Is This Epic Enough?

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On January 1st, 2012 I released a video entitled “Message to Off World Beings”.  Yesterday, I got an answer.  It came in the form of an interaction with someone speaking for the “Forces of One”.  You can see what was said in the video bearing that name. Both can be found here and on the you-tube channel. 


And that’s the back story to what will most likely be my focus for the rest of this year – Making A Choice – everything else sort of pales in comparison. 


I’ve read and re-read the transcript and although I cannot point to my partner in the conversation, I can tell you how it felt.  It felt epic.  The power coming with the words sort of washed over me.  I felt them before I read them.  I’ve had to look up a few of the terms he used since then, but there is no mistaking how I felt.  I was in the presence of a force unlike any other I have known here. 


The video, “Message to Off World Beings” was released to remind us of our own power, with the added intent of contact.  It fact, I was contacted telepathically a few days after it was released.  I was woken up and spoken to; that energy was exuberant and joyful yet the voice was in my head – I doubted its authenticity. 


This contact was not in my head, it was on a you-tube channel.  Really.  You can check it out for yourself by reading the comments below the video: “Message to Off World Beings”.


This only amplifies what has always been primary – Love.  We are without a doubt far more powerful than we imagine ourselves to be.  We are deciding the fate of the planet. The choice we make this year determines the direction for all of life.


How is that choice accomplished?  With love.  The magic is us.  Unity means everyone is right.  Forgiveness is key; start by forgiving yourself.


This is not a game or just a nice thing to do.  It is vital.  The controllers have seen to it that we dismiss love as a frilly and fluffy emotion that weakens our resolve and our production.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  LOVE HAS ALL THE POWER.  LOVE IS WHAT HAS CAST YOU FORTH AND THE VERY CORE OF WHO YOU ARE.  Any lack of love will play out as low self-esteem or a desire for control – separation.  WE ARE NOT SEPARATE.  WE ARE ONE.


The whole idea of receiving divine intervention via you-tube is absurd.  I mean, are you kidding me?  It does not matter whether you believe this as truth or not.  It matters that you love.  This is how the choice is made.  What springs from your heart is understood, if unspoken.


Harboring hatred, anger or revenge is an option that will yield more of only that.  The law of attraction is indeed a law that governs this reality.  You choose privately – no one but you knows the essence of your energy.  Believe you make a difference and that the fate of humanity rests in your heart.  Is this epic enough?


I can neither substantiate nor disprove this source. I will only say that I trust what my heart says.  I know who I am.  I am love. I am not willing to risk the future of us because of fear or doubt.  It is okay if you believe differently or think this has gone too far.  Love anyway.  It won’t hurt and it may just change everything.


You are more than you’ve imagined yourself to beYou are here at this time to answer the call, to make a choice.  No longer can we say we don’t matter.  In fact, we matter very much.  How we are feeling reverberates out and the universe responds.  Our universe.  It will respond to the answer we emit and there are only two choices – Unity/Love or Polarity/Fear.  It is time to choose.


We are the ones we are waiting for.



Where to find the video?

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The video is on


Also, the you tube channel - SophiaLoveQuest


This blog was posted on my website, hence the reason for saying the videos could be found "here".


Much love.