So, What's Your Role?

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Summary of Brenda’s February 8, 2019, channeled “Creation Energies” show at BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:  You’re talented in many areas – talents you developed throughout the ages. Your role is that which gives you the most joy within those many talents. No one but you can define or give you your role. You cannot fail.

Becoming Whole – A message from Amira, By Mario Arseneault

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Welcome Lovely Beings, in this Message We are Going to Let you Understand, what we are doing in these day’s for Humans around the World whom Connects into the Higher Vibratory States of Being. You see “The Veil” is Thinning, the Connections we make Within Ourselves, which composes Messages as these, can become Known as and Energetic Assembly Line, Composed from the Frequent Thoughts we have as Desires… And Through/With Intention, of a Higher Ordered Frequency of Thought, we can Dissimulate Prospects of Folks whom have a ratter “Harder Time” in their Lives by “Choosing” Either Consciously or Not, THEIR POWER, to KNOW and UNDERSTAND that Thoughts are Emitted around you and In the Universe, (The Universe Corresponds) by Bringing you INTO ALIGNEMENTS with your General Thoughts which are Ongoing within you.

IT'S 'THE PEOPLE' THAT HAVE THE TRUE POWER. If The People don't like what's going-on, then it's suggested that The People get UP, get ORGANIZED, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. ❤

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IT'S 'THE PEOPLE' THAT HAVE THE TRUE POWER. If The People don't like what's going-on, then it's suggested that The People get UP, get ORGANIZED, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 

https://goo.gl/udUW95 ❤


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By Phillip Elton Collins


To commit to a PERSONAL PROCESS 

Of an in-depth examine of self

To know how self relations 

Effects all relations and nations.


Inspired by Archangels Gabriel & Michael and Ascended Master Saint Germain 

“Know thy self” and “To thy own self be true” may be some of the wisest words ever thought, felt and spoken.

Many teachings from the higher realms are reminding us that the greatest need within humanity is to have the awareness and loving support of a SENSE OF SELF. This will allow the individual to know they are an aspect of the universal whole. In effect, the Self and Universe belong to each other, as One. We have been asleep a long time. It’s all about becoming conscious. Time to wake up...

As students of truth, there is nothing more important than understanding and accepting Oneness. All of our separations and duality and confrontation have been a result of absorbing “me” into the “we”. It is time for our belief systems within our religions, corporations, and governments to support We Consciousness coming forward. And no longer bringing the unhealed me into the conscious, we. Or we will not be happy with the consequences.

The Pause: how to convince the mind that it is safe to be in peace?

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The Pause- Safety at Peace. (c) Gil DekelThe universe opens up a Pause when we struggle, allowing us to enter the peace that is ‎everywhere and everything. There is an initial sensation of vacuum feeling, so to speak, in ‎which the music of the universe starts to play. But to hear that music and to feel its love, we ‎need to be in the Pause. We need to pause our mind from its non-stop chattering and ‎worrying, and we need to move into simply Being – Be Present, Be Feeling, Be Aware of who ‎we are.‎ Read More...

The Pause- Safety at Peace. (c) Gil Dekel

Creative Writing: Part I -The Reign of Power

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The following is an early version of my first co-creative writing venture:

Once upon a time and for many lifetimes thereafter, it was in my best interest to suppress my gifts.

For in the past, showing even the first inkling of lightbearing abilities immediately invoked persecution, ridicule, and torture. Fear, along with his cousins Hate and Depravity were the dark minions of an evil reign. Power was King. Talents and knowledge that once lived in each heart of our beloved Kingdom of Light, were stigmatized and maligned as dangerous, impure, and evil.

Organized Religion was created to be used as a tool of Power. It was used to manipulate and control the masses. A hierarchy was created made up of those closest to power. These termed elders became puppets of Power. They buried ancient knowledge and changed history. The Church began to serve as a throne for Power and Fear became the preacher. The strength of Power would not be denied and his thirst for the blood of his once equal brethren only grew.

To survive, many people relinquished their gifts to Power and accepted the meager roles Power offered. Some fully embraced Fear and Depravity and helped to "convert" and "conquer" others so they too would become subjects of Power. This was done so they might earn the favor of Power...

The Kingdom of Power grew exponentially. Fear proved to be a mighty ally, however Power is never satiated. Those not persuaded by Fear, met with Depravity.

Death ceased its role as a harbinger of Peace and Transition and became a harbinger of Hellfire and Eternal Damnation. The mere rumor of dissent could have dire consequences.

Accused were brutally and publicly executed. Some were burned alive, some crucified, the lucky beheaded. Corpses of the enemies of Power were desecrated and mutilated. Some were skinned alive, others tarred and feathered.


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