Sunday Musings ~ Transcending Fear in the Game of Illusion

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Image ~ “My Rocky Mountain” by Deborah Faith

What if your whole life purpose was to transcend fear.  Nothing more, nothing less. What if your fears were all yours and no one else’s? What if your DNA doesn’t contain the fear imprints of your ancestors and what if the ONLY single most purposeful thing every single one of us is doing here is learning to rise above fear?

Nothing brings your vibration down faster than fear. Nothing takes you out of Presence faster than fear.

Everything that is not love has its roots in fear. Everything. Fear is born out of separation consciousness – the thinking of ourselves separate from our Source which is ALL That is Love. Perfect, Pure, Absolute, Unconditional Love.

This separation consciousness causes us to believe we are vulnerable.

Fear is illusion and therefore not real. You can transcend fear by looking at it and erasing it similar to erasing a blackboard in a classroom. The classroom in this instance is the holographic experience of Life itself, as we are projecting it into being or into form, from within our own consciousness based upon our thoughts and beliefs and actions. What if every thought had a life of its own and what if when we give it our energy, it becomes more life-like? What if we could actually bring something into form through our very thought? Are we that powerful?

The answer is yes, we are. The question is do you believe it? Can you comprehend having such power? What if I told you your power is Infinite? Can you even begin to comprehend the meaning of the word “Infinite”?

Maya, Goddess of Illusion

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In Vedic philosophy, Maya is the Goddess of Illusion. Maya means the illusion from a limited consciousness, or the absence of Wisdom. One who knows life only through the physical and mental aspects, and has become enmeshed in the illusion…the covering of the true Self.

Maya is not real, since it disappears on the dawn of Wisdom. Maya is the veil that each person must remove before she or he can see behind it ro the Creator of All Life.

Ponder: Maya originally meant wisdom in the earlier languages of many cultures, but its meaning has transformed over the years to mean "illusion."

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

Lightworker vs. Egoworker: Or How to Tell if a Lightworker is Truly in the LIght

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Recipe for a Lightworker: Stand in the truth of your true being that is LOVE.

Recipe for a Ego worker: 1/4 part truth and 3/4 parts bullshit.


A simple explanation: The ego worker will give you a little truth, some crumbs, so to speak, to lure you in. Then they will add a lot of mental jargon or even fantasy to the mix. This part will often confuse you, but because you are so desparately seeking the higher truth which is love; you fall into their head game. They usually have a web site, radio show, and offer expensive workshops, readings, etc. which make you feel good about yourself. But the results do not last.

The Light worker does not desire followers. They are in tune with higher self and only desire to assist you in becoming true being. Light workers are truly heart centered. They do not expect anyone to save them and do not look outside themselves for guidance. They walk and talk their truth.

To Be Free Again

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To Be Free Again

Who are you? Do you remember? You are that essence and spirit; the one which came before the given name. You are the one, the Self, that was before thought, before the teachings of this thing we were told is reality. You are divine, beautiful and eternal; part of a universe that cannot exist without your awareness; that is how divine you are. There is no other. There is no separation. What separates you is a thought. What separates you is fear. What unites you with who you really are and all that is divine, is love. The love that sees life in all that your eyes behold. She that beholds beauty in the other until it overflows with so much love, that she at last sees it in herself. He who feels the pulse of life and knows in his heart, there is more than merely...this.  

Yet, you wonder, where is this illusory thing you long for that would quicken your heart once more for just a breath of it; for just a drop of it’s living replenishment. What is it that would triumphantly proclaim you are there at last? Oh, for just one moment to realize what it is that makes you feel lost and separated. To be at that place you feel you knew long ago, where you feel wholly loved and once again, there is peace in every atom swirling about you in joyous welcome. Where has it gone?

That is the separation: the apparent aloneness of a small and insignificant individual

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JohnSmallman 08/25/2013 by John Smallman

John Smallman

The oneness of all of creation, its interrelatedness can no longer be ignored or denied, and from that follows inevitably the recognition that anything that occurs affects all of creation.  But this recognition is a new concept for those immersed within the illusion and it has only very recently become accepted and acknowledged by your mainstream science, although many would still like to deny it.  It is an inconvenient truth, recognition and acceptance of which demands changes in humanity – changes in beliefs, in perceptions, in opinions, in behaviors, and in human activities, all of which require a large reduction in self-serving personal agendas that are endemic and which are a major indication of the sense of separation and the concomitant need for self-reliance that is, and has been for eons, the general human life experience.

