The Forgiveness Dialogues Series 02 – I Forgive You So That I Can Be Forgiven

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I Forgive You when you interrupt me, cut me off in traffic, or come against me when I am in high spirits.





I Am Forgiven when I am impatient, anxious, and selfish to another as now I see that those reactions are born in me and is up to me alone to take full responsibility for what comes out of me even when everyone around me is lashing out against me; it still is my decision to respond in haste or with a fire extinguisher.


I Forgive You when you slam doors in my face, yell obscenities at me, and diminish my self-esteem as now I have realized that I am my own keeper of empowered resolve. My self-esteem is impervious toward your actions because I know I am rich with humanity.


I Am Forgiven when I become frustrated when communing with others; When I bring others into blindness I am so alone in that moment that I feel helpless and so I attack all those around me so to feel better about my lonesome status in life. I see now I must ask for a helping hand to heal these wounds. Thank you for being patient with my lack of understanding.


I Forgive You when you verbally and physically abuse me on a daily basis because you see me as your only hope for survival.


I Am Forgiven when I insult the contentment in another, and cause them bodily harm as now it is clear I do this only to disguise a xenophobia in myself that until now have not been willing to look at because I too was feeling beaten down. Thank you for helping me to have the courage to see my intrinsic reflection through your gentle eyes by believing in me when I was too scared to.


I Forgive You when you misrepresent my motives in order to sound righteous.


I Am Forgiven when I have accepted platitudes that speak tongues I am unfamiliar with in the off chance I may find myself in a ruling position over another. I see now that true strength is not won by dominating the weaker links but by raising seeds of gratitude in all whom I interact with.


I Forgive You with utter forbearance when you display such hate toward me and others. I don’t hold it against you even though I do not condone your way of reacting. I will be a friend to you in your darkest now moment. Instead of internalizing when you bring your own lack of fulfillment in my direction I choose to have compassion for your lost memory of how to react with fortitude.


I Am Forgiven when I allow others to show me who I am in display.









Dear One.   So much on

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Dear One.


So much on forgiveness.


Please do not wallow on such "noble" sentiments.

Waste not your energy.


Wake up instead.


First, if you are Spirit in human suit....These dastardly

dramas are not yours.  Forgiving is a reaction to an illusion.

Why continue to plat the game..?

Why ask for forgiveness..? you have never been guilty.

Your nature as Spirit is as pure as newly minted gold coin.

ahemmm........snow, maybe..?


Look at  these drama that  are causing you to "forgive"

Who is creating these  day in day out  dramas...?

It is the Soul. Mind you, I did not say..."your soul."  This soul owns

you, not the other way around.


So then, look at a nasty situation that would require you to be forgiving.

That is one choice you have, as given to you by Soul. You see, you are

the well controlled Laboratory rat experiment.  No randomness (no accident)

The "forgive" and "not forgive" choices are lines of  future probability

and whatever you choose , Soul will create a parallel reality to explore it.


Such is life.

in this 3D reality.


From what i see, Soul enlists all the necessary participants,make

agreements,  including non-pysical astral beings to rub your nose the wrong way.

Soul will awaken vows from across time/space to get you boxed into a situation  and so you will get involved into "forgiving' You are being played. those vows and agreements may not even have been made by you.


When you wake up, you might just want to tell Soul to " stop it"

Well, you can now by breaking any agreements with anyone who wants

to play nasty with you . You can talk directly to Soul thru your Subconscious.

You can command it to stop. Say..."Cancel".  then, open up your mental screen, flash the picture you want  to happen, and that situation will break apart in a sec.


Now you just released tons of energy and  time to do  fun things.


Good day,






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I feel the first comment was a bit too harsh coming from light and love.... forgiveness comes up in our lives when we have "lessons", maybe letting go, maybe self-love, could be any reason, all equally important.


I understand exactly where this need to understand forgiveness comes from for me.  I have sat with it thru the dark of the night many, many times.  When I was able to forgive myself, I quit making judgements and it became easier to forgive you.  Ah haw for me!


For those who have been raised in a structured "church" environment, there is much guilt that we bring forward when we look back on our lives.  But guilt is a cousin of fear so we feel we must deserve it-Not So.  Stay in the moment and don't stop and look back, keep walking on your personal truth/faith and not past-life religious dogma.  Karma is being balanced so its a win/win for us.


Each of our paths may be different, but aren't we all heading to the same place???


Light and Love

Dear Guest,   RE: too

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Dear Guest,


RE: too harsh.


It is a kick in the shin.


a waker-upper.


I do not know how else to say it.

I have no need to defend it.


It may sound cold and unloving to you, and

that is... I hope, NOT a  judjmnt . 

Judgmnt does not come from Spirit.


What you saw was the harshness, not the message.

The content is the highest love I can offer.


(from a totally different point of view of  the Destroyer Force

Angel Kabniel. I breakdown  human stupidity., my job here on Earth,

not an insult to anyone)



I addressed that message to those beings that are

in reality,...Spirit,......... wearing a suit of human flesh.

As they are, in their nature, there is nothing to forgive.

Whatever bad things that happened in their human lives,

they did not cause it. those bad dramas were orchestrated.

If   they just remember this one,  they  will heal much faster.