Becoming Whole – A message from Amira, By Mario Arseneault

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Welcome Lovely Beings, in this Message We are Going to Let you Understand, what we are doing in these day’s for Humans around the World whom Connects into the Higher Vibratory States of Being. You see “The Veil” is Thinning, the Connections we make Within Ourselves, which composes Messages as these, can become Known as and Energetic Assembly Line, Composed from the Frequent Thoughts we have as Desires… And Through/With Intention, of a Higher Ordered Frequency of Thought, we can Dissimulate Prospects of Folks whom have a ratter “Harder Time” in their Lives by “Choosing” Either Consciously or Not, THEIR POWER, to KNOW and UNDERSTAND that Thoughts are Emitted around you and In the Universe, (The Universe Corresponds) by Bringing you INTO ALIGNEMENTS with your General Thoughts which are Ongoing within you.

A Simple Exercise to Achieve MIND / BODY Balance

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Many people on a journey of transformation have difficulty maintaining Mind / Body balance and therefore experience resistance to the changes occurring within them.

Resistance most often is felt within the physical body as pain and discomfort. This is the physical body's way of trying to gain the person's attention to the misalignment which is occurring between Body / Mind and Spirit.

When this is the case, the person experiences constant random thoughts and ‘mind chatter’ that is the result of the dominant ego driven mind.

This can become quite disconcerting for people who are on a journey of transformation as it becomes near impossible to sit in silent meditation with your Higher Self and Source energy to maintain Divine Presence.

So we guide you today on how to remedy this imbalance:

Take 5 minutes now to go within your Body. Notice how your body FEELS. Place your attention and focus inward and just BE in this NOW moment. Allow yourself to FEEL rather than think. Do not focus your attention on anything in particular. Take several deep breaths and notice how the breath feels inside your body. If you are experiencing any discomfort, just notice this. Do not judge it, do not think about it, do not dwell upon it, just notice it. Continue to breathe deeply. The breath is PRANA – Life Force energy. Continue to FEEL and NOTICE - become AWARE of sounds etc. Soon you will FEEL your Soul Presence within your High Heart.

Continue practicing this simple exercise and you will become the Master of your ego mind!


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Initiations into our realms of thought can be brought up by simply downloading ascension codes prior to universal constants which can be ingrained from past life abilities and more so abilities which are not unlocked fully as of yet… These need to be caress for and initiations will let you download from the process, whichever process you so go into, it shall allow you to get good at what you do mainly, if it’s healing or psychic readings, intuitive empath, more so it allows you to develop your intuition to greater heights where the key component at first was balance with differentials which allowed us to see better causes of what was real and what was false positive. More so the decisions we make these days are important for the next generation of humans which will evolve more freely if they so choose to, which is an internal process to help you decide and see what types of protocols can be given to you daily by either Cobra or the Archangels.

The information we can find on the web usually gets you to see the more proper things once you find the many possible routes which leads to an enormous concept of what we term the bigger picture. More so the Bigger Picture is limitless in forms which can allow you to understand the fabrics of what is truly going on this Earth in these instances. The secret Space Programs where one of the things left out for us to find greater things in possibilities which should allow us to evolve at a quicker rate.

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What we have now as decisions are paramount to all liability consoles which support our groups for further resurgence at the anomalies while taking care of free judgment in parts where we are lost in despise of actual demands.

Contemporarily the fabrics which helps us shift in deeper processes will enable us to duplicate codes for the ascension protocols… More likely the intelligence which is conceptual within fractals of thoughts can be deciphered for an additional round of data in what we wright about, more so in depth processes may help us understand the greater fabrics which can shift altogether at greater lengths to help supress the inactivity’s which compromises the effects of our beloved ones, people whom act in accords to substantial things as the remarks we carry on from forward judgments is conceptual in recreational classes that composes the numeric stand-still we can get.

Its effects are classified lightly as for the components which gathers the intelligence from levels of divinations helps the process in for resurgence of the telepathic nodes/modules.

Clairvoyance has prospects in many decisions while we make corrections of the actual grid type commands for internship on components deriving off a chain of commands which has been regarded as decryption of the grid type ratios.

Time nexus

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Time nexus

Flowing freely in abundance, what runs smoothly in our relationships has us wondering how a companion can take care in how we do things together. In simplicity having a human with you has many possible venues in which we can have as interactions none the less expressive experiences, emotional, condensed experiences sometimes, secrecy, allowance, exposure, doubts, conflicts, troubles, love, compassion, expectancy etc... These are all things which can be experienced in a relationship, tough some of them can be used in excess, while others are good some other things can be bad, or good at the same time.

When we are talking about a relationship as a couple, what makes us unique, is how we express ourselves in our togetherness, our experiences... If we are adept to fine tuning the fields which corresponds to some of the written words as compassion, or love, in a way it can traverse some potential links in which it opens us up to venues which were not there before, which is not always good, as we can manipulate, in other words try to control, this is not meant to be... We should be able to be free in all that we choose to do.

Core Neutralities

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Core Neutralities

Conjunct to Saturn’s moon in opposition with Jupiter... Massive conundrums for us to have momentarily... Giving a remap/recap in how this will unfold in a short enough amount of time... Given that we are adept in making something which is diverse in many occupants’ fields...

Contemporary the fabrics in which we will speak about has us remembering some old concepts where we were inept to the fields in view... While bypassing the abnormal flows which surrounds us dearly/daily... What accompanies us in these moments has surmountable postulations in acquisition to the synaptic modules while processing quite indifferently at occasional conjunctions.

Contemporary the fabrics are "chained" or engrained... In some of the above templates while we premeasure the content which may become appropriate after viewing some core anomalies/disruptions, contemporarily fabricating "things" at a nexus for us to abide in quite differently... If momentarily the constructs do not evolve we will have to give about end to this flow... While contending views appear... In synapse, synapsing currents we contend/abolish the flow for resurgence at the anomalies which takes part in making this gigantism, mission by which many are concurrently holding onto as prospects to keep on going with or without our consent or field views...

We are all ONE in Supreme Consciousness, and we are moving into this higher state of Be-ing right now!

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I mentioned the other day that some Lightworkers are being moved to create projects that support a new way of Be-ing. This is one such project started by friends of mine in Bulgaria > https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/co-creating-with-you-together

I decided to share their project with you today as guided to bring the message across that we are all One in Supreme Consciousness and we are moving into this higher state of Be-ing right now! What we do for one, we do for another. We are all inter-linked through what can be  likened to the Wi-Fi which you use to connect to the world wide web or Internet. Wi-Fi is a wireless connection that exists only on Planet Earth, but your Spiritual Wi-Fi connects you to EVERYTHING, to All That Is and ever shall BE.

Beloveds, we are asking that you be aware of this, and begin to think of yourselves as greater parts of a Unified Consciousness.  We are reaching a state of Be-ing where it is going to be impossible to ignore the plight and suffering of others. More and more of you are going to feel moved to reach out and help others, even if it is only with a small monthly donation to some worthy cause. It doesn’t matter where you decide to give, because we are all family. In a higher state of being and consciousness there are NO BORDERS.


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