Daily Tarot Reading: The Magician ~ 4/23/13

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Well, I'm back to doing the daily reading. I feel like the daily reading was much more accurate, and fits into my schedule better. Today's card is the magician:




we are all alchemists whether we realize it or not. We are all creators of our own reality and it starts with our thoughts. Are you being mindful of where your mind is going? Or, perhaps, you've got a good hold on control of your mind. The key here is to always be thinking positive, uplifting thoughts. 
On the magician's table, we see all the suits of the tarot - a pentacle, a cup, a sword and a wooden wand. These suits represent the four elements - earth, water, air and earth respectively. Just like the magician uses the four elements in his trials, all of our creations ultimately come from the same place. 
The keywords for the magiciain are action, conscious awareness, concentration and power. Like many other sources are saying - it is time to start paying strict attention to what you are creating with your thoughts. Your thoughts should be concentrated on your passion, what it is you desire. Be sure to have a good, clear concept of this. If you don't, do whatever it takes to get one - journaling, meditation, a vision board, etc. The elements are working in our favor, and quickly, to manifest our desires. 
The magician has one arm lifted toward the sky, for divine inspiration, and one hand pointing towards the earth, to stay grounded. It's important for us to be open to messages from Spirit, but it's important not to get lost in your own mind waiting on them. The magician also has an infinity sign above his head, representing the infinite, Divine knowledge that is available to all of us.
You may be forced into action before you think you are ready. The truth is, you were always ready. You are a powerful creator and it's time to acknowledge that fact. If you're feeling scared or inadequate there is a quote from the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ that really resonates with me. Chapter 122:24-26 reads:
"But when you come to stand before the judge, be not afraid; be not distrubed about the way to act, the words to speak. The Holy Breath will guide you in that hour, and give the words that you shall speak. Of this be full assured; It is not you who speak; it is the Holy Breath that gives the words and moves the lips."
Know who you are. Know your power. Most of all, know that you are always Divinely supported.
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