The Dark Mother and Her Power of Transformation

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Each person must eventually come face to Face with the Dark Mother. She is the fierce devouring energy that unravels us so we can heal and become whole once again. She is the complementary balance to Light – the pure rich darkness from which we are nurtured and birthed.

When organized religion took away the The Dark Mother, they took away our connection to Nature, the cycles of seasons and the moon, death and rebirth…. When this happened, we no longer knew how to deal with aging, death, change, or transformation. People became confused about how life worked.

The patriarchy demonized and distorted the Black Mother because of her power of transformation – transformation through darkness. The patriarchal God is solely of Light – the only "darkness" you see is when he loses his temper and throws lightning bolts of condemnation and judgement – you know, the ominous wrath of God stuff (very similar to the Greek God Zeus). The Black Mother's nurturing was removed when the patriarchal version of God was promoted. Church Fathers maligned Darkness and contorted Her gift of transformation to suit "The Devil," thereby creating a sanitized God.

Certain religions have taken darkness and twisted it to create a fear-based hell as a looming end-time punishment, rather than using the darkness – the exploratory nature of an inner journey – as fodder to bring about transformation and healing.

Because of the obvious absence of the Dark Mother, in most religions, life is seen as an unnatural process – one to be embarrassed by or dreaded. This is the main reason so many people have been made afraid to grow and learn from their dark side.

The Sacred Feminine does not send us to an eternal hell – for there no such thing. She comes to awaken us from the deep sleep, and from our self-generated hell. Relax. The only "hell" that exists is the one of duality right here on Planet Earth.

The Black Mother challenges us to face ourselves, our shadows, our mortality – She embodies the Mysteries of Life. Out of darkness, All Life flows. Out of the richest soil, grows the strongest and healthiest plants. The Dark Mother incubates; She is the Primordial Womb. It is from Her, that all nurturing springs forth. She is all inclusiveness.

The Dark Mother empowers us to go within and transform our own dark or shadow side into light, while the Christian patriarchy sends Jesus to magically whisk away our mess, without requiring us to do anything. The result? We give our power away, and belittle Jesus to the status of a fix-it person. When we do this, our life becomes sterile, detached, and removed from self-responsibility.

Ponder This:
Which of the above two scenarios do you feel would bring you the deep and healed-to-the-core transformation your life is crying for? When you go inwardly to heal, you emerge into the dawn of a new life – a shining Light-filled life that was nurtured and enriched by the Dark Mother. That, is true transformation.

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