Anchoring the Grid of Light on the Solstice

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A number of individuals are located around the world connect together energetically at the equinox and solstice times for meditation, all at the same time.

Many of these people I do not know but we are connected and all doing this work together. The meditation on these days are to anchor the light of the Worldwide Grid, the Grid of Light that is here to help bring forth the new paradigm. My way of seeing a new paradigm could be this: a heart based world based on more love, more equality and sharing, with more environmental awareness and respect for Mother Earth and living creatures. Many on earth, wish for peace in the world, and a new way of being and living as so many people in the world do. We, who envision a new paradigm, are dreamers and visionaries, and hold the vision of a peaceful earth within us. We know that through us as individuals becoming peaceful, then our environment and world can become peaceful.

For many, changing the world could be seen as changing the inner world vibrationally, which projects to the outer reality and shifts it. Let this be a calling for more awareness and participation in meditation, meditating together, anchoring the light and anchoring the grid. The calling can be internal as a feeling and it can be sparked by knowing others are participating as well.

Tipping Point of Light

Those doing this have a sense that a tipping point could happen if a number of people become aware and participate in this work. Then awakening and shift will prevail and go quantum, or take a large quantum leap in the numbers of individuals who are choosing this new paradigm, believing in it, and taking inspired action towards creating it from within. A tipping point is a moment of critical mass with full momentum of many going forward where many more join in. Let this be an invitation to be a part of this movement. (See below for event links.) When we meditate connecting with the grid and the Great Central Sun bringing through light codes that we anchor, we also open the field of miracles. A Miracles Dreaminar kicks off the 13 day event, after the time of the solstice and personal solstice meditation.

Many are in special vortex points who tune in on these days to strength the Grid of Light that exists around the planet. Whether you are at a vortex does not matter though, as points of light are need all over the world. We become the vortex points through choosing to be one. The Grid of Light is like a luminescent spiderweb and we are the conveyers, transmitters or anchors of light that comes from the cosmos as part of the shift of this part of the universe toward more light and higher dimensional existence. The divine plan is to raise the light quotient or energetic frequency of the earth and all life on earth. The more we tune inward into source, and tune into one another on these days and others in which planetary and astronomical along with astrological alignments occur, the more we are strengthening and bringing the Grid of Light online on Mother Earth. “Tuning in” is to set our frequency to a state of being that is resonant with meditation brain waves such as the theta state instead of the everyday state of alpha which is what humans have during most waking reality. Theta brain waves are slower. What else happens is that we get into a state of heart coherence during meditation correlating to a positive and relaxed state. Did you know that meditation has been shown to lower the incidence of terrorism when done in groups? We have an opportunity to change reality simply by going into meditation and connecting with one another.

