The Galactic Free Press Update: Comet Ison to bring a significant message, The incredible is happening

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Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center

The Real News and The Whole Truth


Quoted from Essence Ka tha’ras...."Hold on to your hats folks… this rocket ship is about to take off!!...".

Greetings Love Beings, WOW! What Incredible Full Moon Energies We Had to assist us In the Full Manifestation of the New Earth! This event Really did Light Up the Grid and Strengthened the Unity Consciousness which excites and Ignites the Atoms On the Planet. More Events are To Arrive Very Quickly to Support this Amazing Acceleration! The 11~11 Gateway also Has Brought us Tremendous Energy Movement in Love's Direction! Those who are aware can feel this Deeply! Anticipate Many Changes Up ahead! You could be Stunned or Shocked as your Soul Awakens to the Reality of Heaven energies Pouring into the Planet preparing us for continued upgrades and transformations! November is not letting us down for sure and We have much more to look forward too with Comet Ison and The Suns Magnetic Pole Reversal. Changes, Changes, Changes and Love is Alive on Planet Earth=Heart!

Quoted from Lauren C Gorgo".....The council mentioned in the last report that we were going to be provided with…ahem…a rigorous pathway to re-concile, re-claim, re-store, re-plenish, re-vitalize, and ultimately re-surrect as we embody the Christ template in union with our monadic Source.   In my own words: !@#% Add to that the  u n p r e c e d e n t e d  amount of recent solar activity, and it can definitely feel like we are being electrocuted daily…which, among other things, is affecting (read: upgrading) the rhythm of our body’s electrical system: changes in our heartbeat & breathing rhythm, (increased heart rate/pulse, palpitations, etc.) muscle twitches, erratic sleep & eating patterns, extreme body temperature fluctuations, swings from vitality to exhaustion, and the like.Hopefully this intensity will soon subside (in time for the holidays would be ideal), but while the body tries to find its new rhythm, we still need to be patient and support ourselves thru these temporary imbalances. That said, and even with retrograde mostly behind us, we still have a big month on tap.....

The September equinox served as a definite demarcation point, the (energetic) “separation of worlds” that has released us from so much collective heaviness.  As a result, we have been extensively expunging the memories of this heaviness from our physical cells so that we can embody more and more of our divinity, in preparation for our emergence. The recent lunar and solar eclipses have also been aiding in our emergence, showing each of us the perfect balance required of our physical (male/female) energies so that we can “light up” and become what the PHC refer to as “the radiant ONEs”.

The way it was explained to me is that the lunar (feminine) and solar (masculine) eclipses are actually fortifying our ascension, which is ultimately enabling our spiritual descension into physical form. In other words, the ability to descend into physicality is triggered and made possible by the sacred merge…it is the access point, the signal to the soul that it is safe to enter, so to speak.

The council says that so much has been taking place both within and around our physical world (like relentless solar activity for example) to result in/support/reflect “the emergence of the radiant ONEs”…the most obvious symptom of which, of our “turning inside out”, is the undeniable (yet still-growing) certainty of our energetic self-containment…that which the PHC calls an outward manifestation of our inner-merging process.This tiny yet increasing (God) spark of solar fire is the divine masculine-focused power of (physical) creation swelling within us…a sacred energy spawned from our merging monad that opens our access to the memory of Home, of God-sovereignty…that which translates into our unmistakable inner-authority that we are now able to more firmly tap into...The rest of this month and leading into 2014 feels massive in terms of revelation and transformation.  There is so much we have yet to grasp, yet so much is becoming crystal(line) clear....

I am hearing that toward the end of November our real forward movement since the lunar eclipse/equinox period will begin…but this time we will be moving forward with more of our whole selves in tact.  As we do, as we begin to “light-up” individually and collectively, we will start to magnetize life-changing, heart-resonant opportunities that will lend to the co-creation of our new world. Breakthroughs will abound and physical change will continue to manifest for all those who are true. There is a real sense of magic in the air…a deep excitement and bubbling anticipation of what’s to come.  While I have little to no idea how, when, or what that will look like for any of us…I am really looking forward to discovering it with each and every one of you." End of quote

Everything Keeps getting grander as we continue our Journey together Into Unity Consciousness the inevitable Destiny of this Planet. The Intensity of these Energies Intensifies as we Spiral Forward Home Into the Light. This is a Guaranteed Destiny of this Planet! This Weekend we have a Powerful Alignment and a Huge Galactic Portal Opening with the Galactic Center Energies and Intense Solar Flare Activity. All this Energy coming from the Sun Bombarding the Planet now coupled with Comet ISON, Will Be A Double Whammy! We are In unprecendented Moments. As a result of all of this energy, So Much has been ignited and has placed us on a definate accelerated speed. Comet Ison is also assisting as it Comes Closer in Our Sky with an Important Message for Humanity from Love. This will be released to Humanity when Ison Arrives closest to the Planet On November 28th, and this energy will be integrated into 2014. You can Already feel this energy building and this message and Energy from Ison is a Significant Facet of the Divine Plan. What a Fantastic Ride this will be for those catching the WAVE!

