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We must never stop reaching for what we want. We have everything available to us to live our lives exactly as we want them to be, so never stop reaching for the next thing you choose to be or do. What you can create in your mind can be yours if you strive for it and believe in it. Just like wishing for a peaceful world. We can create it with our minds and hearts and intentions. We were created by source where nothing is ever lacking therefore we are never lacking except in our own minds. Reach high and think big, it is all there for the taking if we desire. Too many forget to keep reaching and dreaming or else they have just plain given up. What you must realize is that no, you won’t get to live your dreams in the 3D drama of the darklands. You must wiggle free of the illusion and free yourself before you can begin to manifest your dreams, unless of course you dream of war and death and destruction.

Do You "Get It" Yet???

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( I tried to get this out yesterday, but was prevented.)


A few interesting questions for you:  Do you "get it" yet, or are you still running around in circles chasing your own tail, getting nowhere fast?  And, are those circles making you dizzy and tired yet?  Intrigued?  Please Read on.



     First, let me begin by saying, "I Love You".  It matters not who you are, what you've done or what you're still doing, what you look like, where you live or who you associate with or what your beliefs are...I Love You!  I Love You because you are a part of me and I am a part of you.  Yes, we may look different, speak differently, and have totally different points of view, but you see, that doesn't matter either!  We are connected.  We are connected by something unseen, like our DNA, and something seen, like our Humanity.  Think about this; "Underneath The Colors Of Our Skin, We're All The Same...Deep Within."  This is Truth.

Beginnings & Endings ~ A Message from Spirit

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I’m getting lots of messages from Spirit about beginnings and endings. In my life, this takes the form of my transition between jobs. I was worrying about it lately, wondering if I would be able to handle it. I thought about how comfortable I was here. It’s what I know. But, that’s where we can get stuck. We need to push our boundaries.

As I was driving around listening to happy music on my lunch break today I was stopped at a stop sign behind a light green volkswagon beetle. The back lights had a plastic flower overlay on them. Like this, but the color of the car and the covers were a light, jade green. (For the heart chakra I am now realizing.)

It made me smile. I gave thanks to Spirit for putting a smile on my face, then I remembered to look at the license plate.

It's Time to Gather Courage: Pleiadian Message Channeled by Caroline K.A.

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Posted April 17, 2013


Dear hearts, with deep regret we speak with you today in regards to the most recent act of malice which occurred in the great city of Boston within the United States.

In the midst of unraveling the darkness which has lived within your societies for eons of time, and by this we refer to the Cabal and their minions who have maintained their iron grip over your people,and who have instilled fear, despair,and who have brought great harm, in all aspects of the word for much of your history, we ask you to understand the presence of these dark ones is so deeply engrained within your world, they are desperate and will do anything possible to maintain this, and re-establish their rapidly declining power over you, the collective.  This dear hearts, is done with their most potent weapon.  Fear.

The Forgiveness Dialogues Series 02 – I Forgive You So That I Can Be Forgiven

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I Forgive You when you interrupt me, cut me off in traffic, or come against me when I am in high spirits.





I Am Forgiven when I am impatient, anxious, and selfish to another as now I see that those reactions are born in me and is up to me alone to take full responsibility for what comes out of me even when everyone around me is lashing out against me; it still is my decision to respond in haste or with a fire extinguisher.


I Forgive You when you slam doors in my face, yell obscenities at me, and diminish my self-esteem as now I have realized that I am my own keeper of empowered resolve. My self-esteem is impervious toward your actions because I know I am rich with humanity.


I Am Forgiven when I become frustrated when communing with others; When I bring others into blindness I am so alone in that moment that I feel helpless and so I attack all those around me so to feel better about my lonesome status in life. I see now I must ask for a helping hand to heal these wounds. Thank you for being patient with my lack of understanding.


I Forgive You when you verbally and physically abuse me on a daily basis because you see me as your only hope for survival.


Poem of the Leavening Heart

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Endeavor to fill leavening tides of proclaimed somethingness

Calling out to Be-ing of great lasting endorphins

Incredulous sands prolapsing before starting

Courage step toward me dearest chord

Arising doubts streamlining past attempts

Will the abandonment follow me into open fields?

Is happiness possible in such grim circumstances?

Where has Love gone, where has empathy strayed?

Finding trust again through forgotten friendship

How have I gone so long without you and not noticed it was you all this time I needed most

Welcome to the Greatest Love & Light Show on Earth!

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Earth Allie on location! Thank you motherfathergod for transforming our broken rebel from 3d evidence-only photography to third-eye truth imagining. The WOW of this tour continues. I love you so much. I love you Gaia ... I feel your breath with every inhale ~ thank you for the tree hair-brush this morning. I love you Brian strong-as-Steele! thank you for your patience and the garden you and Daniel are growing. We are are all ONE ! 

Let's begin with gratitude to all of the fast-food restaurants who right now are making changes to their menus and service in ways that advance the light. We've been sharing truth messages about genetically modified foods, fats and their connection to McDonald's and other fast-food restaurants. But I'm sitting here doing this work with the sounds of a team of staff laughing and playing jokes on one another, multi-tasking and greeting customers with big smiles. Someone can walk in off the street and with only a loonie buy a fruit smoothie, read a free newspaper and even get free Internet should they have the technology. Here is a place where a weary earth ally can come sit and work live via video with others members of the transitionary government council and meet guests of the Galactic Free Press. What a wonderful, uplifting and warm place to be on a rainy day and with only a buck. Thank you to all restaurants who are moving into the light. Thank you to my friend Heather for firing up this discussion. Follow your yellow brick road and celebrate those golden arches that come your way!


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