The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~5~7~12 The Light is Going Strong and Victory is Indeed Ours!!

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The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~5~7~12


~Bringing Humanity Home~ Energy and Event Update~ The Light is Going Strong and Victory is Indeed Ours!!


Incoming StarCraft, Yes We Are Real!~ Photo By Earth Allie Will Harader



Greetings Love Beings, Today, We would Like to Congratulate Humanity. We have reached over 2 Million hits to The Galactic Free Press. This should be your validation, The Light is Going Strong and Victory is indeed ours!!


  Through all of Our Connections from our Surface Ground Crew today, All the Frontrunners are now taking their positions, for the next facet of this Part of the Divine Plan. This should provide more Validation, We are Here, WE Are Real and We mean what we share about the upcoming events and celebrations.





 On May 20~21st we have reports from many source's, Obama will be making some announcements during the G8 Summit. We would like to prepare you for this Event by sharing to not look at this with 3d glasses, cause you will miss it.

You will have to listen closely to words he may speak. Alot, of what will be unfolding will occur in code. We will be documenting any speech's he give's and will be able to share with you this event and our commentary.




The Sun is Very Active at the Moment our new Huge Sunspot is continuing to spew out M Class Flares and earlier today a small B Class. This Sunspot is about to be Earth Directed, and we could see An X Class Flare from this One, if not we will still experience the Energy. Our Earthquakes are increasing and we had some damage in AZERBAIJAN region today. Still, Mother Earth=Heart is continuing her gentleness in this Process.




Daily Blue Star UFOs Report~ YES! ARE WE REALLY HERE:


~ Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report:


Earth Allie Report:


Boo walker Report:


Cobra Report:



 Many are right now are attempting to discredit the Light, so they can pretend nothing is happening. They would rather see the pain and suffering continue across the Planet, then to See Everyone Happy and In joy of Our Presence Here with All of You. It does not matter what they say, as On 5~5, We Collectively Ignited a Love Flame within all of Humanity and this flame cannot be put out. The Light of Unconditional Love has been ignited and We have recieved validation for this, In Yesterday's Crop Circle.


DATE FORMED:  May 6, 2012 

DATE OF PHOTOS:  May 6, 2012

LOCATION:  Hoeven, Holland

CROP:  Grasses

FOUND BY:  Robbert v/d Broeke & friend Stan

PHOTOS BY:  Yvonne Raaijmakers, Roy Boschman

REPORT BY:  Nancy Talbott, BLT Research Team (



Robbert states that this new formation contains an energy of "unconditional love" for people and that it is a tool intended to help people experience this unconditional love so they can learn to forgive--an experience that will allow them to be happier and to live with greater freedom.  He also felt that the energy in this circle is capable of "purifying the body."




WE are getting reports in which our messages are saying changes are coming and they don't see anything. Since we kick started off into May, just 7 days ago, we have seen alot of Movement from Many Source's and Events. If You have been reading here at the Galactic Free Press and have put all the Piece's together, this will be very apparent.


Earth Allies Report 2 Obama:


 On the Flipside,We are Also getting reports from across the Planet of experience's we have been speaking about in these update's. This is Wonderful, as more who expereince the Present Moment of Now, the more these energies flow out to others to connect into. This is the Magic of the Oneness Energy. This is what will take everyone by Surpsise.

Indeed The Love Energy is in Full Activation. More Synchronostic Events will be Appearing.


 Report from Logan Aiken: To start with, Ill let you know that I had two weird zit like things appear yesterday, one a little upwards of my hairline on the back of my head on bottom left, and another on the tendon that goes my wrist to my thumb. When I popped these I had huge rushes of energy coming up around me, I could feel it rising to my cheeks and then to the top of my head. These continued for the next 20-30 mins, during which at one point I went outside to sit in the sun and draw. While I was drawing I started randomly crying for no reason, pretty hard too. Now i'm in a college town and the street by my house is busy, so I went inside and just listened to music for a little while.


We have broken through the illusionary matrix, Love to Pour in

Fractal Art By Earth Allie Will Harader Golden Center


It gets weird again when today I was at the park laying in the sun drawing and not having any reason too, or even what I was drawing, I drew something that looks almost identical to the picture in this post with the caption "We have broken through the illusionary matrix, Love to Pour in". 


Cool stuff, hope all is well with everyone- it's sunny up here in the NW corner of the US


Just Bring the Light


We have one more day before the Energy settles in, and from our Point of view we see a Lift Off. Thank You Everyone For Connecting in and Particpating in the Greatest Event in All of Earth's His_Her Story!


Decreed by Heaven, We are igniting the fire, for More Synchronostic events to unfold. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.


~Thank You for Spreading the Message to others~and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned IN~


~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~


If You missed our Last 2 Updates here are the Links:


We Love You Unconditionally~ Love The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.


Our Last Update we received 1 Love Share's

Total Love shares for May 705.50$

 Total Funding Needs For May 3000$


Thank You Everyone for Your Continued Love and Support for this Very Divine Mission~


Your gifts will be returned and abundantly because it's given and shared with those Who Serve The Love On This Planet. That's how we all do it together as ONE FAMILY. Thank you !