Quoted from Practical Astrologer... Comet ISON is the Heavenly Messenger and Jupiter expands and magnifies. Comet ISON will take the plunge into the Sun on Thanksgiving Day (in USA) on the 28th and if it survives it should put on quite a show for Spaceship Earth.  The bigger the “show,” the bigger the changes."


 Quoted from Carol Ann Ciocco......"What is the message of comet ISON? It is a message for Humanity.....

A key date for contemplation and new connections with ISON is NOVEMBER 28, 2013 (Thanksgiving in the U.S.) when ISON will meet and greet the Sun. A message will be discharged.   Additionally in regard to timing: the Earth will pass through the 'comet dust' of ISON on JANUARY 12-14, 2014, which is when the message fully precipitates - ie this is when ISON fully incarnates, when we breathe it into our cells.. "For several days around January 12, 2014, Earth will pass through a stream of fine-grained debris from Comet ISON...The shower is going to hit our planet from two directions at once...In my experience, this kind of double whammy is unprecedented. Enjoy your dance with ISON! "" End of quote

Hopi Blue Star or Blue Kachina Prophecy: An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". This will be the Day of Purification. The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes its mask.....Reality is a metaphor in which we quest to find answers to the greater truth of who we are and why we are here. Something in our souls tells us that change is happening on a global consciousness level. The blue frequency is part of that.

Sirius is Isis - Rebirth of Consciousness. Blue links to higher/future frequencies of consciousness as we spiral up through the patterns of Sacred Geometry."

 Quoted fromBelinda Hopi Prophecy?  ..... ISON. Its interesting. It feels feminine, clear, like a huge freezing cold refreshing wave. The blue kachina?? Felt tingles and my body lit up when I wrote that. Feels really special."

Quoted From Gabriel who asked Nora Herald a Question about Comet Ison ...."When there is a body of matter coming across the universe and coming so close to us, is it delivering subtler energy to us? What is the significance...?
 Nora "It is here to Open another door for yourselves. This will impact you in tremendous ways. Integration of the oversoul energy. Yes, it is significant and there are two key pieces here: 1)  "It is a predestined event.
It is acting as a trigger for you as Halebop did many years ago..
There are certain things, celestial events,  we (humans/beings) set up proior to this incarnation to further awaken our oversoul integration process. It is confirming that a certain state of being has been achieved. (IMPORTANT) Celebrate that! You cannot possibly see yourselves becasue you are in it. You cannot access and see your growth and evolution and integration in the way we can.
But we can tell you, The Light that is eminating from Earth is millions, millions times brighter than the light that was coming off your planet just a decade ago.
Celebrate that! 
Comet Ison is coming by to acknowldege that transformation.
and as you all see it pass by you will feel it in your bodies.
2) It is also giving you a doorway through to more of your oversoul[HigherSelf] access.
It is a physical representation of that physical support that is coming to us as.
and from all those other beings that are helping you along your way. It is a symbol of all the other planetary systems that are participating in this support for Earth. (angelics, guides, all the other plantetary systems) Give yourself permission to the importance of this event.  You don't even have to physically experience the event or even see it.It is bringing you a specific transmission of light and love energy.You will feel it." End of Quote

 Quoted from Gillian Macbeth Louthan"...The arrival of a comet or meteor to earth is "just like getting a new crystal, earth is being given a new stone from deep space."

 Quoted from Theodore White"....The message of a comet is not delivered until the comet makes its closest approach to the Sun where the message is assimilated into the system. The message alters (old systems) and forms alliances into new patterns - it creates new connections."

 Quoted from Essence Ka tha’ras."...ISON is the messenger and carrier of the frequencies encoded with the information of the most positive probable Near Future outcome we brought back out of the Multi-dimensional Portal in September, as was determined by the Multi-dimensional Group Collective Conscious Mind to be most likely accepted and adjusted to by the Collective Consciousness, including the Spiritually Unawakened, for our next step as ONE in a positive forward movement of Spiritual Awakening designed to create our Near Future Collectively Agreed upon Present Projected Time Frame Reality, as well as being encoded with the frequency information of the Solar Flare AR1890 whose energy showered Earth on the 10th and 11th, which is also the 9-99-999 Frequencies designed to more fully open and expand the Heart Chakra of the Collective Consciousness. And, ISON is encoded with the 11:11 Wake-up code of the New Mayan Calendar Round. And let’s not forget that ISON is also encoded with the frequencies of Spica whose energy and work “concerns the whole goal of the evolutionary process ~ to shield, nurture and finally reveal the hidden spiritual reality, and stands for the womb of time wherein God’s plan is slowly matured and ~ with pain and discomfort through struggle and conflict ~ brought into manifestation at the end of the appointed time.....” end of quote