Jesus through John - What you may experience in yourselves or others as less than perfect is illusory

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Jesus through John August 16, 2013 by John Smallman

John Smallman

Humans have an interesting but most unfortunate and hurtful habit of attaching themselves rather inflexibly to their beliefs – the beliefs with which they identify and which they use to define themselves, mostly as good and honorable – and then to regulations based on those beliefs, whereupon they set out to impose them on others who have a different and “wrong” set of beliefs.  Each group attempts to disparage and destroy the beliefs of the others, first by means of “reason,” rhetoric and persuasion, and when that fails, as it inevitably does, the decision is frequently made to use force, but always most righteously and sanctimoniously!

You have been doing this for eons, but now, finally, many are aware or are becoming aware that this form of problem resolution just does not work – in fact, it is really not intended to work, just to produce a winner, my side – and that no one has all the right on their side.  You are realizing that you are humans of limited wisdom and intelligence, and for peace to prevail you have to respect all others, communicate openly and honestly together, and then cooperate, not “for the greater good,” but for the good of all.  That is Love in action.

It is my Divine Will that you will all ascend with Gaia and you can not escape that – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn ~ Ap

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My beloved Humans, my children, it is I, your Mother. I am the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine and the Creator of all that is. I have not only created your universe but countless uni- and omniverses. Nothing is above me, but all is in ME. You are I and you are all divine aspects of my SELF.


Today I want to speak to you through this scribe who has willingly been at my disposal.


My heart is heavy and I suffer with you. What happened a few days ago has been an act of barbarism, an act of abuse of power the dark mights have exercised to stir up fear in you. The “Mighty of the World” know exactly that they have given away their power to you and try with all that remain to them to get it back.

to f r, or not to f r

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f  r kills goals and dreams. It stops you from going through the vails in your meditating. it stops you from achieving out of body experiences. but f  r is nothing more than an illusion. f  r only dwells within becuz there's a lack of awarness and you allow it into your Being . The biggest f  r in life is not death, but to know who YOU truly are. There for, self awarness is freedom....


Renegade of Light,



Unlocked from All Illusion - For Gaia, Humanity, all of God's Creations!

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All of Humanity and Gods creations will receive on 11-10-12


All who are open to receive and be released from:


Removal of:

All programing Locked into Dark energies.

Being locked into seeing, hearing, speaking in the illusion.

All spiritual gifts locked into the illusion.

Being locked into the illusion of time.

Being locked into the illusion of Karmic Debt.

Being locked into the fear of the dark forces of the master plane of illusion forever – to have the human experience.


All of Gods creations Agreed to trade part of their soul or it was used as collateral to come to earth for the human experience. And allowed it and accepted it knowingly or unknowing to be here.


Download of:

I have the Creators truth perspective understanding, definition of: how to, when to, where to, what it feels like to, that is safe and possible to:  see, hear, speak, and know the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


These things will be placed in the Grid for all to receive; whoever is open has the awareness of this can receive. All you have to do is “choose”, and “ask for it”.






Humanity and Gaia Release of all old Patterns, New downloads

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October 20, 2012

Today all old patterns were released and dissolved for Gaia, Humanity since the creation of time. (of old energy of consciousness, fantasy, fear, illusion, illusion of power)


Clearing of Gaia Chakras', etheric body of Gaia, of all karmic slug, and cleansing and purifying.


Gaia was given downloads for:

  That she knows how to ask for help unconditionally.

  That she knows how to receive it unconditionally.

  I am impervious to evil.

  A choice to have free choice.

  Removal of all old patterns, kept lessons learned, release of  

  emotional, physical trauma. Restore Gaia

  Gaia knows how to,when to, what it feels like to receive unconditional love


 Removal of cords, hooks, attachments, enties for Gaia.


Portal Opened for: 

12 Fountains of Abundance were opened for Gaia, Humanity - only one was open before.


 LynMarie and Tom G.

Set up System to Release of geology pressure of Rio Grand Rift - Which covers States of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico,Nevada, and Utah


Blessing were given to all to receive upon completion of work.




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