Fran Zepeda ~ Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven ~ You Are The Light ~ May 20, 2012

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Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven:


Hello, dear ones. Today is an auspicious day, for many reasons. Not only is it a day for cosmic alignment, but also for reflection and illumination of your Soul’s purpose. For in commitment of your desire to change and lift up the World, you also are anchoring your Mission to a greater degree. And this isn’t just for today, and doesn’t end with today, as you know. You are building a momentum, a precedent for all the days to come.


All around your World, Lighworkers are preparing and gathering and offering their energies and intentions to align with all cosmic and soul energies for the greater good of all. This is one of the moments for which you have been preparing, for eons. And there will be many more such moments.


We wish to speak to you about intention. This is a word used quite often and it encompasses many things. We of the Company of Heaven are one with our intentions for the highest good of all. You, our beloved Lightworkers, are learning to do the same. Many times you achieve this and thus become more integrated with your Higher Selves in doing so.


And what are your intentions? Now is the time to really examine them, if you haven’t done so. For, in doing this, your Light increases to illuminate them, dear ones. You are so powerful and precious in that you have the means to change everything that is not of the Light.


What do you desire to change? What do you desire to manifest? What are you longing to see in your World around you?


What is inside you that still needs to be illuminated and let go of or released? By now, you are doing this quite readily and more easily, and so Love is having a larger and larger space to inhabit within you and thus to share with the World.


You will have many, many opportunities to fine-tune this, but the sooner you master it, the more it will build within you to affect your World. You all know this. This is a constant process with you. And deep inside you, you know it does and will have a tremendous impact on yourselves and others.


We don’t have to tell you that you have already made a deep impact on the World, for you are feeling it yourselves, more and more. Your intended expansion is making a huge difference. It is time now to double your efforts to expand and release and illuminate. Accept the Light with open arms and hearts 24/7, with your every waking moment. Intend to do it also in your dreamtime. Let it become second nature, like breathing.


Allow yourselves to receive and envelope the Light streaming in as if you are swimming in it and breathing it and seeing it all around you, now and forward into the rest of this year of Awakening. BE the Light Now, from this moment forward. The Light is You; it is not separate. You just need to allow it to expand in ever-increasing waves within you and without you. Let it build within you. Intend to allow more and more space for the Light to reside within you and without you.


You are the impetus for this. There are no limits to this. There is no end to it. You Are The Light, dear ones. Live in it, embellish it and share it. For all comes from you. For you are the Change you have been waiting for: You are the Light. You are the Change. You are the World. You are One with All That Is!


We are your loving comrades in Peace and Love, Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven.


Thank you to Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven.


As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda


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