Portal Open and Activated - 4 Elements -Transmuting Dark Energies for all of God Creations!

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This is the start of removal of dark energies left on Gaia, humanity, Gods Creations.

There will be several things coming up that will be happen up and coming the next 6 days. I will only post as it is ready for all to recieve.


Portal of of 4 elements- earth, water, air, fire have been opened today.

It is transmuting dark energies for all of Gods Creations and will continue till compete then this portal will close upon completion.  There is a flame of Green that turns into Purple to do this work.




Living Life with Porpoise ; )

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Ever watch the way dolphins swim through the water? How they come up for breaths, and go back under, up and down, up and down,  almost like a wave of themselves as they swim? That breath at the surface that they are taking is voluntary; in fact they have to will the blowhole to open, not like us where the breathing is automatic. In water, open blowholes would take water in on dives, so everything is forceably blown OUT, and then quickly breathed IN. This way of swimming is called porpoising, as there are no other creatures that swim quite like this.

Dolphins live in two realms: beneath the surface of the water, but also some time is spent above in the process of getting air and breathing.

Humans are like this also. We have Spirit that we need to take in, and is a part of every cell in our body. Think of it like oxygen but like the life-giving gas, Spirit is something essential that we need and also cannot see. When we breathe, Spirit is coming in to us just like air. I am not sure exactly how our light body and our Vibration processes it, but it is so.

Like the dolphin bound to life in water, humans are bound through the body to life on Earth. We need food, light, shelter, and our society to survive. Dolphins have a highly evolved social structure too.

The point of this blog post is to emphasize the importance of play. Dolphins are seen swimming, breathing, hunting and eating but always having fun. If you look at them they are always smiling!

Remember to bring genuine pleasure and play into your daily activities. Not the 'fun' like going to the movies and a club. But real fun, like the way Weird Al Yankovic raises his eyebrows at the camera to make us laugh.


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