The Galactic Free Press Update: Updated~ The Shift Will Be Hitting us Fast Now

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Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center

The Real News and The Whole Truth

Quoted from Zen Gardner "It’s time to wake..... up."


Greetings Love Beings, In Our Last Update We Shared November was Going to Be Very Exciting and Eventful. We have Astrological Alignments, Portal Openings, An Eclipse, Sun Magnetic Reversal, Intense New Earth Energies, Intense Solar Flares[ LOTS of THESE] and 4 Comets Including Comet Ison. Can It Get More Exciting? These are Just a Few everyone, there will be more! We have alot to Look forward to in these next 2 Months for energy Movement and the dying of the old. Indeed it is crumbling and in its last throes, FINALLY. The old paradigm has no more energy to sustain itself and this will become more apparent in our days, weeks, and months ahead. There are many events arriving to show this truth to us. The  Shift is hitting us Fast, Love and the New Reality are Here! No Going back, Even if we Tried. Real Love is Awakening Into the Hearts of Humanity and this Coming Eclipse will really drive this Home! Much More is to Be revealed to Humanity this Month!

 Quoted from Timothy Glenn".....The Times They Are A-Changin’......The Shift has hit the fan, the game is afoot, and the global metamorphosis has been catapulted far beyond the point of no return....." End Of Quote

 Earth Ally Ray: " is over"

Carl Boudreau…The Astrology of November 2013 ~ Finally”“A month we have been waiting for a long time. The tide turns in favor of common sense and common decency on a practical, day-to-day level.....”

 Quoted from David Wilcock....."overall we are going through a vast, planetary healing process, and things will get much better..Everyone thinks these things will be gradual until Major Events take place. It does seem we are now on the verge of not one, but a series of Major Events....." End of quote

 Quoted from Eileen Coleman"....Hold onto your hats for the ride of your life!...."

Quoted from kauilapele......"What I’m sensing at the moment is that there is a rather large movement (whatever “large” means; probably “global”) that will be occurring in the first November week..... There is also a large Cosmic Energy influx on the 3rd. At least, centered around the 3rd, peaking on the 3rd. All these pieces together means something “large” is taking place. And after the 3rd, my “sense” is that the ride will become even “faster” (whatever “faster” means) and “more roller-coastery” (whatever “more roller-coastery” means). So all I can say is I’m going to hold on to my hat and hold on to the roller-coaster car and enjoy the ride!!...." End of quote

 Quoted from Eileen Coleman......"Hold onto your hats for the ride of your life!  We take you across the rainbow and on to finer visions - a declaration of peace that we can understand and trust implicitly with no uprising in the ranks! ....  We are delighted with how it all turns out and ask you to respect these changes as they come flooding in. ...." End of quote

 Quoted from Suzy Ward...."The thread that unites those seemingly unrelated areas and innumerable others, including myriad promising developments at grassroots levels, is the increasingly powerful energy movement within and around the planet. Everything in your world that is flowing in consonance with that movement is gaining momentum and everything that is resisting the flow is coming apart at the seams. The longstanding propensity for war and oppressive policies and practices keeps weakening as the collective thoughts, feelings and actions on behalf of peace, freedom and truth keep intensifying.

It is a joy for us to observe these wondrous effects of love-light energy! There will be a series of fits and starts in the most expansive areas of change, but there is no indication that any detours will be significant, and nothing can derail your society’s progress

Quoted from Veronica Keen" .....Their control system is crumbling as more light shines on it. It exposes it for what it is. Humanity will no longer accept it, so no matter what they try, they will face exposure. They can no longer pull the wool over the eyes of the awakened people. Every corner of the Earth is waking up to the illusion that has enslaved it. It needed mankind to come together as one, to remove all issues that caused division, and to realise that you are all part of the human race and you need each other's help to restore Planet Earth......What you are seeing every day now is the dismantling of all that is dark and corrupt. As the light expands, it exposes truth, which enables you to see clearly for the first time, the reality in which you find yourselves. YOU are the change..." End of Quote

Quoted from lovelylinda.." It feels so wonderful to know the pain and suffering is departing, freedom is wafting in the air and we are on the move. My heart is aflame with this freedom flame and love. Cheers to all of us feeling it and beaming it. Lovelight flowing."

M6-CLASS FLARE: Sunspot AR1884 is directly facing Earth, and it has a mixed-polarity magnetic field that harbors energy for strong eruptions. On Nov. 1st at 1953 UT the active region unleashed a brief but intense M6-class solar flare. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash:



Although the flare was aimed directly at Earth, its effect on our planet was minimal--mainly because the duration was so short (less than 1 minute). A brief blackout of HF radio signals might have occured on the daylit side of Earth, while low-frequency navigation signals could have been disrupted for ~tens of minutes. Any such disruptions have since subsided.

