~ Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report 04-14-2012 – Nothing is happening on the Planet ~

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~ Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report 04-14-2012 – Nothing is happening on the Planet ~



Well, I suppose I have no updates for today, not much is going on, energies are... don’t know, you tell me... and weather is calm, no earthquakes, ring of fire is quiet and so are volcanos.

ETs are probably simply weather ballons that lost their cord and the Planet is a simple mass of dead rock, so why bother... keep up your daily life and stop asking when things are going to happen. They are not... as they are not happening... all is as it was and as it will allways be.


Can you now breathe more smoothly without the tension of having to get rid of ego and so on? Does it not feel better? You can go back worring about your financial situation as usual (of course arrests and prosperity founda are a hoax as well) pay your bills, get you 6 hours sleep in the rush, work all year to be able to –maybe- pay for a 7 days vacation, get sick as you prefer, if lucky enough buy a car and have a cat –unless you earn enought to get a dog maybe-


We’re here simply because we lost our jobs and did not want to get back and look for another one, so we figured out we could make a living by digging out the best post we could find as far as truth is concerned, spend each of us some 10/16 hours a day on the site and comunicating with the Planet and the off-Planet (wich of course does not exist as NASA says) to get all the most accurate and truth information for all, claiming we are some beings we’re not and playing peace and compassion. Telling everyone they’re safe and God while shivering for cold or hunger simply because... we were bored of our life. And surely not because our Love for All is so Unconditional that we came Here Now to live it Together. Nope, that’s not the case. We’re not so crazy...





Now, I would say that I LOVE YOU ALL UNCONDITIONALLY, thus... would you believe me?

Who cares... I DO LOVE YOU ALL UNCONDITIONALLY... for I KNOW we’re ONE... or simply because...?


Thus, if you want to KNOW what it feels like to FEEL as ONE, simply watch this video... and if you ahve to reach to a tissue... it's ok. It's called LOVE.


If you missed our latest Energy Update


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Solar Wind at 530km/s 









The Ring Of Fire Is Roaring To Life And There Will Be Earthquakes Of Historic Importance On The West Coast Of The United States


Does it seem to you like there has been an unusual amount of seismic activity around the world lately?  Well, it isn't just your imagination.  The Ring of Fire is roaring to life and that is really bad news for the west coast of the United States.  Approximately 90 percent of all earthquakes and approximately 75 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur along the Ring of Fire.  Considering the fact that the entire west coast of the United States lies along the Ring of Fire, we should be very concerned that the Ring of Fire is becoming more active.  On Wednesday, the most powerful strike-slip earthquake ever recorded happened along the Ring of Fire.  If that earthquake had happened in a major U.S. city along the west coast, the city would have been entirely destroyed.  Scientists tell us that there is nearly a 100% certainty that the "Big One" will hit California at some point.  In recent years we have seen Japan, Chile, Indonesia and New Zealand all get hit by historic earthquakes.  It is inevitable that there will be earthquakes of historic importance on the west coast of the United States as well.  So far we have been very fortunate, but that good fortune will not last indefinitely.

In a previous article, I showed that earthquakes are becoming more frequent around the globe.  In 2001, there were 137 earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or greater and in 2011 there were 205.  The charts and data that I presented in that previous article show a clear upward trend in large global earthquakes over the past decade, and that is why what happened this week is so alarming.

On Wednesday, a magnitude 8.6 earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia and that was rapidly followed by a magnitude 8.2 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia.  Fortunately those gigantic earthquakes did not produce a devastating tsunami, but that doesn't mean that those earthquakes were not immensely powerful.

Normally we only see about one earthquake of magnitude 8.0 or greater per year.  The magnitude 8.6 earthquake was the most powerful strike-slip earthquake in recorded history.  If that earthquake had happened in the United States, it would have probably been the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.  The following is from an article posted on The Extinction Protocol....

I’ve never heard of a strike-slip lateral earthquake of this great a magnitude; especially under water. Preliminary assessment of the Indonesian quakes by U.S. geologists suggests one plate lurched past each other as much as 70 feet. San Andreas is a strike-slip, lateral- can we even imagine two sections of ground moving 70 feet near San Francisco? Had the force of the Sumatra quakes been unleashed upon San Andreas, the city would have been completely destroyed.

And earthquake activity along the west coast has definitely been heating up in recent days.

