Acclipthys: The Ascended City in the Sky

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Whenever I go deep into meditation, lately I have been connecting with many ascended beings whom have been showing me their ascended cities in the sky. They have taken me to be apart of their many Love giving rituals, these rituals are so beautiful and harminous and earthly words are quite scarce to describe the experience. One of these rituals, we were in a stone-marble ‘hall’ I guess you could call it, and they had me stand in the center of a big group of them as they chanted. It was a Love-giving ceremony, and I was in the center of it.

They all lit up with a Divine golden glow as they began expressing their higher dimensional Love and sending it to the core of our dear host Gaia. This Love infused itself and merged with my soul, and I found that I was also giving this Love. Collectively we all began to hover upwards with the Love we were giving, and at this point we were all glowing with the golden aura of Harmony and Joy as we gave this Love. The next part of the process is one that is quite hard to describe, but in a nutshell we all became this Love we were giving, and as this Divine Love we traveled to the core of Gaia where we were then transported to many areas of the world, where this Love that we were incarnate as began cleansing many areas and souls. We performed miracles as this Love and we literally changed people’s lives, it was certainly a ceremony I’ll never forget.

There had to of been literally millions of advanced souls performing these rituals and inhabiting these ascended cloud cities, but there were a few that were in a group whom I am closest with as they are my guides. These souls are Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Hatonn, and if my memory is correct I also believe my guide Solara was there. I’m sure there were more of my guides with us, but my earthly memory can’t remember every detail, though I dearly wish I could!

I have received many insights pertaining to these ascended cloud cities, one of the most notable for me was that these cities are what those who ‘wrote’ the bible based their idea of heaven on. You’ve heard of the bible’s version of heaven; a beautiful city in the sky, streets lined with gold, pearly gates ect. I have been told by my guides that the original ‘documents’ that later became the bible told much about these heavenly ascended cities in great detail, but like many other things in the bible those teachings were distorted so the souls that were writing the bible could maintain control over the people. One thing the bible never says is that we ALL have access to these cities at all times, whether we are incarnate on Earth or not.

Now, as of right now I have only traveled to one of these ascended cities in the sky that sit upon the clouds, and this ascended city has much to do with Earth, which is why is sits on Earth’s clouds. This ascended city is called Acclipthys (uh-clip-tis) I have been told by Archangel Michael that this ascended city and the residents upon it move quite often; they can ‘move’ their city to different worlds if they wish, anytime they wish through the thought power of consciousness. However, most of the time this city and it’s residents are sitting upon Earth’s clouds, and though we can’t see the golden glowing buildings sitting atop our clouds, they are absolutely there and very soon we will in fact be perceiving them.

I know I have been calling Acclipthys a city, but when I think about it, it is really more of a kingdom. However, labels don’t matter as much but perhaps if Acclipthys is perceived as a kingdom it would help you all better understand what this wonderful place looks like. With my guides, I have walked the ‘streets’ of this wonderful place and I have been inside many of it’s breathtaking buildings. Mind you this was when I was very deep in meditation.

While ‘strolling’ the city I asked my guides what they do for sustenance, you know what do they eat and drink. I was taken inside a building with many souls in it, and they were partaking of a golden liquid substance that had an auric glow of pure Love upon it. I looked and noticed a sort of stream, built into the building but extending out away from it, and the stream had this liquid flowing through it. I was given a marble/crystal ‘bowl’ to dip in the stream and contain some of this amazing looking liquid. I dipped the marble bowl into the stream and partook of the delicious liquid. Friends, I cannot even describe the way this liquid tasted, is was the greatest thing I have ever tasted and felt in my Life and due to the fact that I was in astral travel, not out of body, I was still slightly attatched to my earthly body and therefore could not fully taste this substance on a physical level. On the astral levels and beyond however, I was in blissful harmony. The closest thing my earthly perception could relate the taste of this liquid to was the candy known as skittles. Friends, it was so wonderful.

I asked if they ate at all, and I was given this glowing spinning ‘sphere’ of pure Divine energy. I was told that this energy contained every higher ‘taste’ to be found, and that both this sphere and the golden liquid I partook of supercharge one’s cells and fill their entire spirit complex with pure Loving energy.

So, that was my experience in the ascended cloud city of Acclipthys, or at least what my earthly self can remember of it. I strongly encourage all to go deep into meditation and ask their guides to be shown these cities, as Acclipthys is only one of an infinite amount of ascended cities. This was quite an experience, and one I try to have every day now, or at least every time I am in meditation.

Much Love, Wes Annac