Sunspot AR1884 poses a threat for longer and stronger flares this weekend. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of M-class flares and a 5% chance of X-class flares on Nov. 2nd and 3rd. Auro alerts: text, voice.

It appears from all the data that the Sun has already began its Magnetic Reversal and We have A Series of Continued Intense Solar Flares. We have shared the tide is turning and we will see this Manifested Uphead quite quickly with All this Help from Our Sun.

Quoted from ~ Dana Mrkich.....".If you're feeling a little wired/exhausted/emotional/on edge, the Sun has released 3[ Now 4] X Class Solar Flares since[ Last] Friday. October has been one of the most active Solar months in years with 22 M Class Solar Flares so far. .......  Over the last few years we have all become increasingly sensitive to solar activity, feeling it on physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels. These flares are playing an integral role in waking us up: triggering aspects of ourselves that we need to address, confront, acknowledge, be aware of, make peace with, transform, activate, use, or release.
Each flare, or series of flares, seems to come with a ‘theme’. Currently the ‘theme’ feels to be revolving around remembering our potential (as individuals and as a society/humanity), and actively wanting to use and express it.  We are being made aware of potent energy we all hold that allows us to live our lives differently, if we so choose it.  Thus we are no longer able to tolerate old patterns around restriction whether that be global and societal issues related to freedom, or personal issues around work fulfilment, how much joy/abundance/love etc you allow yourself to receive and feel you/we all deserve. We have outgrown our old boxes. We are pushing through old ceilings. ....
Some people are quite rightly questioning whether the old power structures are actually on the way out when we still see so much evidence around us that old ways are still running the show – or at the least trying to. I want to speak directly to the concern people have regarding the “Powers that be” and the Global elite. People are highly sceptical that the so called 1% and those working in the shadows for their own gain, at the cost of the majority of humanity, will so easily let go of their grip on power. Here is the thing: Power of this nature, over-powering the masses, relies on either forcing compliance on others (various forms of slavery) or manipulating people into compliance (making it so that people are not aware they are being over-powered, or believe that’s just how it is, and there’s nothing we can do about it). As we wake up the grip that this power has had over us lessens. We are no longer buying what is being sold. We are pulling the plugs out of the old systems with every viewing choice,......We are putting our plugs into new sockets, and as we do so the old systems cannot help but collapse or be called to transform. The old powers can hold onto their old reins as tightly as they like, but if everyone is letting go of the rope from the other end and moving on to greener pastures, well, they will be left holding limp reins eventually. This is our time of choosing. The greener pastures are available to us, and we are here this lifetime to know that they are available to us. ..... o as the Solar Flares shake us up like a cocktail mixer, be thankful. Better to be shaken and awakened than…not.....
" End of Quote

 Quoted from Heather Carlini......"I have noticed in my own research that solar activity is known to influence human consciousness.  Solar flares affect the Central Nervous System (stomach lining), all brain activity (including equilibrium), along with human behaviour and all psycho-physiological (mental-emotional-physical) response.  Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxiousness, worrisome, jittery, dizzy, shaky, irritable, lethargic, exhausted, have short term memory problems and heart palpitations, feel nauseous, queasy, and to have prolonged head pressure and headaches. Do you have any of the above lately?  I am hearing from people in Canada, the U.S., South America, Japan, Greece, Malta, Belgium, Sweden, the UK, Australia etc. that all report the symptoms that I address after an episode of high solar flare activity.  I have also experienced these symptoms myself as have many of my clients.  Scientists don't seem to be addressing this, but we all know it is  real as we are experiencing it first hand.

The solar flares and photon waves are changing the fabric of our physical reality as they have a powerful effect on our physical cellular level, causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear.  We often experience this as the body heating up in the form of “hot flashes.....” End of quote

 Quoted from Lovely Linda" .....Solar Flares Lighting Our Hearts Home, Eclipse Here We Come!....The energy, from all the X class solar flares we are experiencing, is magnifying everything we no longer need. The dross of our lives is disappearing under the benevolent rays of our dear sun. It is as if the sun is holding up a huge magnifying glass over us to burn away all of our warts. The higher vibrating light pulls up the lower vibrations of trauma and pain that we stored in our being. It is all being cleared out, a bonfire of pain and suffering releasing. It is a blessing yet can feel like anything but.....This weekend’s solar eclipse feels like a trigger to launch me more fully into union with the All. I am opening myself to receive all the gifts that it brings. All the desirings of my heart boil down to one note……unity. Wholeness. Oneness....." End of quote

There is no denying Now, we are in a Huge Shift On this Planet and there is no going back as we have shared. What is Unfolding now is unprecedented and just a few years ago not only un thought of, but most Likely impossible. Well the impossible is Now Very Possible and Love's Magic and Miracles are now at Play! Love and the energy of Love has the adacity to change everything. In fact Love already has, is and will CONTINUE. Massive Shifts are Underway.