On Wednesday, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck approximately 160 miles off of the coast of Oregon.

Early on Thursday, there were two major earthquakes (magnitude 6.9 and magnitude 6.2) in the Gulf of California.

It is only a matter of time before the "Big One" hits California.

Sadly, most Americans (especially young Americans) can't even tell you what the Ring of Fire is.  The following is how Wikipedia defines the "Ring of Fire"....

The Pacific Ring of Fire (or sometimes just the Ring of Fire) is an area where large numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. In a 40,000 km (25,000 mi) horseshoe shape, it is associated with a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts and/or plate movements.

The entire west coast of the United States falls along the Ring of Fire and a massive network of faults runs underneath California, Oregon and Washington.

At this point, scientists tell us that the west coast is long overdue for a major earthquake.  An article in Time Magazine a few years ago stated the following....

California has more than 300 faults running beneath its surface, including the massive San Andreas Fault, yet the quake to end all quakes has yet to occur. In 1980, a federal report declared the likelihood of a major earthquake striking California within the next 30 years to be "well in excess of 50%."

Unfortunately, the truth is that is a very, very conservative estimate.  The west coast has always been extremely unstable and it always will be.  At some point there is going to be a tragedy of unimaginable proportions on the west coast.

Just hope that you are not there when it happens.

But it isn't just California, Oregon and Washington that should be concerned.

According to the Arizona Geological Survey, there were 131 earthquakes in the state of Arizona in 2011.  That was a huge increase from just 53 in 2010.

And of course an absolutely nightmarish earthquake could occur along the New Madrid fault at any time, but that is a topic for another article.

As far as the Ring of Fire is concerned, another major threat is volcanic activity.

One of these days, one or more of the major volcanoes on the west coast is going to experience a major eruption again.  There have been signs that Mt. Rainier has been becoming more active, and a major eruption of Mt. Rainier could potentially be absolutely devastating for much of the northwest United States.

Of even greater concern along the Ring of Fire is Mt. Fuji.  As I wrote about the other day, Mt. Fuji has been dormant for about 300 years but is now rapidly roaring to life.  New craters have appeared and these new craters are venting gas.  There has been a swarm of earthquakes under Mt. Fuji this year, including a magnitude 6.4 earthquake on March 15th.

If Mt. Fuji were to experience a full-blown eruption, the consequences could be absolutely catastrophic.  Mt. Fuji is not too far from Tokyo - one of the most densely populated cities on the entire planet.  The loss of life resulting from a full-blown eruption of Mt. Fuji would be almost unimaginable.

But it is not just along the Ring of Fire that we are seeing a rise in volcanic activity.  The truth is that we are seeing a rise in volcanic activity all over the globe.  The following are just a couple of recent examples which have been in the news....

*The volcanoes in Iceland that caused such huge problems a few years ago are becoming very active once again.

*Authorities in Colombia have declared a "red alert" and believe that an eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano is imminent.

*Ash is venting at the world famous Anak Krakatau volcano in Indonesia.

Something really strange is going on.

Most scientists will deny it or will attempt to downplay it until they are blue in the face, but the truth is that the trembling of our planet is getting worse.

If this shaking continues to get worse, there are going to be some absolutely horrific tragedies in the years ahead.

So do you have a theory for why there is so much seismic activity happening along the Ring of Fire?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below....


US forecasters are predicting Saturday storms 'life threatening' for the second time in US History


OKLAHOMA CITY - US weather forecasters issued an unusually strong tornado warning for Saturday, saying conditions are ripe for an outbreak in the heart of the country that could be a "high-end, life threatening event."


It was only the second time in U.S. history that the Storm Prediction Center issued a high-risk warning more than 24 hours in advance, said Russ Schneider, director of the center, which is part of the National Weather Service. The first time was in April 2006, when nearly 100 tornadoes tore across the southeastern U.S., killing a dozen people and damaging more than 1,000 homes.


Storms were already kicking off in Oklahoma, where a twister whizzed by the nation's tornado forecasting headquarters but caused little damage.


The strongly worded message came after the National Weather Service announced last month that it would start using terms like "mass devastation," ''unsurvivable" and "catastrophic" in warnings in an effort to get more people to pay attention. It said it would test the new warnings in Kansas and Missouri before deciding whether to expand them to other parts of the country.


