2017 Divine Love and Galactic Codes of Light Pouring In

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Imagine with me, this image. Imagine yourself in the crystal center of the earth. And in this image you are now miniaturized to fit on a crystal, a crystal that represents your soul.It contains the Akashic Records of your lives and experiences on earth. The end of the soul crystal is a pyramid shape, the point for you to sit on and with this it is like you are seated upon a crystalline pyramid. It is the activation of all lifetimes as one lifetime representing wholeness with all that you are, and also connected to all that is. Within this place, you access your whole souls knowing and also the earth's knowing and the galaxy's knowing. The higher knowing comes in on crystalline codes of light, through your human self now and transfers to your inner earth self, all deriving from the Great Central Sun and beyond and traveling through the earth's sun, yourself on earth, and this you that is within the crystalline core of Mother Earth, as a part of here. Receive all that is being gifted to you on the etheric level for a place of openness and worthiness of the transforming and transcendence energy to take you to a higher place.

Seeding the Field of Miracles

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This is Mt.Shasta overlooking a field of flowers
Some of us are coming together for an experiment for 13 days. In these 13 days we open ourselves to the miracle field. We access a new frequency in ourselves, a new level of allowing and receiving. This changes our set point around what receptivity and openness to miraculous occurrences. A set point would be the level you feel comfortable receiving from the universe. Each of us is a field of miracles, and I see that field emanates from our heart, a heart resonance field. What can bring that field up to higher resonance? We hope to discover that and so much more. We will merge our energy fields together during this Miracle Field Immersion project which amplifies the field for everyone.

The Perfect Storm

Anchoring the Grid of Light on the Solstice

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A number of individuals are located around the world connect together energetically at the equinox and solstice times for meditation, all at the same time.

Many of these people I do not know but we are connected and all doing this work together. The meditation on these days are to anchor the light of the Worldwide Grid, the Grid of Light that is here to help bring forth the new paradigm. My way of seeing a new paradigm could be this: a heart based world based on more love, more equality and sharing, with more environmental awareness and respect for Mother Earth and living creatures. Many on earth, wish for peace in the world, and a new way of being and living as so many people in the world do. We, who envision a new paradigm, are dreamers and visionaries, and hold the vision of a peaceful earth within us. We know that through us as individuals becoming peaceful, then our environment and world can become peaceful.

For many, changing the world could be seen as changing the inner world vibrationally, which projects to the outer reality and shifts it. Let this be a calling for more awareness and participation in meditation, meditating together, anchoring the light and anchoring the grid. The calling can be internal as a feeling and it can be sparked by knowing others are participating as well.

Tipping Point of Light

SUMMER SOLSTICE 2015: A Letter from Your Mother Earth by Phillip Elton Collins

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Received by Phillip Elton Collins 

Co-founder of the Angel News Network



Dear Beloved Children upon the surface of my body,


This longest day of the year is another gift to you from your Mother Earth to give you more time to think about your abuse of one another and the planet that is your home; to see the factors that affect both. For those of you who are not aware of it, I AM a conscious living being (like yourselves) and my organs (air, water, minerals, oil/gas) are the elements that maintain and sustain my life and your ability to live upon my body. It is essential to your survival that there be a balance that reflects your relationship with your self and others that allows knowing how and when to use my organs. This can be achieved through creating communities of equality, harmony and balance knowing there is enough for all. 

Méline Lafont ~ Personal sharing about the Solstice energies ~

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pleiadedolphininfos Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Solstice everyone!! How is everyone coping with the intense energies merging through us?!  Wow, how wonderful this one is!! It’s been told and shared so much through us, how important this portal would be and IT IS!  Lots of energies pouring in the crown chakra, activations, releasing, remembering, a deeper level of connection, integrations, Light body activation, portal activation in the heart…. And so much more is now taking place in each and one of us!


I would Love to hear all of your experiences and feelings about it, so I would Love to invite you to share yours as well to my blog or e-mail that can be find on my page “contact me”, and I will post them under the page of “Shift and ascension experiences from readers”.  Thank you for sharing!



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