The Big Bang

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The Big Bang

February 2, 2013

By Mr. Moon Hippie Mystic:

big bang


Never in my lifetime have I bared witness to such a divine painting of emotions.  To see a face of such beauty is to run free through a magical collage of endless prairies, alive with rainbow colored wildflowers, sprinkled with thousands of mystical butterflies…such a gift.

So tender and warm this soul, your love more precious than the ancient secrets to unlock the origins of the universe.  A divine spirit showering the world with love and truth.  Only mother earth herself has the angelic power to create such beauty as you are her queen.

Your presence inspires truth my angel, so magical your love, my courage is your reflection.  I am honored, vibrating from your heart’s poetry and music.  My soul awakens, guided to the heavens by magical energies of your grace.  A miracle such a divine goddess showers my soul with a love never known to the universe…such gifts.  I now know Gaia exists.  Only a divine power could create such an Earth Moon Angel rivaling the universe’s greatest achievements.

 I struggle to find the words worthy enough to describe such divinity.  I AM helpless, lost in inspiration awakened from your presence in my life.  Men dream of such divine beauty comforting their soul in darkness.  Your touch gracing their ascension into heaven’s kingdom, filling their spirit with peace.

I see you my angel.  I AM forever honored to share my heart and soul with you, I choose love as your light is my savior, my guide.

To dance with such angelic beauty is to awaken the soul, embracing life’s gentle flow.  I AM alive, I AM forever grateful sharing in such wondrous treasures inspired from your heart……………..I love you!


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Awww..thats so sweet.  Thanks

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Awww..thats so sweet.  Thanks brother Moon Hippe Mystic for that positive energy exchange.  hehehee


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