An example, to explain further, is the image of a grid looking like the time space continuum around the earth, with a person seated in meditation on top of it, holding it down, heavy and large, sitting on top of these grid lines. It was as if the grid lines underneath them are dented where the person sits. This brings the grid lines of onto the surface of the earth, otherwise the grid was hovering above the surface. I see each person who joins with their energy to the meditation as little points of light on the planet.The points are little points of light, yet are mighty representations of each person's I AM Presence, connected to source. Then those points, which are quite bright points, like luminous pins being placed are lit up, and also they connect in threads of light. We become light servers and we are serving light to one another, to the planet, and to all life. Each person is in a vortex of their own I AM Presence, and many are in earth vortexes. This allows the connection to source as our I AM Presence and the bringing of cosmic light through our bodies and to the earth as conduits. The I AM Presence is the same as our Higher Self or divine self, yet it is within us, connected to us and also, at the same time, the more illuminated realms of creation. Our Higher Self is our embodied divine self and separation and hierarchy is falling away in our understanding. All is divine and we are aspects of the Oneness, of divinity. Nothing is outside of divinity. Doing the Worldwide Meditation with an open heart is a powerful act, in collaboration with our I AM Presence, and with creation on behalf of others, including plants, Mother Earth, animals, and Stones.
Those who have shown up to be points of light on the planet are not special, though they are conscious of the opportunity to anchor light on this date. You could see them as tools of source, as if they are pins placed on the planet by divine; and also like transformer towers or maybe antenna receiver and senders of this cosmic light. As tools of source, we receive guidance from the I AM Presence that we are, our I AM Presence leading us to visit or move to or stay at certain people. Some gridworkers move around a great deal and these people can be catalysts, and they are anchors of new timelines and jumpers of timelines. They physically do something in collaboration with Mother Earth and the higher realms in this physical world. A lot of this is intuitively guided and instinctual for the people doing it. Some of it is left a mystery so our egos don't get involved and caught up in self importance. Just think of Gridworkers as tools of source, being moved around or placed somewhere, for the highest good of something greater each is serving a small part in. It takes everyone who participates and the trees participate as well.
What is a Grid Anchor doing? This is one perspective that came and I would love others to share what they “see” so we can understand our purpose. In meditation, a vision came of how Grid Anchors are vortices, as I mentioned before. They have a strong vertical connection with their I AM Presence which has guided them to meditate and participate, in whatever way, and other activities for the spiritual benefit of the collective and life. They are more and more discovering their connection with source and becoming sovereign. The old paradigm has been based on vertical connections between beings, where we get energy from one another instead of from source. Our energetic light is a resource and when connected vertically we are always refilled. Meanwhile, disconnecting from energetic cords that tie us to others or contracts with others is a good idea so we have a greater vertical connection to source. The love remains to all we care about, yet the control dramas and codependence between others on an interpersonal level can disappear. Love and interdependence is the new way, and the basis for interaction in the new paradigm. The Grid Anchor is able to feel the connection to Mother Earth, fully grounding and being embodied. The individual is also fully connected to and merged with their I AM Presence, and this the Greater I AM Presence, source, or Great Spirit. This is the vertical connection, and the more sovereign a person is, the greater their ability to be a tool of source that receives and sends into the Grid of Light.
The old paradigm way is based on horizontal connection between people with cords attached to parts of our bodies to one another. Old systems are based on this horizontal connection between people and have hierarchy inherent in their make up that controls people via time, money and emotional energy. If you have heard of the Indigos, they are of an energetic frequency that came to break down the old ways and old systems in order to bring in the new. The new paradigm is one of equality. We are moving from the old way of connecting with drama and negative emotions to one another, to a new way which is freedom from those attachments! The attachments make up what is called the Matrix, and the Matrix keeps us held back from the freedom that is our birthright. The Grid of Light is a key to the freedom and better world we desire for all.
The Grid of Light is a group of people, serving as tools of source who transduce (step down the power of, and disseminate) light or transformational energy, for the collective. Humans are cosmic galactic light receivers through their crowns. You can see the physical body as an operating system that transforms and conducts light. I am seeing those giant transformers for electricity that you see on highways. I see the Meditation Gridwork Group as putting up the poles, or points of light, all over the planet. You are one of these points of light. And through inner guidance, in whatever way, to be a part of the grid anchoring, you are a team that erects these poles and puts wiring in all over the planet which is a metaphor.
Every point of light is important! The energy of love and compassion is the vibration of this Grid of Light and the people who are volunteering to anchor it who tune inward at this time. They work as a whole and together especially, on these special days with a Worldwide Meditation.
Grid Anchors go through changes in their bodily systems. Awakening with kundalini rising changes them, the multidimensional senses can be awakened and activated. Grid Anchors develop extrasensory perception and intuition. Hearts are opened and activated. They continuously embody higher frequencies. All humans are going through the evolutionary change viscerally. See bodily symptoms as signs that something is occurring, and that progress is being made. We need to give one another extra love and care through the changes. Love one another and help one another through holding space and presence for others when you are able. Holding space is to be fully connected and sovereign with your I AM Presence and see them in their full connection and sovereignty as well, in their vortex, with compassion. When we meditate together, we strengthen everyone's connection to source, our I AM Presence, and divine love of creation. And the more we ground, which is to feel the presence of Mother Earth, and to connect with her, the more power we have and more light we hold. We are stronger in our vertical connection and more independent, always able to source our own light and be replenished.
Awakening experiences allow them to feel oneness with everything. They come see their part in the greater universe, as a piece of the whole and their viewpoint shifts to want to serve the greater whole or play their part. May that be playful and not spiritual difficulty as the egos want to make it! We are always supported. Meanwhile, it is important to see this shift in evolution as happening to everyone on earth and all life and Mother Earth. It does not mean that they are better or different than others who have not started experiencing the inner changes. Everyone is on the way, and as a greater organism of Oneness, our planet and all life as one, there is divine timing. Some are called to be energetically sensitive and awaken at this time and others later. Perhaps it is for the greater good of the whole organism, the whole being that is Mother Earth and her life forms, to do it gradually.
Consciousness shifts within, to more awareness of the greater whole and their multidimensionality. Multidimensionality is to know you exist beyond the body in many places at once. You are more than your physical human self, and you work in collaboration with your multidimensional aspects and I AM Presence. A Grid Anchor stops seeing anyone above or below him or her, but all as equals. A Grid Anchor learns to listen to the Higher Self guidance first, and yet honors, communes, and may communicate with the consciousness of other beings and collectives of beings. Energtically Sensitive People become telepathic and tune into higher channels of communication. All communication is through the heart instead of the mind. When the light enters, the individual's operating system receives light and sends it out to the grid which is an invisible yet real energy lines on and within the earth and between life forms. This brings more cosmic galactic source light to all life. Those other humans who are around us feel this light too and their systems are started to be upgraded via proximity. Some may react and resist the upgrade, and others may want to attach or to be near a Grid Anchor and not know why they feel an attraction. That is why our connection to source, Mother Earth, embodying our I AM Presence is so critical. It helps us, and it helps others. It helps all to move forward on the evolutionary pathway of progression. It allows us to not care about the reactions of others, and remain sovereign, in our full vertical alignment. Empowerment allows others to be sparked into their empowerment.
When we connect to source with our vertical connection from heaven to earth, we are vortices, swirling pillars of cosmic light. When the auspicious days that are portal days, equinoxes and solstices, or solar flare days come in something happens to our human operating systems. It is in service to this greater Grid of Light so that all people on earth can one day each be their own points of light on this grid. All persons feel a connection with source.
Many blessings, Shivrael Luminance River
PS The next Worldwide Meditation is on June 20 and 21st at

In addition, as a project that is a co-creation with myself and Tee Ming and other friends and others, the Miracle Field Immersion is a 13 day experiment that begins on the solstice . After the moment of the solstice and our worldwide grid meditation which we do in physical groups or on our own, there will be a “Miracles Dreaminar,” or free webinar to open the field of miracles will happen at 5:30pm Pacific Time on the date of the solstice, which is June 20, 2016. The conversion time for around the world is here.
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