The Ascended Masters: "You are All Glorious Gods of Creation"

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Wes: My dear Ascended Masters and friends, I wish to speak with you on this fine day. I have some questions for you today and I know you wish to tell us a few things of your own as well.

Ascended Masters: Hello Dear Wesley! We are delighted to be opening up communication with you today. We are so very proud of all of you Lightworkers who continue to hold the line and manifest so many miracles every day, whilst dealing with the daily difficulties of surface Life on Earth. Now, what would you like to know dear soul?

Wes: Thank you friends, here is our first question:

"What is the most beneficial action we can do to help shift the collective conscious of humanity towards the light with out infringing on others free will?
Is there a meditation that we could do that would help benefit Mother Earth and humanity?"

AMs: Dear souls, as has been said before there are an infinite amount of things one can do to help shift the consciousness of Earth to that of the Light. We can say that for the most part, your collective consciousness has already been shifted over to the side of the Light, and this has been because of the tireless efforts of every Dear Lightworker incarnate on Earth at this time. It has been all of your' efforts that have brought this shift into being, and we are just so proud of you all that earthly words can not effectively communicate. Now, while your collective consciousness has shifted substantially towards that of the Light, there are still many things one can do, as mentioned before. The best thing one can do is to live in Love at all times. Do not buy into fear, pain, or negativity of any sort, as when you Lightworkers do this your powerful astral bodies radiate this negative energy, and the opposite is also true. When you are feeling joyful, your astral bodies radiate such a pure feeling of Joy, of Love, that simply cannot be matched. When you feel this Love you are sending it out to every other aspect of your collective consciousness, and those souls have a choice as to whether or not they want to feel your Joy. Many souls choose to feel said Joy, and this process comes about through manifestation of something good in the lives of each of you. If even ten of you would get together in a goup and radiate your Light and Love to the core of Gaia, and to every other aspect of your collective consciousness, we exaggerate not when we tell you that you will be manifesting miracles!

Your collecitve power cannot be matched. Individually you all hold much power in your own respects, but your collective power rises far above your individual power. Now, there are also many things in the way of meditation that can be done to help the Light. The style of meditation one chooses isn't really a huge factor, you simply have to find the style that works for you. What we recommend is that one go deep into meditation, as deep as you will allow yourself to go, and begin communications with your own guides. They will help you to further any spiritual goals you may have. The way one gives Light to Gaia is dependant completely on the one giving said Light, which is why contact with one's guides is the (most helpful) way to go. Dear souls, your guides know more about you than you do, they feel such a close and strong connection with you, this connection is more like a brotherly bond that cannot and has not been broken, even during your difficult millenia-long period on Earth. Giving your Love to Gaia is the best course to take when shifting the collective consciousness to that of the Light, but as we said before it is most recommended that you contact your spiritual guides as they will help you in this endeavour, and any other endeavours you may find yourself faced with.

Wes: Thank you for answering that inquiry friends. We have one more question from a reader:

"Could you ask our ET friends what they think about Orgone?
Does it help us to raise our vibration? And protect us from those lower astral entities? Or what they think about it?"

AMs: Orgone is something indeed. Whether or not it works for you will be based on your personal history, and on your genetics. There are many races in this universe whom orgone has worked for; it is to be found around many planets in the universe, and there are others whom do not find it beneficial in the least. It can and has been known to protect against lower astral entities, but sadly enough too many souls use this and many other beliefs as a means of not having to do the work themselves. Many souls look to one theory as a miracle, cure all problems type of idea, when in reality it is not so. It is fine to look towards the idea of orgone for spiritual help if it works for you, but now is the time to begin relying on yourself to raise your own vibrations, to keep yourself away from lower astral entities. It is by no means an easy job, which is why 'energies' such as orgone were put on your world to help and to aid those on their spiritual journey whom it can help. Again though, the idea of orgone may not be beneficial to all, and we very sternly recommend nobody rely on any outside source to soley raise their vibration, or to soley protect them from lower entities, as Dear Ones this is your job, and it is one of the many reasons you came to Earth!

Wes: Thank you for answering friends. I have to say I have really been enjoying our communications. The purity of Love I can feel coming from your words and thought impressions is enough to make me want to stay in contact with you forever.

AMs: We are glad to hear Dear soul! We have been very delighted to be speaking with you and the many other souls whom have recently opened up communications with us! We would like to take the opportunity to say this now. Dear souls of planet Earth, we wish all of you to begin contact with us. You all have many ascended friends and soul family members simply waiting for you to make contact with them/us, now is the time!! There have been very many increases in the purity of energy that is being sent to Mother Earth, and these energies have reached all of your chakras and cleansed you to such heights that many of you are now able to begin contact with us!! We are so eagerly awaiting every last one of you to pick up on our presence, and we wish you to know that the telepathic abilities many of you are now finding yourselves possesing are more real than you can imagine!! No soul is ever more important or greater than another soul, you are all equal in the eyes of your Mother/Father Creator. You are all glorious Gods of Creation whom have created an extension of your Godly oversouls to be incarnate on the Earth sphere and help the people of Earth to ascend to a level that you are already very familiar with. We wish you all to deeply think about and ponder our words.

Many of you receive hints of inutition that push your thoughts and actions in a certain direction, Dear Ones that is you having contact with us!! There are an infinite amount of Ascended Masters, of Gods here in the heavenly palnes, and the majorty of us guide every one of you on Earth daily. We are asking you, since now is the time, please begin to pick up on our contact and recognize it for what it is: communication with your ascended guides and friends!! We can sense that Wesley is ready to wrap up now, so we leave you with these words: Once you figure out how prevalent we actually are in your lives daily, you may feel quite silly for having ever doubted your own personal spirituality and ascension processes. We send all our purest frequencies of Love.

Wes: Thank you friends, that was a beautiful message. Again, I would stay in contact with you forever if I could. Much Love :)