Every Moment you share with Love,  You are investing in Humanity's Future of 100%  Joy, No Kidden'

Keep us Going and Thank You For sharing


On Saturday May 19th, We will Hold a Love Party one day before the Eclipse. This will begin At 1pm Pacific Time Zone. We will Announce this On the Press with a Link to the Room. Join us on Bringing In More Love to Planet Earth=Heart to assist in a Smooth transition into the New Earth=Heart of Only Love and Joy!


 Every Wednesday we are Now Having our Council Meetings for the Transitionary Government. We will now announce these meetings on the Press at 10:30am Pacific time zone every Wednesday with a link for everyone to listen in.

 We are looking for Artists and Photo's to Donate to the Galactic Free Press. All Artists~Photo's will be recognized, with each post! You can download these in our Image Gallery or send us your Website!

If You would Like to connect with us via an amazing Awakening Session, to answer a question Contact Us Here:





~ We are Stationed In Mt Shasta~


(Yojman Chase), Mt. Shasta is~of all Power Points here in the Northern Hemisphere~what could truly be called “Headquarters”,  Mt. Shasta is many things to this planets protection and service into the Light. She is also known as Ascension Mountain.



 ~WE are Going Home~


~We Are the Real National Treasure. We Are not only The Heart of this Country, the United States, but Also the Very Heart of This Planet, Mother Earth=Heart. We Are The Love of the Planet, as well as the Universe Personified. We chose the United States to reside in, because We prepared this Part of the Planet, with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, for the Protection of The Truth and The Light for the Entire Planet. With this we Ensured Humanity's Complete Freedom from the illuminati minions control ~


 ~We Love You Unconditionally, Love Mother and Father God Amon Ra

 WE are Here~ Its US and Your Stuck With US!! Eternity here we come~


 Today's Angel Numbers with Doreen Virtue~ 1's and 2's such as 121 or 112 ~ Our thoughts are like seeds that are beginning to sprout. You may have already seen some evidence of the fruition of your desires. These are signs that things will and re growing in your aspired direction. Keep the faith!


 Dearest MotherFatherGod ~ as when we first made contact many eons ago I turned as my direction was in order to find my way


 I have since been in conscious knowing that meeting you was for the direction I so seeked to understand ~ this was your message to me


 Now coming back home to the Galactic Free Press and so I again acknowledged it was the way in this direction to be clearer than ever possible before I turned to come home


 Feeling as if knowing you as I have all my entirety this journey

 You have opened a new version of Love to me in helping me understand it's not what we believe we have it's knowing what there is in the moment of Now


 As close as Oneness beholds us in Truth may the instruments play their tunes of each of us ~ for we are all the tunes played out of Love for one another


 As the Birds sing in melody so to does the Angels and therefore the rings of joyous laughter become a vivid tune in awe


 No Fear shall ever darken Mother Earth Father Sky again..


 In Love N' Light Glenda J.


In Response to Our Last Update:

 Reply by MasterofLight


The way I understand it is that between May 6th and 20th there is a window of opportunity for flame keepers to create a clear connection so to speak with their higher selves. The Halls of Amenti or Rising Heart. Our meditations as a collective are also helping to support the overall change. As our Thymus and axial tonal meridians will begin to line up, for the first time in many years. The fifth initiation or 5 5 5 was about getting our chakras spinning in one direction. Now we move toward the sixth initiation or Christ Consciousness initiation or alignment.

Thanks Mothergod for this update.. Blessings..



 Thanks to Ron Head Reblogged from Zanda K. Gutek:


~Yojman Chase ~


Street~Wise Ascension

From the Joy of Mt. Shasta



Well, my beloved Self,
friends of Freedom’s Love to the Earth,
I Am That I Am.
As it is,
I Am in you and you are in me.
Together I Am, I AM Earth’s Victory.
Feeling Our Smile broaden
is indicative of the Harmony of the Truth,
which looks for inclusiveness.

Our mission now is clear:
Cause as much space for Holy Spirit
and Her “River of Love made manifest”
to buoy up as many as possible
to receive what they really want.
Or, to overwhelm the rather slumbering ones
(our family, our self…)
with so much dazzling Light of Freedom
that they call to and allow
their own Heart’s Throne Room
to transmute and catapult the self
into Our Self’s Reality,
which is the Open Heart of Prime Creator,
Present, as you, right now.

I Am the Mother~Father God,
allowing Cause to affect the Whole.

I AM the Global upswing.






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Are you pro obama or what?...confused...I think he's evil and has nothing good for America or its people


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  are you speaking this as truth?  or speculation...?  do you know him personally?  Tell me what he is like. 

We are Pro Everyone!!!

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All Our Love!!!

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

The above is the poorest

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The above is the poorest excuse for a crop circle!!   Seems like everyone is getting into the spiritual act!  Why not....  "new age" it's the most humorous BS on the net!!!


Forget any of it to be true!   It's ALL HEYOKA!!!


I just laugh at it all now.... Oliver Twist is in here somewhere!!


Grailheart holding her sides together!   More! More! More!!


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are you talking from experience as a crop circle creator?  or do you just feel the need to be negative today?  shift up and let it go... 

Been studying crop circles

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Been studying crop circles for decades.... I suggest you get humorized, my dear.  If you are of the light, know that the dark can't handle being poked at with humor.  Thanks for the reminder.