 Quoted from Wes Annac The Universal family....."As we continue to support every conscious soul on the ground working to awaken the rest of your populace, we see that much progress is being made in various avenues, some of which we couldn’t possibly express because of the complex terminology involved. We speak of energetic events and the effects on your populace they’re causing, and to keep our reference to them simple enough, we’ll repeat that souls you wouldn’t expect to awaken to infinite Love and a higher truth now can.

You’re entering a time of quickened yet strong progress, and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that you’ve reached a point of everlasting utilization of your ability to Create and sew the changes you’ve wished to see for so long.We recognize with Love that many of you are ready for the Earthly experience to be over in terms of the difficulty accompanying it, but this difficulty no longer has to bring you down or take your blissful perception away from you.Rather, it can catapult you to a place of everlasting harmony that you can then express to every person around you who’ll pick up on and benefit from it in their own way....."

 Quoted from Scott Mowry"... here we stand, in the year 2013 and the very pure ideal of freedom is actually within our grasp as never before. I mean really a great possibility has arrived. With each and every passing day, the people of the world grow ever more resolute to taste the fruits of true and real freedom. Freedom from worry, stress and anxiety. Freedom from suffering, pain and doubt. Freedom from debt and obligation to an insatiable bureaucratic monster which knows no limits. Freedom from slavery and servitude to a long, corrupted economic system based upon fraud, avarice and greed. Freedom from the restrictions of poverty, lack and hardship. These freedoms are now coming more and more sharply into focus. Many are so close now we can taste them. We can smell them in the air. We can feel them deep within our bones. Have you been feeling them ever close now? These freedoms will be as sweet and sublime as one can possibly envision. They will be beyond the wildest dreams we could ever conjure up within our minds. Even beyond the limits of our imagination. And yes indeed, the sleeping giant has awoken......Despite the apparent dire situation the world appears to be wallowing in, we have arrived at a point in our collective evolution where grand, sweeping changes of the most miraculous nature are about to be instituted the likes of which have never, ever been seen before.Essentially, what seems likely is November 2013 will offer one of the greatest opportunities for a real paradigm shift the result of which will catapult humanity exponentially forward in evolution....." End of Quote



Sprawling sunspot AR1897 has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. . Credit: SDO/HMI

 All Eyes are On The Sun  now as it Continue's With Daily Solar flares and Continued X and M Class Flares! We cannot confirm but we feel the Reversal of the sun is in process Now. We have shared before about this Significant Event Flipping People on to the path of awakening or they will be flipping out. We are In the Shift Ages everyone and this is Happening Right Now. This is assisting in the shifting of the consciousness on the entire planet. Together with Comet Ison and 3 other Comets, Whammy's of Energy will Continue.


A Hubble Space Telescope image of Comet ISON hurtling towards the sun. The comet is traveling at 48,000 miles per hourIn other cosmic happenings, Comet ISON is rapidly approaching its expected pass by the Sun (Nov 28). Is it affecting us energetically? Well, my feeling is - the Sun is, solar flares are, planetary movements are, why not a comet that is releasing gigantic clouds of gas and dust, moving at 680,000 km an hour (425,000 miles) with "a tail that extends more than 8 million kilometers behind the comet's nucleus. For comparison, that's 21 times the distance between Earth and the Moon." (Space Weather). .....

It feels like the whole universe is working together to help us wake up. Forget about that snooze button on your bedside will keep ringing, for everyone, (every 5 min so it would seem) until all aspects within us and outside us have shifted. Sometimes the trigger is a personal event, sometimes something that is happening in your country or the other side of the world, and sometimes it's the sun, planet or a comet apparently...." End of quote

Its amazing what is now unfolding in the collective unified field since the Eclipse's and Gateways! Wow, Proof of this is being provided With Miracles Appearing Everywhere. We are witnessing and observing deep changes and transformation underway now on a continous basis. Waves Upon Waves of Activating Energies are arriving to us daily. A Reset Has Definatly occurred through all of our recent events. We have some intense and important days up ahead of us as The Sun Will Soon Enter into The Eventful and Magical Sagittarius, Then An Important Portal Opening, which is an Important Astrological Alignment,  and to end the Month we will be Embracing the Gifts and Messages from Comet Ison as Well as the Other 3 Comets Closeby. 

Quoted from Gaia Portal ...."Quickening of energy systems via the 11-11 portal brings accelerated changes in the inner and so-called outer....."