Friday's warning, despite the strong language, was not part of that effort but just the most accurate way to describe what was expected, a weather service spokeswoman said.


It's possible to issue earlier warnings because improvements in storm modeling and technology are letting forecasters predict storms earlier and with greater confidence, said Chris Vaccaro, a spokesman for the National Weather Service.


In the past, people often have had only minutes of warning when a siren went off.


"We're quite sure tomorrow will be a very busy and dangerous day in terms of large tornadoes in parts of the central and southern plains," Vaccaro said. "The ingredients are coming together."


The worst weather is expected to develop late Saturday afternoon in Oklahoma and Kansas, but other areas also could see severe storms, forecasters said. The warning issued Friday covers parts of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.


The weather service confirmed a tornado touched down about 4 p.m. Friday near the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman, where it is based. Non-essential personnel at the storm center and students were ordered to take shelter, officials said.


Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management spokeswoman Keli Cain said there were no reports of serious injuries.


"This is just a fraction of what's to come tomorrow," Vaccaro warned.


Norman Regional Hospital and an affiliate treated 19 people for mainly "bumps and bruises," and one patient remained hospitalized in fair condition late Friday, hospital spokeswoman Kelly Wells said.


Extreme Weather in India on Saturday, 14 April, 2012 at 04:07 (04:07 AM) UTC.

Base data

EDIS Number:          ST-20120414-34892-IND

Event type:   Extreme Weather

Date/Time:     Saturday, 14 April, 2012 at 04:07 (04:07 AM) UTC

Damage level:           Moderate

Geographic information

Continent:      Asia

Country:         India

County / State:          MultiStates

Area:   States of Bengal and Kolkata        

Coordinate:    N 21° 56.700, E 88° 53.750

Number of affected people / Humanities loss

Foreign people:        Affected is unknown.

Dead person(s):       8

Eight persons, including three children, were killed after being struck by lightning in different parts of Sunderbans on Friday morning. Most of the victims were out in the paddy field or on their way to work when the lightning struck. Torrential rains, between 7am and 8am, accompanied by strong winds and thunder hence caught the villagers unawares.


Extreme Weather in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, 14 April, 2012 at 04:20 (04:20 AM) UTC.

EDIS Number:          ST-20120414-34894-SAU

Event type:   Extreme Weather

Date/Time:     Saturday, 14 April, 2012 at 04:20 (04:20 AM) UTC     

Damage level:           Minor

Geographic information

Continent:      Middle-East

Country:         Saudi Arabia

County / State:          Capital city

City:    Riyadh

A heavy sandstorm suddenly hit the Saudi capital yesterday afternoon, turning day into night with almost zero visibility, and forcing motorists to take precautionary measures by flashing hazard lights while negotiating the slow-moving traffic. “The skies had been cloudy almost the whole day until it suddenly became dark in the afternoon due to the sandstorm. Motorists had to flash hazard lights to alert drivers as traffic slowed down,” said Eric P. Asi , an electrical engineer at a local firm. He said that darkness enveloped the main arteries of the capital city such as Qassim, King Fahd, Khurais and Makkah roads because of the sandstorm that started at about 5 p.m. “With the sandstorm came a heavy downpour. Also strong winds buffeted the city and raked up the sand to add to our woes,” added Cenon “Nonie” C. Sagadal, a marketing representative of a local bank, adding that the rains left some areas in the city flooded. Earlier, the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) had issued a warning on the possibility of inclement weather in most parts of the Kingdom, prompting the Civil Defense Department to be cautious about flash floods caused by rains. PME's spokesman Hussein Al-Qahtani said the unstable weather condition would continue for some time. The Civil Defense urged the public to keep away from pathways of flood.


Tornado in USA on Saturday, 14 April, 2012 at 04:03 (04:03 AM) UTC.

Base data

EDIS Number:            TO-20120414-34890-USA

Event type:     Tornado

Date/Time:      Saturday, 14 April, 2012 at 04:03 (04:03 AM) UTC          

Damage level:  Minor

Geographic information

Continent:       North-America

Country:         USA

County / State:            State of Oklahoma

City:    Norman





Costa Rica’s Turrialbla volcano unleashed new wave of eruptions

Authorities said the Turrialbla volcano had a new wave of eruptions on Thursday, April 12, 2012. Scientists are converging on the mountain for a closer look at the smoke spewing from its center.

