The Ascended Masters: "We are to See Earth's Golden Age Manifest Beautifully"

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Blessings to all dear souls connecting with our energy, we are your Ascended Masters and guides. You have all been undergoing many upheavals in your personal lives that have cleared your emotional and ethereal bodies to great heights. As a result of this we are now able to send much more pure forms of Love through your being. Many of you can likely attest to this. Dear souls, the upheavles that have been taking place personally and worldwide are not without reason, these upheavels were necessary to make room for the Divine manifestations of your new Golden Age, your new Divine Lives. It has been a beautiful process, one that you all have been initiating to your greatest capabilities. We are so proud of all of you, because of your efforts we are to see Earth's Golden Age manifest beautifully.

Many of you through astral travel have begun visiting our Divine lands and Holy areas that were quite familiar to you before your venture on Earth. Your increasing awareness of these travels is a result of the aforementioned clearing of your bodies and chakras. Now that so much of your past has been trasmuted by your efforts, the darkness you harbored for so long is gone from you as well, leaving room for your Divine abilities to once again come into your focus. Dear souls, these places you are going when in the land you used to refer to as your 'imagination' are very real. As many already know, you have many more layers of being beyond your physical body. Many aspects of the oversoul that is you are traveling to different and once familiar places every moment, and now you are tapping into these travels and directing them. Some of you may not yet realize you are doing this, but that time will come very quickly.

The spiritual changes to yourselves and to your planet are now becoming too real for any dark soul to wish away. Indeed your dark ones assumed they had total control of your planet following the decision to quarantine*, and they have been all but shocked at how events have been turning out for them. They know at this stage that all they can do is surrender to the Light or be exposed anyway for the acts they have committed. We wish you all to know that the exposure and transmutation of the dark souls on your planet is to be a physical manifestation of the darkness in yourselves, personally and collectively, being exposed and transumted by you all. After Living for so long in a lower vibratory environment, it becomes difficult to realize just how 'bad' the actions you were committing really were. Many of you have now figured this out in these times, and not a moment too soon dear souls. As you have all underwent the extremely difficult process of transmuting the dark in yourselves, so will you see the exposure of your dark hats as proof and manifestation of your hard work. This is Universal Law. It is something that your dark ones cannot scheme their way out of, as they are not bigger than God, and God hath declared it be so.

We guide you all now to stay centered in your Love and Light at all times. Your bodies are assimilating the higher energies at rapid rates, much more than before. At the same time you are constantly taking in and manifesting the reality around you, and these two happenings tie together. Therefore, it is now time for you to unplug from your former lower dimensional ways of occupying mind. In these respects we refer to television, video games and other forms of stimulant that numb the mind down. Dear souls, while it may be interesting to explore and feel a part of a virtual environment that was created by somebody on Earth, what you don't realize is that Earth is already quite virtual in it's own respects. You, and subsequently we are all connected to a higher source, a higher being of Love and intelligence. It was your collective and individual choice to experience what appeared to be seperation from your Creator, and you currently find yourselves in quite dense and overall fake planes of existence.

Your dark ones have attempted to use video games as a means of keeping you 'plugged in' to an even less real reality than the one you find yourselves in, and for many souls this has become so. We are sure most of you on Earth know somebody who is plugged in completely to video games, television or movies, their minds are kept completely occupied as they are constantly thinking about the next game, next movie or show. Instead of forming a healthy connection to the reality around them, their minds are dimmed down to lesser planes of existence. When 'under the influence' of these false realities your brainwaves are quite exposed, and the aim of the dark has been to instill technology into these virtual environments that tune down the purity of the resonance of your brainwaves being picked up by your brain. It is more of a long term effect, but nevertheless it is one that can be quite limiting to a soul.

We now encourage you all to turn to Divine sources for your guidance as we are all waiting to 'chat' with you. We guide you to sit in silence and feel the space around you, pick up on any tones or subtle influences you may feel. We are using the silence to pierce the veil and communicate with you, and many have begun to pick up on our presence through meditation and finding some 'quiet time'. Where even recently the idea of picking up on a Divine being and making contact personally would have been seen as impossible or as an ability that only the few posess, these ideas are now resonating with many more growing souls who are finding this contact for themselves. The higher energies being sent to your world and your bodies, along with your efforts upon the earthly plane have made it so. Dear souls you have manifested so many miracles that are soon to be before you!

We are your Ascended Masters, guides and friends, and we can feel your presence around us as you read our words. You are with us on our plane of existence, and we are with you on yours. Feel us with you right now as you read our words, feel the Love we are sending through your heart and crown chakras. We Love you all so dearly, and you are to know and remember us as the familiar friends we have always been very soon. 

Thank you Ascended Masters.

*(Taken from David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos) As one key example of THE RULES, our Earth is under a 'Quarantine' that prevents most ETs from being able to enter our airspace in a way that would be visible to the naked eye -- except in rare, unpredictable and brief bursts of time.

This is the main reason why we don't see more visible UFOs -- particularly in the case of negatively-oriented ETs. In fact, without this Quarantine, negative ETs would have invaded and taken over this planet eons ago.

This Quarantine also appears to allow those planetary controllers here on Earth to do whatever they want. Or so they thought.

The Quarantine is maintained by a vast network of super-advanced, indestructible satellites surrounding the Earth -- built by very high-level ETs. These satellites keep humanity locked in -- and everyone else locked out.

The insiders do not know who built these satellites, nor precisely why they are there. It's simply another part of THE RULES.

When you view the patches of US Space Command or Navy Space Command, they picture the Earth surrounded by two circles, similar to the typical depiction of electron orbitals around an atom.

This symbolizes the Quarantine -- which protects us from the bad guys.