Becoming Whole – A message from Amira, By Mario Arseneault

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Welcome Lovely Beings, in this Message We are Going to Let you Understand, what we are doing in these day’s for Humans around the World whom Connects into the Higher Vibratory States of Being. You see “The Veil” is Thinning, the Connections we make Within Ourselves, which composes Messages as these, can become Known as and Energetic Assembly Line, Composed from the Frequent Thoughts we have as Desires… And Through/With Intention, of a Higher Ordered Frequency of Thought, we can Dissimulate Prospects of Folks whom have a ratter “Harder Time” in their Lives by “Choosing” Either Consciously or Not, THEIR POWER, to KNOW and UNDERSTAND that Thoughts are Emitted around you and In the Universe, (The Universe Corresponds) by Bringing you INTO ALIGNEMENTS with your General Thoughts which are Ongoing within you.

Thoughts Emit a Frequency (Vibration) Which Assembles/Assimilates your Known Reality of Choices, which have been Decreed in some point of your Lives, when you where in your Greatest Power. Which is the Frequency of Love, Joy… Emotions which carry on Specific Charge, will allow you to form With Conscious Intentions, and Practice, what you will Come to See (Form & Manifest) in your Lives, Either Consciously Aware or Not. Which is why, We would Love to Help you In Attaining Greater Clarity of Thoughts which you Emit on out in the Universe (On this Planet) for Purposes “Unknown” Until your Conscious Expansions towards Greater Clarity and Light* Comes Forward, For your Advances in all Perpetual Forms of Activity with Folks around the Earth, whom you have Gathered (Attracted) Within your Lives… This can be Causations of an Enormous Leap in Coherency, Attained By Knowing Knowledge, which Implies: Understanding your Choices in Life which “Get’s You” to a Particular Place In Time, where you need to Focus (Get your Attention) on Within yourselves, as you Emit Frequencies out Into the World.
A Great Composition of an Example of Choices you may have, is composed Freely by Exempting your conscious Intentions or Desires to Assimilate within yourselves a Ground Desired Point of Frequency (An Assembly) of where you Need or Want to be Heading with Conscious Intentions of a Universal Guiding Force, which supports you, in remembering how to attain GREATER CLARITY AND LIGHT, THROUGH PURPOSE OF YOUR BEINGS GREATEST DESIRES.

So in this Moment, all I ask of you, is to Bring into Yourselves a Calmness, which will allow you to Focus and Create the Coherency we Need in Our Lives, to Be Guided with Great Care towards Others whom Experience the Same things (Mechanical Structure) of the Universes Correspondences to you. And allow yourselves to emit in the World Some of your Greatest Desires Through your Thoughts/Visions, and Accomplish this by Knowing within yourselves, that you are Guided Every Step of the way, By SYNCHRONICITY and LOVE, JOY, PEACE AND CALM, which RELAXS YOUR STATES OF BEING INTO PURE JOY AND LOVE/BLISS FOR ALL OF YOUR CHOICES AND ACTIVITIES (Which may come in Lot’s of Laughter) And through Good Health, we support those whom are Looking to Achieve The Greatest Versions of Themselves on Earth (Gaia).

Namaste, We wish you Lot’s of Joy and Prosperity, Love, as we are One of the Whole which Exists as an “Entirety” within this Universe.

We thank you for Supporting us on the Other side of the Veil, when you answer back or Speak to us, Clearly we Love you and Sometimes when “Bad Thoughts” Occur, Just Remember We will Help you in Making the right Choices, by BECOMING AWARE THROUGH YOUR FEELINGS which is an important GUIDE POST, to Help you Understand that we all Carry on a Vibration, A Signature Vibration, which is Held Intact by our Desires with Intention (Focus of thought) towards one Another.
Thank you for Listening, Be at One.

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Have a Great Day! Until Next Time!