The Red Sismológica Nacional (RSN) and the Observatorio Vulcanologio y Sismologico de Costa Rica (OVISCORI), said Turrialbla’s activity does not present any significant risk, but they will continue to closely monitor the volcano.

Area residents reported of hearing a rumble as well as the sighting of dark colored smoke, generated by gas fumes from the volcano.






5.9      Tugu Hilir, Indonesia       2012-04-14 19:26:42    

2.8     Willow Creek, California 2012-04-14 17:21:15     

4.3     Tuy, Philippines    2012-04-14 15:53:44     

5.3      Off The West Coast Of Northern Sumatra    

2.7     Cantwell, Alaska   2012-04-14 15:16:39     

5.6      Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia    2012-04-14 15:13:11      

4.5      Iwaki, Japan           2012-04-14 15:04:56     

2.9     Road Town, British Virgin Islands       2012-04-14     

2.8     Cantwell, Alaska   2012-04-14 12:30:45     

5.1      OffWest Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-14      

2.6     Nikiski, Alaska       2012-04-14 12:13:05     

2.7     Julian, California  2012-04-14 11:34:29     

6.2     Drake Passage         2012-04-14 10:56:18     

4.7     Iwaki, Japan           2012-04-14 10:48:50     

4.6     North Indian Ocean          2012-04-14 10:08:46    

4.0     Off West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-14    

4.8     Iwaki, Japan           2012-04-14 09:25:14     

3.3     San Juan, Puerto Rico      2012-04-14 09:00:14    

4.4     Iwaki, Japan           2012-04-14 08:46:09    

4.3     Off West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-14

3.0     Mcalester, Oklahoma       2012-04-14 07:35:58     

2.6     Aromas, California           2012-04-14 07:34:55     

4.3     North Indian Ocean          2012-04-14 07:33:12    

3.4     San Juan, Puerto Rico      2012-04-14 06:41:37    

4.4     Ndoi Island, Fiji      2012-04-14 06:23:21    

4.3     Makhjan, India      2012-04-14 05:27:39    

2.7     Daguao, Puerto Rico         2012-04-14 05:25:34     

4.3     Sinabang, Indonesia         2012-04-14 05:23:27    

3.4     Road Town, British Virgin Islands       2012-04-14     

4.3     Saumlaki, Indonesia         2012-04-14 04:13:24          

2.5      Talkeetna, Alaska 2012-04-14 04:06:56    

4.2     Off West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-14    

2.9     Kodiak Station, Alaska     2012-04-14 04:03:01    

2.8     Maneadero, Mexico           2012-04-14 03:10:43    

4.2     Off The West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-   

4.5      Off West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-14    

2.8     Willow, Alaska       2012-04-14 00:52:24    

4.5      Sibolga, Indonesia 2012-04-14 00:46:24    

4.4     Luwuk, Indonesia  2012-04-14 00:40:36    

4.3     Southwest Of Sumatra, Indonesia        2012-04-14   

3.5      Aromas, California           2012-04-13 22:18:54     

4.5      San Pedro Jicayan, Mexico         2012-04-13   

4.5      Atocha, Bolivia      2012-04-13 20:28:29     21.357°S     

4.6     Off West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-13 

4.1      Izu Islands, Japan Region            2012-04-13     

4.7     North Indian Ocean          2012-04-13 19:52:07     

4.7     Pagaralam, Indonesia      2012-04-13 19:35:08     

3.4     King Salmon, Alaska        2012-04-13 19:16:42     

3.0     Chirikof Island, Alaska    2012-04-13 18:47:50     

4.0     Sinabang, Indonesia         2012-04-13 18:12:11     

2.7     Healy, Alaska         2012-04-13 17:45:05     

4.4     Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia    2012-04-13 17:04:52     

