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The current president, and the being's also running for president, are in on the new world order agenda together “in secret” behind closed door's. They're all given specific information in regards to how to go about getting specific responses from the being's on this planet. They discuss how to go about this, in great detail, hence the term “ the great work”. They know precisely in the public eye, which groups they need to say they support, and which one's they do not, and behind closed door's that isn't shared through all media outlet's is the fact that all of them, are being the truth, but are not fully disclosing the truth in regards to what their actually going for. Being the truth but not always telling the truth.


There is the constant threat amongst the population for speaking out against these facts. Why? Obey their rule of thumb. Do not question authority, go along with the in crowd, and keep your mouth shut. This is the same way they treat each other, behind closed door's. They know what's going on, where all the energy is taking us, and yet continue to persist in not speaking a word through all outlets on the planet, to assist humanity in their enlightenment directly through spoken word. Instead they use their knowledge to conspire against humanity, and know exactly like I said before, how to go about getting what they desire from the public, who defend them with all that they are. Why? They identify with the fear and pain of the programmed ego mind's resistance towards the love they are.


Why? Because they haven't had any direct knowledge shared with them, about the truth of reality, including the truth of themselves. These truth's are spoken directly with the cabal , the illuminati, behind closed door's. This again is known as the great work. They pass this information down, generation by generation, and use fear tactics against those who find out about this, so that maybe , just maybe those being's who are willing to speak out against them, will back down and cease speaking out against them. They use the term “ terrorist” abroad, to conditioned the masses, to be on the look out for anyone speaking out against the current adminstration, with the knowledge that maybe, it'll work, knowing simultaneously in the long run, that it inevitably will not work. They know that the drama that is unfolding in our everyday lives, must be played out in full in order for us to fully heal. Yet they persist in not speaking with the public, directly about this.


Why? They themselves are threatened with torture, even death, if they speak directly out about these facts. They do not want you to know right now currently, that the gay right's community, along with gambling, promiscuity, broken marriage's, along with the high unemployment rate, and welfare state's, and the illegalization of marijuana, and the legalization of alcohol, and tobacco , along with pornography, and sex changes, and bisexuality too, along with the mass delusion or hypnotization of the population, comes from the identification with the conditioned conflicted, believing, delusion of isolation and separation, and the complete and total insanity of the ego mind, and that this is an unconscious reactive response and the fact that they refuse continually, to speak of this with the public en masse.


Why? Like I said above, they're threatened with fear tactics of every kind, they do not want you to know this, and anyone willing to speak directly about this, is threatened also. The great work also entails the knowledge that there are beings on this planet, who are willing to speak out about this, and face them head on regardless of what happens to them, for they know that not only inevitably will everyone find out about this truth, but that the person who is sharing this, is also setting themselves free through the sharing of this knowledge. I'm not going to do your homework for you, however, I am willing to share this information with you. You yourself need to do your own inner work in order to get on the same page as the rest of us (enlightened one's) and stand tall, and be willing to speak out in regards to what the real situation is on this planet. That which I haven't directly addressed to you in regards to what the great work entails, is where your place to go dig and find the truth for yourself comes in.


Persist in resisting identifying with all threats that come upon you from being the truth, and speaking the truth as you have learned over your time of processing your consciousness through observing what you experience for yourself. Only when your whole body resonates with what's being shared are you able to fully agree with the truth as it is, that is being shared with you. Go against the grain of the corruption with all that you are, and keep going no matter what happens to you, it's worth it.



The love that is contained within the center of everyone's heart..

brought to you by the love that I am.



My post about the truth

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My post about the truth herein is not being posted... I will fill up this until others respond.

We've tried to get in contact

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We've tried to get in contact with you, as we felt your blog post was rather unclear and we thought you might be getting hostile towards us. We know you've had conflict with our reporters previously and wanted to clear things up with you.


I don't know why you couldn't go to us directly and talk to us first, we made an effort to communicate with you already. Instead you've chosen to post this message to as many threads as you can. Since you've chosen to spam our site, I've blocked your access at the moment.