 Quoted from Star Sister Marcia"..... a time of massive cosmic shift. We're crossing an energetic threshold of massive proportions, when great cycles of time, spanning millennia, are concluding and beginning.  In these times, everything that happens is intensified and accelerated.......* It happens as our Sun prepares for a reversal of its polarities....." end of quote

Quoted from Caroline K.A......"A new paradigm is forming.  Our world is changing, and as we have heard before, it all begins with us.  Within each individual, and within each heart.  Compassion, unity, forgiveness, understanding and love are the main components for bringing our new world to reality..... Change is everywhere, and the multidimensional world is absolutely real, and quite literally at our fingertips.....big changes... are taking place!  I just hope within our world, on our beloved planet Gaia, we will see the changes we need very soon within our new world, and in this Golden Age to which we have all entered upon...." End of quote

This Next Eclipse although in the Sun Sign of Scorpio which is Watery is also carrying intense Fire Energy with It, Which represents Intense Transformation. Since Scorpio Represents death, birth and transformation this Eclipse will Ignite these Energies creating an Intense Energy For all On the Planet and Coupled with All of our Solar Flare Energy to Give us quite a Punch! This is Coupled with Mercury retrograde!

 Quoted from Selacia...."on Nov. 3 we will have a powerful Scorpio solar eclipse, potentially the most transformational one like this since 1994....." End of Quote

 Quoted from Meredith Murphy ..."New Codes of Creation are being transmitted to us from the Great Central Sun. They are being received by our sun and impulsed to us. The Solar Eclipse this Sunday will transmit new codes for creation to Earth, further empowering Earth's ascension and our own upliftment into more and more embodied light. These codes give an infusion to our collective and individual consciousness, inviting a remembering of our eternal-ness. Combined with the Lunar Eclipse energies of bliss, Sunday's solar eclipse will propel us into reflections of purpose, self-expression, strongly urging us to bring our life into alignment. NOW. When the Earth completed it's shift into a 5th dimensional expression last December, 2012, New Harmonics of Creation were released into our Earthly experience. Earth, which had long been in a very contained sphere energetically, existing in duality, was now open for connection and participation on a galactic scale.

This year, of recalibrating to these new energies has been demanding and hard. Much harder then many of us expected. We are, however, growing in capacity. Now with the entrainment to the bliss energies and the New Harmonics continuing to expand in the collective and in our individual fields of presence, big stuff is starting to open up.

Sunday, we have a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse, and this eclipse "is known as a hybrid eclipse. When it first occurs, it will be in the annular form, which is also known as a ring eclipse. At this point, the moon is not quite big enough to fully cover the sun, so it leaves what's known as a ring of fire around its periphery. But as the eclipse moves east, the curvature of the Earth makes the moon appear larger, and by the time the eclipse gets to central Africa, the moon will cover the sun entirely."The energy is already being felt by many and will certainly be big. Staying calm and using the momentum to SET INTENTIONS and ENVISION and FEEL what you want to manifest are great ways to use this time..."End of quote

 Quoted from Carol Ann Ciocco...."As I'm sure you're aware, we are in an energetic pressure cooker right now. I.e. not only is the normally intense Scorpio season in full swing - with Mercury Retrograde in that sign - but we have a powerful 'hit' of the Uranus-Pluto Square signature .....and a very unusual and amazing Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Sunday November 3 at 7:50am EDT. So, this week is jam-packed with many opportunities for breakthroughs in personal evolution, and accelerated leaps forward in spiritual growth.....We live in times of exponential change. Opportunities for spiritual growth, joy, peace, service, and abundance surround us at every turn.....A Solar Pole Reversal is occurring at the time of this eclipse. Changes to the Sun's polarity will ripple all throughout the solar system, affecting not only earth but all other planetary bodies. This eclipse is a transmitter of this 11-year-cycle of solar shift. When the light flashes from the Ring of Fire and from Totality, the message is ramped up and stacked with illumination....The Uranus Square Pluto charts reveal that the masses are going to receive a revelation of truth. The solar system is having a mystical awakening - and it is taking place on earth. Gentle heart energies that bring a sense of inspiration and the illumination of ideas. The sudden release of material from the unconscious which brings with it a great deal of insight..." end of quote

 Quoted from Salvador Russo..."In the twilight hours of November 3rd our planet will be reborn beneath the power of a total solar eclipse. It will occur in the House of Scorpio, the House where life is redeemed. The ancient legend of the Phoenix will soon come to life as we become awestruck with the prolific events which will soon bring endings and new beginnings to every soul and future. The portal for the Phoenix will soon open as the Moon blots the Sun for a brief moment in spacetime. I welcome you all to my analysis of this great cosmic event and the profound effects it will have on our lives.