4.8     Ndoi Island, Fiji      2012-04-13 16:42:34    

4.5      Ishinomaki, Japan            2012-04-13 15:54:46     

4.5      Isangel, Vanuatu   2012-04-13 15:52:45     

4.4     North Indian Ocean          2012-04-13 15:33:32     

4.6     Catarina, Guatemala       2012-04-13 13:49:55     

5.3      Santiago Pinotepa Nacional, Mexico   2012-04-13

4.8     North Indian Ocean          2012-04-13 12:48:12     

5.0      Iwaki, Japan           2012-04-13 12:12:06     

4.3     Off The West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-    

4.7     North Indian Ocean          2012-04-13 11:43:49     

3.3     Brenas, Puerto Rico           2012-04-13 10:16:50     

4.3     Phek, India  2012-04-13 10:11:53     

5.4      Santiago Pinotepa Nacional, Mexico   2012-04-13    

5.7      Iwaki, Japan           2012-04-13 10:10:01     

2.7     Charlotte Amalie, U.s. Virgin Islands 2012-04-13   

2.9     Tanaga Volcano, Alaska  2012-04-13 07:47:22    

3.2     Road Town, British Virgin Islands       2012-04-13   

4.5      Arzak, China           2012-04-13 06:48:05    

4.7     Isola Delle Femmine, Italy          2012-04-13 06:21:36    

4.7     Constitucion, Chile           2012-04-13 06:13:16     

4.9     North Indian Ocean          2012-04-13 05:31:46     

2.9     Aguadilla, Puerto Rico     2012-04-13 05:31:23     

4.6     North Indian Ocean          2012-04-13 05:08:12     

4.8     North Indian Ocean          2012-04-13 04:49:49    

4.2     Gurpinar, Turkey 2012-04-13 04:22:10    

2.6     Avalon, California            2012-04-13 04:18:02    

5.0      Port-Vila, Vanuatu           2012-04-13 04:15:11     

4.5      Saumlaki, Indonesia         2012-04-13 04:02:39    

2.6     Willow, Alaska       2012-04-13 03:52:07    

4.5      Off West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-13     

4.4     North Indian Ocean          2012-04-13 03:17:20    

3.2     Larsen Bay, Alaska           2012-04-13 02:20:35    

4.2     Saray, Turkey        2012-04-13 00:04:52    

4.8     Southeast Indian Ridge    2012-04-12 23:15:47     

2.8     Julian, California  2012-04-12 22:46:26    

2.7     Cohoe, Alaska         2012-04-12 22:42:10    

4.4     Off The West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-    

4.8     Off The West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-   

2.7     Sutton-Alpine, Alaska      2012-04-12 20:49:15     

5.1      Off  West Coast Of Northern Sumatra     2012-04-12    

3.5      Anza, California     2012-04-12 18:53:01     

3.6     San Juan, Puerto Rico      2012-04-12 18:31:33     

2.7     Bandon, Oregon     2012-04-12 16:59:21     

4.2     Santiago Pinotepa Nacional, Mexico   2012-04-12     

3.6     Road Town, British Virgin Islands       2012-04-12      

4.0     Cantwell, Alaska   2012-04-12 16:41:07     

2.7     Bandon, Oregon     2012-04-12 16:25:13     

4.4     Iwaki, Japan           2012-04-12 15:51:18      




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How unfortunate.....

gentlewisdom's picture

Clearly, you do not practice what you preach Dear One. Your sarcastic manner and passive aggressive behavioiur is  all too apparent. This could be a wonderful site without your emotional outbursts ....it is so unfortunate to see how you act this way. 


This kind of unbalanced behaviour is in need of some rest and healing. I truly hope that you will take the time and follow through on this good and viable advice. If you honestly loved all, you would never utter such words. Do not take out your aggression on others, it is wrong and abusive. 


I wish you and all who run this site all the best. It is a pleasure to know you all, even with your pain and confusion in type for all to see.  Do not reply, as your message, retort, will be over-looked as I do not tolerate such abuse from anyone, ever. My Love is for All and that very much includes my Self.  This blocks any hostility, lies and arguments coming from beings that exhibit ill words, intentions or thoughts. People are not stupid, as you seem to think & feel and you are not above anyone. We are all equal and beautiful, no matter what or where someone may be on thier way to thier Truth. This of course, includes you, and you cannot twist this into something that it is not. I am not abusing you...however, I am honest. You could learn alot from Boo Walker, she is Love. It is in her posts, and her frequencies are filled with LIght. This is what is needed on our planet and I think that Boo should start her own site...it would be magnificent! Have a wonderful day.




All of this is so preditcable

glr_Andrea's picture

And nope, I'm not going to stop this as long as one, single soul will be trapped into this illusion I will use all and any mean I can to wacke them up, and so it already is with some of you that answered.


