To Be Free Again

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To Be Free Again

Who are you? Do you remember? You are that essence and spirit; the one which came before the given name. You are the one, the Self, that was before thought, before the teachings of this thing we were told is reality. You are divine, beautiful and eternal; part of a universe that cannot exist without your awareness; that is how divine you are. There is no other. There is no separation. What separates you is a thought. What separates you is fear. What unites you with who you really are and all that is divine, is love. The love that sees life in all that your eyes behold. She that beholds beauty in the other until it overflows with so much love, that she at last sees it in herself. He who feels the pulse of life and knows in his heart, there is more than merely...this.  

Yet, you wonder, where is this illusory thing you long for that would quicken your heart once more for just a breath of it; for just a drop of it’s living replenishment. What is it that would triumphantly proclaim you are there at last? Oh, for just one moment to realize what it is that makes you feel lost and separated. To be at that place you feel you knew long ago, where you feel wholly loved and once again, there is peace in every atom swirling about you in joyous welcome. Where has it gone?

It is never found when sought, for it is always there. It has been veiled by this illusion called reality. Why does it feel as though something has been stolen? Because there is a knowing that once, you had something that now seems to have been gone for ages beyond your earthly years. Yet it is there, always. It is not something to find again, nor is it something to connect to. It is eternally present.  

Why does it stir you to anger, to feel a slave to tyrannies and oppression? Because there is a  knowing of your true royalty of the divine right of existence. It is the same existence before breath and blood and the same existence after breath and blood have gone again. We are the same energy within as without, into all the reaches of the cosmos. Creation does not make mistakes.

What has made you forget such a beautiful thing as your true freedom, your true nature that is love? How is something taken, that is always there? By distraction, messages of unworthiness, guilt, failure and self-doubt. The very things that you do to distract yourself from the turmoil of life are created to distract you as well. For if you took enough time, to release yourself from this spinning wheel of constant chatter of duties and were silent…you would remember. You would remember you are love. You know within your heart, your soul, that no one can make you not  love. Somewhere, you accepted the thought you were not this. Let it go. What could be better than to see once again, the very thing you are, divine love, and be free again.

When we free ourselves, all of humanity will be free. It is our time.

~With love from Earth Ally Irene Ray