Fran Zepeda ~ Be One With The Macrocosm ~ May 30, 2012

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Sananda ~ Be One With The Macrocosm ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ May 30, 2012






Abiding by the Laws of the Universe has not always been a priority for humanity. There has been a major disconnect for such a long time. Now humanity’s collective consciousness has more fully embraced the Laws of the Universe. Even though these laws have always been in force, humanity has not been in rhythm with them up until now.


Behold the massive shift in Light and Love. That could not have been possible had the power not shifted in rhythm with the Laws of the Universe. You are going to find much more synchronicity as a result of this.


Now, with the impending alignment and balance of the masculine and feminine energies, much more is possible. This is a major step in returning to Source and becoming One with All That Is.


You are beginning to see the Divine Plan in Action, in complete full forward action. The major shifts you, our beloved Lightworkers, have initiated are seeping into every corner of the Multiverse. Be assured of that.


Please take a moment now to assess your progress in clearing old outmoded belief systems. What are your priorities now? How do you look at and consider yourselves? Are you beginning to see yourselves as ever-valuable parts of the larger Macrocosm, just as every cell in your body is an ever-valuable part of your physical body?


Do you allow yourselves to flow and synchronize with one another just as your body systems flow and synchronize within your body? Do you see each of your fellow Beings as equally important parts of the Whole, with no exceptions? You wouldn’t reject a body part because it is different from another, would you?


Really examine how you view each and every Being, sentient and insentient on this planet and in all the Universes. Do you feel the rhythm; do you feel the pulsing of the entire Multiverse, just as you feel the pulsing of your physical body? Do you feel the heartbeat and pulsing of Mother Earth, just as you feel the heartbeat in your own body?


Do you feel deep Love for every Human Being, every plant and animal, every Galactic Being, who are all really no different from you? Think about it. You are all part of one large functioning organism, All That Is, no different from the functioning organism of your own body. No different, dear Ones.


Behold the complexity, behold the simplicity, behold the synchronicity, and behold the value of each Being in the Multiverse, as valuable parts of the Whole. Embrace the wonderment of this concept, this Reality, this Truth. As you learn to love, unconditionally, every cell in your body, as well as every Being on this Earth and throughout the Cosmos, you begin to grasp the totality of the possibilities of complete integration within and without you, and to experience the Miracles of functioning as a glorious Whole.


You are arriving at a greater understanding of the ramifications of the coming together of all aspects of yourself, as you witness the coming together of all aspects within the Multiverse. You are beginning to grasp what it means to be One with All That Is.


You are all precious gems to be valued with the same unconditional Love and reverence, just as all Humans, Extraterrestrials, and in fact all Beings, sentient and insentient, deserve the same unconditional Love and reverence from you. You know this deep inside. Now it is becoming a more integral part of your knowing like never before, just as sure as each breath you take.


You are all so precious to us in the Spiritual Realm, and we thank you, deeply, for the dedicated and loving care with which you have distributed your unconditional Love to every man, woman, and child, and every plant, animal and organism on this Earth just as we thank you, with much gratitude, for the reverence and unconditional Love you have committed to showing all Beings throughout the Universes and All That Is.


I AM Sananda, and I am forever at your service.


Thank you to Sananda.


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