 Nancy A "Show time; nowhere to run; nowhere to hide. Many will faint or fall by the way. Mourn them not for choices made."

Quoted from Sandra Walters" ......The intense photonic waves of light which will increase and continue through the end of December 2013 are un-creating the illusion. The Maya dissipates in the light of truth, the light of love, the light of the galactic rewrite we are experiencing right now. Today. Guardians of the New Light take heed The current light waves are of a substance which past Masters and Galactics have not experienced in a physical body on a planet going through a dimensional shift. This is the point where we – the grounded awakened and ascending collective – must be very clear about our choices and our Ascension process. In order to stay focused on the Ascension timeline, you must hold firm to your heartstream. The activations available now are continuous, powerful and purposeful....." end of quote

We just went through an intense A Full Moon In Taurus in the Sun sign of Scorpio. These 2 Signs are Mirrors for each other. and represent The Masculine and Feminine Energies. Through this Full Moon they assisted Humanity further Into Unity and Balanced Harmonics! As a result some are speaking about this as a Significant reset. This was the Biggest Full Moon energy Of this Year. This reset is grounding the Heaven and Earth Energies. Many have been reporting how significant this Full Moon has Been for them on their Personal Journeys and this Was To Support Humanity Home Into the Light.

Quoted from KP's MIssion"....There is massive transformation occurring...., on many levels, for everyone.... The Higher Alignments are being brought in… Now… "


Quoted from Patricia Liles "....We all know it's a time of major change and a collective stretch for greater conscious awareness. Support is abundant and available just by stepping outside our self-centered universe and calling it forth. Taurus Full Moon acts as a mirror to its opposite sign, Scorpio, and reflects back to us all our issues with empowerment, intimate truth, and what we must relinquish to evolve as we move through this time weighted in the archetype Scorpio.......Scorpio gives us access to tremendous power and healing ability. This is the feminine power continuum, Scorpio/Taurus – the water/earth polarity of emotion and practical manifestation. Here, we can use it to delve into some cold, hard truths about ourselves and transform what has gone before by opening our hearts to our true inheritance, the power of Love. .....Let the Taurus Moon lead you to nature, Mother Earth and the beauty, love and support available through her. The feminine is being hugely empowered now and along with that comes the need to clear out our emotional filters and distorting veils with forgiveness and gratitude for the rebalancing of the Masculine and Feminine on the planet....."

 Quoted from Marcia"......within us and around us -- these days, what an extraordinary energetic opportunity this Full Moon brings!  Taking her spot exactly across the sky from the Scorpio Sun, she'll be calling forth the transforrmative seed energy that began to form at the Scorpio Solar Eclipse just two weeks ago.  Within you and around you, the Big Shift is well underway.  In fact, we are now in the time of the re-set.What this week brings is revelation -- in one of the most powerful degrees of Taurus.  Saturated with the ancient power of the abundant, fertile Earth -- of Gaia Sophia herself --  this Taurus Full Moon will show you what the Cosmic Feminine requires to renew your life -- and our world......Echoing this message of a re-set is the Comet Ison, coming into our solar system on a 10,000-year journey from the ancient Oort Cloud, believed to be a remanant of the protoplanetary disc that surrounded our Sun at its birth. In the three days before the Full Moon, Comet Ison's brilliance has increased ten-fold.  The time of revelation and re-set has begun....." End of Quote  

This Weekend We have Another Powerful Event For the Final Liberation of Planet Earth=Heart! Group Meditations will Be occurring as to Visualize Freedom for All Of Humanity and assist on the grounding of the Heaven and Earth Energies. A Huge Revelation of Light will be Released through this Astrological Alignment and will be affecting Everyone in this Galaxy! You can Join the Earth Allies this Saturday, November 23rd. Thank You for Participating in this Event Which will begin at 1:11pm Pacific. At this Link:

 Quoted from Cobra "Victory NOW! Liberation NOW! It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the heliocentric Uranus Pluto square on November 23rd. Many of us will gather and visualize the Event happening in the NOW and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.There is a lot happening behind the scenes. I will be able to release much new intel after the activation of the Aion portal on November 23rd....." end of quote

Decreed by Heaven~ The Inevitibale and the Incredible is Happening!  All Who are Aware of what is Unfolding On this planet have Been Called Into Action to Assist In the Movement of the Liberation of Planet Earth=Heart. We are Entering the Most Powerful Gateway of 2013 and Comet Ison Will Be Assisting During this Time With a Significant Message for Humanity.  This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

We will Be Hosting this Weekends Alignment and Portal Opening With a Series of Meditations

Remember Loves we are not in a time linear schedule, We are In A Divine one!

 ~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~

   Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!

   ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.


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