As soon as we try to upgrade your way of perceiving some fall into it... BUM. I want it said that way and no other... oh dear souls, have you not learned the lesson so far... can you not laugh at a message you KNOW comes from me? There's no more duality... I am not what you are used to be confronted to all day long, I am not your duality, this come from your perception only. 


Why, please tell me ther eason for taking this message personally? We have about 9'000 readers every day just on this site, how come this is expressively for you? 


I act from the dark? Why do you feel this, because I touched some doubts in you? Wonderful! That IS exactly what I wanted to do! Trigger all remaining doubts!!!! 


The Planet NEEDS YOU NOW, and as long as you keep your doubts hidden all you bring into it are hidden doubts... you might not be even aware of. 


I'm here to be your mirror until you find the BRIGHTEST LIGHT inside of you. And if this means beeing treated as a dark one... well, it' up to you Great Soul... you can get the lesson or deny it... You can see what it triggered in you or react unconsciously... 


On the web there are tousends of messages saying we're fake... if you have doubts, as they came out by your words... you'll be triggered by them and your standing Tall will be jeopardised... 


Many receive Messages and write on top of them "I'm not responsible for the accuracy of the message" WHAT? You take responsability for something and then say you do not? Is this your standing Tall! Sorry, this is not the way. If I post something I do take responsability for what I post, as in this case. I Knew in advance what it would trigger, and I did it to trigger. It's part of my Mission. Get Souls to Awaken into Awarness. If you really think I can write that that nothing is going on on the Planet and then post 7 pages of waht's happening... beeing serious... wow... yes, then you need to find a bit more of trust in yourself.


So here you are Great Souls... a little bit more Aware of your thoughts. And I Love You for the step you've taken. And I Love those that did not have the courage to comment as I felt them and know they're Seeing it too. 


Yes, I wanted to get some dark... out! Here it is. Wonderful... time to give it away and see the Love that it covered.


About Boo, could not say it better, she IS BRIGHT LOVE AND LIGHT, and her posts are it's Highest expression, thus, if you trust Her Light, how come you do not trust Her choice of BEing One with Her Family... US=YOU? We're not here to separate, we're here to show what BEing ONE means. And All it takes. Ask yourself why such Bright Light would bother to be here on HER site if it was such a dark one... I'm quite sure knowing her she could manage to have her own site if she wanted so, she's 360° brilliant... Just to let you think a little bit more. 


Enjoy your ride, wherever you choose to go.


In All The Love that IS



You have just found yourself face to face with "the mirror"

GLR Boo's picture

If my posts seem filled with Love and Light it is because I choose my state of mind, I choose the energies I project and I choose my words all very carefully. 


I have to do this because in a lower vibrational space I am a very volatile person. In the 3D I am quick to react, quick to self-protect, and highly judgemental. I find these very same traits in others disgusting, which tells me that the 3D me is disgusted with myself as well. 


In 2003 while working as a nurse I was assaulted by a patient in the hospital. I ended up with a head injury that affected my balance as well as my speech and other cognitive functions. I had to re-learn everything. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to push my own restart button. I made a CHOICE to think differently, react differently and to walk an entirely different path. 


Do I still have bad moments? Of course! We are humans not robots, we constantly have to monitor ourselves and make sure it is all coming from the heart, with a purity of intention that does harm to no one. This is the Universal Law that all beings live within.

It is work, it doesn't happen magically just because we've gone through the 11.11.11 stargate or some other special cosmic event. 


Andrea has an important role to play for all of humanity (myself included). She is a valuable "la specchio" (Italian for "mirror").  She has the beautiful ability to gather energies from groups of people and mirror it back to them through her words. She is so skilled and powerful at this, that most people still entrenched in their own egos feel the need to fight back in a knee-jerk reaction. Surprise! You have just found yourself face to face with "the mirror."


It's your move, it's your CHOICE...


Kaily's picture

I see the value in this message. Such an important lesson to all whom say they are from the light. True light and love are open to all, are balanced and do not feel personally attacked by something they disagree upon. We live here on Earth after all in this moment and Earth is dense. I feel like denying the darkness is the same and denying the light. If you are on this planet right now, being 'full light' is unbalanced and in my opinion creating more darkness. People will find the light on their own. They do not need to be told nor do they need to denied their reality and lessons. This is only creating darkness into your own life and yet you do not see it because you refuse to see the shadow you make when the sun hits you. 


Be from the light but be human too. Don't deny your Mother and only worship your Father...