT OF THIS ARIES NEW MOON IS THE CARDINAL GRAND CROSS INVOLVING 8 PLANETS INCLUDING THE FULL MOON!!  A Grand Cross is a very stressful and transformative aspect…with a bit of friction and opposing energies.  This is also a growth aspect as we can learn from it and grow…..but it isn’t easy.  Making it even more stressful is the fact that it is sitting in Cardinal energy which is…Birthing of New, Change, Transformation and Urgency!   The 8 planets that makes up this Cardinal Grand Cross are:  The Libra Full Moon, and the Aries Sun that is sitting with Eris and Uranus, the North Node in Cancer, and Saturn/South Node/Pluto in Capricorn! 


SO WE HAVE THE LIBRA FULL MOON on one end energizing the Cardinal Grand Cross….and then opposite we have the AIRES SUN SITTING WITH ERIS AND WIDELEY URANUS IN THIS CARDINAL GAND CROSS. I have described the Libra Full Moon and Aries Sun above….so I will now describe the energies of the other planets below:


ERIS (a powerful dwarf planet) is known as the Goddess of Chaos, Discord with a flavoring of competition and jealousy (she is said to have actually started the Trojan War!) sitting with the Sun of this Full Moon in Aries energy. There sure is a lot of Chaos and Discord going on in the world right now….and it seems to be all around us.  Eris also adds a feeling of discomfort to whatever she touches and has a Wild Card energy about her. Then put her with URANUS (constant change, humanity, the god of Earthquakes and Lightening bolts, able to see  the big picture), and you have a lot of energies that can be taken to the high side (good change for all) or to the grayer side.


We than have SATURN (the elder wisdom, structure, form, integrity, respect, lord of Karma, Government, Corporate America…rules Capricorn)….and Saturn is sitting with the South Node ( our past….that of the governments, past structures, corporate and CEO’s, all structures) and with the South Node….we look at these things on the grayer side….things we didn’t get right in the past.  You can actually see a lot of this being played out in the news, in our country and countries/structures throughout the World.  Then add in Pluto the planet of Transformation/Soul Transformation...of ourselves and that of Humanity throughout the World.  All sitting in Capricorn energy (wisdom of the Elders, structures, integrity, respect, Government, Military, Corporate America)!


Then to finish out the Cardinal Grand Cross….we have the NORTH NODE…(our Souls intent and the Souls intent for Humanity)…the direction the collective/humanity is supposed to be moving towards.  It is in Cancer.  Cancer energy is that of the Mother energy.  We are supposed to be nurturing each other….helping to take care of each other (not enabling) and being a Family…a Humanity Family!  Honoring each other and our individual gifts!


Wow!  This is a lot of energies we are embodying.  Knowing about them and briefly what they mean….will help you be able to navigate them better when you are out in the real world.


THIS CARDINAL GRAND CROSS IS ACTIVATING   radical change, and revolutions. Remember…we need change!   Uranus is an awakener…encouraging us to break free of old patterns!  Change is required….says the Cardinal Grand Cross!   It is as if we have reached a starting point on a new journey…and initiation to the next level.  This is an evolutionary turning point….and we are each and collectively having to let go of what is no longer working and move into the higher energies of our evolutionary journeys!  You can feel the Chaos…change, transformation and urgency….you have no choice but to feel it!  The Universe is speaking loudly!!   It is time to take a courageous step on this evolutionary journey towards the evolution of our Souls….for both ourselves, our community, and for the collective! 


Again you can no longer avoid it…..you have to make some changes….you have to move.   Make sure you move to the high energy side of things. You have to move away from the things, people and places that are not vibrating where you are…..that you no longer feel comfortable around….and do it in the most compassionate way.   You don’t have to burn bridges….you can try to just distance from.   This is powerful and intense energy.  Chaotic….yes……but remember….out of Chaos comes Creativity!


