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The Multiplicity and the Unity are one and the same thing, a thing that is both many and one at the same time. The waves, and the currents underwater, make up the ocean. The ocean is the underlying basis for every wave. Neither the ocean, nor the waves, can be understood in isolation from each other. We must preserve the sense of unity and the sense of diversity and multiplicity. We must recognize that the One and the Many are the same thing viewed from different angles. The One is the Many. The One is manifested only in and through the Many. It has no separate existence apart from the Many. Equally the Many are the One. Even during their temporary separation, they are always part of the One, and always united with the One. Every one of us is always part of the One, and can unite with the One at any time we choose.

From Judgement to LOVE

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SPIRIT has no judgement.
The UNIVERSE has no judgement.
The experience and energy of judgment comes
from an old fear based paradigm existing only on this planet.

Most of us grew up with some form of judgement.
Whether it was about aspects of our physicality, our intelligence,
our abilities at school or our social skills,
the judgement beliefs take hold and eventually become
embedded into our cellular makeup.

Daily Tarot Reading: Knight of Cups ~ 4/24/13

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How are we all feeling? Are you still feeling a little bit magical from yesterday? I don't know about you, but I could certainly feel the electricity in the air. To quote a favorite movie of mine "It's all happening."


I'd like to talk a little bit about how I choose the card for the day. I go through my normal routine of shuffling and cutting the cards. Then, I flip over eight cards. The eighth card is the reading for the day. Then, I go back through the "kitty", the other seven cards I flipped, and see if there are any opposing or reinforcing cards for the day.

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