Directly Perceiving the Very Energies that are Uplifting Us

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We have been told so very many times how important it is to feel and recognize what is happening all around us, which can be easier said than done. I’m sure I’m not the first to say, it can sometimes be hard recognizing that our ascension is in full swing when we continue to be surrounded by so much darkness, so many lower vibrations. Sometimes when we are feeling our most dense, when situations in our Lives are grounding us heavily to 3D Earth, it can be hard to recognize or even realize the fact that we are being blessed with pure Love and Light, physically measurable energy from the very core of Creation – Mother/Father Source. However, when we take time out of our busy and sometimes hectic Lives to step back, perhaps go deep into meditation or relax in any way, the fact that our cells are changing from carbon-based to crystalline-based becomes more apparent. Not only that, when we are in a relaxed and laid-back state we are able to recognize how the very reality we find ourselves in is changing.

Sometimes, we need a little ‘boost’ from our guides and extraterrestrial friends to give us a little reminder that our personal and planetary ascension is in full swing. Sometimes we need to be reminded that our whole reality is changing, in beautiful and wonderful ways. Some folks experience UFO sightings to help ‘jarr’ them awake, as seeing a beautiful starship that we’ve been told to believe can’t exist will certainly help broaden our minds to the points we need to get to so we can remember all that is happening. Yes, some experience these reminders in the physical that our ascension is in full swing, and some experience these reminders in different, more etheric ways. The ladder was what happened to me this morning. 

Having to wake up at 4:30 in the morning by itself served to cut off my awareness of the higher realms a bit. Yes, I awoke from the very realms I am speaking of, but soon after awakening the tiredness and the ‘blah’ feeling kicked in. I felt indifferent, like it could matter not to me what was happening in the world and with my own ascension process – I was just too darn tired to concern myself with any ascension or spirituality- related matters. We have all been there. However, what I witnessed on this morning served to bring my awareness of the fact that Mother Earth is ascending with me, right back into my conscious field of perspective.

After a few more hours passed by, I decided to open up the door and look outside. It is something I feel I have to do, as I tend to become zombie-fied if I do not let the sun into my spirit complex every now and then. Indeed, the sun had come up by this time but one would have never realized it, what with the shades on the windows blocking any hope of sunlight coming in. As I opened the door, I saw something wonderful, something clearly etheric in nature that I then found myself having the pleasure to experience. I could see the sun shining brilliantly in the big, open blue sky. That in itself is enough to be enormously thankful for, but that was not the only miracle I experienced.

As I looked on the ground toward the beautiful green grass, I could see something ‘swirling’ around the collective leaves of grass that made up this yard. It was an energy, a transparent energy that swirled and flowed beautifully not only around the grass, but around the trees and plants as well. I could feel that I was able to see this due to the ever-expanding third eye of mine that I have been anchoring much Love and Light through, and that I have been consciously traveling through to the astral planes nearly every day. As I looked back up at the sun, I could see that this transparent, glowing energy was actually coming from the sun, and swirling down to the grass, trees and plants to mingle with and become a part of. On this morning, I had the pleasure to witness our sun directly aiding and nurturing the plant kingdom with the Divine Logos energy that we have all been anchoring unto our dear Gaia. I was seeing directly with all three of my eyes (lol!) Gaia’s ascension in progress. I cannot even begin to communicate how appreciative I was and still am of having that experience, and the best part about it is that this is only the beginning.

I had a dream a few months ago, a very vivid and intense dream that I have not said much about, though I feel it now needs acknowledged. I was in a lake-forest type area, at times I would be at the shore of the lake and at times I would be more in the jungle part of it. It was a bit of a dense area, and I could feel the presence of darkly-inclined astral beings who would’ve just loved to feast on my energy. Instead of that happening, I began to feel with me the presence of a guide. I did not know at the time that this soul was a guide of mine, but through what I was taught in this dream by that soul I think I can safely assume that this is one of my guides. Anyway, I don’t know what this soul did or said to make what happened next happen, I don’t know how this soul got me to do this, but I found myself with the help of this soul, bringing through me an energy, a transparent, flowing energy that was Golden and that literally sparkled as it came through my being. I watched and felt this energy pass through me, to the area around me. The energy began to mingle with the jungle-type nature that was around me, and as it did this I noticed the land begin to change.

Where at first this land felt very dense and heavy, I was now seeing beautiful flowers and colorful grass begin to grow, with the help of the golden energy that my guide had helped me anchor to this lower astral plane. Everything began to change; colors became more vivid, plant Life became so much more beautiful, it was like everything was ascending. 

There is not a single doubt in my mind and heart that what I saw and felt on this morning was the very Logos energy I was bringing through to the lower astral lands while in the sleep realms. Now, we are beginning to see and feel this energy here and now on our Earthly sphere. Our perception of the higher energies are no longer limited to what we perceive in Earth’s astral lands; our ascension has been kicked-up so much that we are now directly perceiving the very energies that are serving to uplift us all. I encourage all to look out for these swirling and intermingling higher energies – as they are everywhere.

Wes Annac :)



Hi,  this is the first time

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Hi,  this is the first time I've visited your blog.  I just want to thank you for so openly sharing the experiences you have been having recently.  I too have been woken at 4.30 in the morning on several occasions recently.  For me it is an awareness of energy that wakes me.  It is an energy that is coming into me from elsewhere.  The first time it was an awareness that the ascension process is real and we are being transformed.  The energy is about bliss, happiness, beauty, love.  The second time I had an awareness of dark alien energy (I've never bought into the enemy aliens scenario before) - that was all - just an awareness that it exists, its real and that we can and must protect ourselves from it by building our light bodies.  The third one was two nights ago and was an awareness of body being changed to a more crystalline frequency.

Like you I am totally exhausted by these experiences and the next day I can barely function.  The energy settles down after that tho my meditations are much deeper and more light filled than ever. 

Your experiences of seeing the light on your garden sounds wonderful.  

Hope you don't mind the length of this comment but I am just so pleased to find someone else experiencing similar energies.  Thanks for sharing.