Again….a word of caution is to not go into the fear…..Yes we need change and things are a bit chaotic, but we don’t need to sit in fear, we need to create!  We need to reach for the higher energies…We need to focus there….not on fear!!!  Meditate and Manifest and create your own reality…..  


SO THIS LIBRA FULL MOON IS ALSO SAYING   that the changes and actions we make need to be done with integrity and respect…. no lies, no secrets and no out of bounds ego. We need to continue moving from the “Me” to the “We” energies… Now!   We need to come from our hearts….think with our hearts.   We need to ask for guidance in how to navigate these energies in the best possible way for ourselves….so that we can be the best spiritual crusaders for our tribe…..our community…..and for all humanity.  We need to look at the big picture with optimism for the “new” we are creating……so that we can enjoy and embody the “Joy” that is the gift of the “new”.


This is combining a lot of energies into one boiling pot.  It is time to make the changes you need to make.  It is time to move forward.  It is time to take a step….any step…..just start moving!   You are being give everything you need from the Universe to have the courage and strength to forge ahead and make the changes that need to be made.   Meditate and manifest and create that the changes will be navigated with ease and grace.


THE UNIVERSE IS SPEAKING LOUDLY HERE ….it is time to move forward….it is time to create the type of world you would like to live in.  It is time do the work of all these transformative energies.  Remember, if it doesn’t feel a bit uncomfortable….then you are not doing the work. .“Make it or Break it” types of energies that are now added to this Full Libra Moon.  It is time to take action!   It is up to you….are you taking the changes on as if it is all about crisis?  Or are you going to take the opportunity to make good choices and move forward in more loving and peaceful energies?  The choice is yours…..and the Universe is getting serious!


BE CAREFUL AND CAUTIOUS WITH THIS FULL MOON/CARDINAL GRAND CROSS  as we are trying to incorporate many powerful energies, and down loads….that we have received over the last few months.  Watch where you’re walking, how your driving, watch out for others, and what you say, as the energies are quite active and strong.  They also can come on quite suddenly and become frustrating, and at times dangerous.   It is also a time that the energies can act out in accidents…so be extremely cautious.  There can also be a lot of relationship interactions & miss understandings, along with those looking at breakups.  There can be a lot of Drama…..don’t get pulled into it. Feelings of anger can also rise to the surface.  Stay out of the Fear!!  Find ways to release these energies.


The Earth itself may have a hard time incorporating all the energies also. There could be some natural rebounding, major storms, earth quakes, volcanoes etc., throughout the Earth.  There is also unrest… in many areas of the world.   This powerful Full Moon can bring tension, anger and war type of energies to these situations and others throughout the world. It can also bring passion and courage and that pioneer spirit!   Manifest daily and help to create a beautiful reality and a peaceful world….. for all humanity, for yourself, your loved ones, and your community.   Meditate…..connect with the Earth and Listen!!!   Manifest and pray for Peace throughout the world.


It is a very powerful time that we are in right now….a time of break downs or break through's.  It is time to hold on tight as we navigate through the chaos that is colored with the urgency of change and transformation.

Go deep into yourself and deep in your Soul, your foundations and old perceptions and observe what is no longer working for you especially in relationships of all kinds, Also what isn’t working for your Tribe, your Community, and all of  Humanity…..then release it. Let it go…with Love.  What is no longer vibrating where you are vibrating?   It is a time of purging and releasing in all areas of your life.  With this Libra Full Moon there is a strong emphasis on relationship…….love relationships, family relationships, friend relationships, and work relationships. It is time to distance from people, places and things that are not vibrating where you are vibrating….and do this in the most compassionate way…..


Meditate and release what is no longer working for your higher good, and then Manifest and create a better way….a better world.   Meditate and manifest ways to bring all areas of your life into Balance!!  Also meditate and manifest ways that you can help to bring the community, your tribe, humanity and the World into a peaceful Balance!!   We are co-creating our own reality…..make it a beautiful one!   Above all manifest…..meditate….ask for guidance…...and LISTEN!


These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.


Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 


Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2019   Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved. 



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