Rebirth and Redemption

The themes of rebirth and redemption will soon manifest with Divine force. The purpose of the coming events is to bring new life precisely where it is needed most. Many prayers will soon be answered as they are made manifest before our eyes. Transformations of every form and order will resuscitate and reclaim once dark territory into the Light. The hidden poisons in our lives will be brought forth with an irresistible force that will press mighty ultimatums before us on every level. As lives are reshaped blessings will come to heal wounds, settle debts, and invigorate the most extreme portions of our lives. The tides have turned on the Earth and the waves of Light will blight the night.......In the lexicons of lore a world renown legend known as “the Phoenix” exists. The sages of antiquity taught that this mystical bird corresponded with the Sun and with cycles of rebirth. What they didn’t make known so clearly is that this creature is actually a living solar archetype that manifests on the Earth at precise cosmic times. The Phoenix operates on the astral plane which is invisible to the naked eye. Its cycles are timed to our total solar eclipses, that is why it has been dignified as both solar and royal throughout history. In simple terms the Phoenix is a supernatural life-form that works to usher in glorious transformation and rebirth in our lives. This is why our total solar eclipses are so powerful – because they always unleash a certain type of Phoenix. Born of the Sun they are...

The rumblings in our lives up to this point will not compare to what we experience beyond Sunday when this eclipse aligns for us in Heaven. I promise you that the most powerful events of the year are yet to come. We find ourselves on the cusp of a profound and brilliant new chapter in our lives where we will shed old skin like a snake in its season. Metamorphosis is a golden word to capture the essence of the things to come. If we have been crawling we will soon walk. If we have been limping we will soon run. If we have fluttered we will soon soar. And if we have stuttered we will soon roar! Divine!Our DNA will be blessed as the Phoenix is unleashed that we evolve beyond what we now know as human. The truth is that cosmic events trigger evolutionary processes that transition us into a super-human state. Eclipses epitomize this process and this will all be proven with science in the years to come.....The new power will lead you to freedom, and when freedom is attained, we will be expected to lead others into it just as we were. The quest for freedom is real and this eclipse will catapult us into it." End of quote

Quoted from Cobra ......"The time of the AION portal activation signifies the peak of Uranus Pluto square, which is occurring in the 2012-2015 timeframe. This is the most important astrological aspect of our times and its meaning is very simple: revolution of Light....Activation of the AION portal is the peak moment of the turning of the tide. Due to the grid ratio, the Light forces were passive and mainly responding to actions of the dark forces until now.  From the AION portal on, the Light will begin to initiate action....This activation will signify the shift of the ages.Victory NOW! Liberation NOW!.." End of quote

 Quoted from Arielle Guttman ......."So many lives are in chaos, or in dramatic and shocking shifts, and many do not have any idea what is truly going on. I am hearing so many stories from people who are moving through life as best they can, and suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, experience a shocking change of circumstances and abruptly, their lives appear completely altered from the day before. Those of us who are following the movement of the planets have an advantage! And although no one said it would be easy – and these Uranus-Pluto changes may be affecting everyone as dramatically, at least we know how to track the timing and make sense of it all.During these drumbeats of Uranus and Pluto, the momentum is moving us away from what we have previously known, who we have been and what we have done. Through almost every area of life, in government, in industry, in commerce, in health care, in education and in communications, the old patterns are breaking up and disappearing at lightning speed...." End of quote

Quoted from Ann KreilKamp..."During this climactic November, the more astrology the better, to help us both place the exciting/terrifying chaotic personal and planetary Uranus/Pluto energies in perspective as well as remind us to center ourselves and breathe through the heart into action...."

More are now awakening at a fast pace! The Front runners of the New Paradigm have arrived on the Same Page, which is another FINALLY. As a Result we will Have Alot of Forward Movement Now. Love has Won and everyone is getting into position for a Full Planetary Awakening! We are Here and We are Ready!

 Quoted from Judy Sartori ....“They are here to stand beside us and help us transition through this time of change and challenge. To together create a new age of peace and prosperity on earth.” “Many beings from the stars also chose to incarnate on earth. To take on the new DNA coding. And so help the earth move forward. Many of these star beings are human looking. This is because they created us to look like them.” “At this time of new beginning many beings from the stars are coming again to the earth to help humanity chart a course through stormy waters. And begin a new planetary cycle of conscious galactic co-creation. Many representatives of the star nations of this galaxy will come to walk among us here on earth. They say that so many will come, that no government will be able to deny this. Or cover up the truth. In turn they will have our world governments chart a new path of progress envision for the earth.” “When we come, we will come quickly. And we will come in large numbers. You will see huge ships of light in the skies above your cities. No one will be able to deny that we are here among you.” “Please welcome us with the consciousness of love. As you too came from the stars. And we are like family to you. We work only for your highest good and greatest well-being. In the years ahead we wish to assist you in many areas of technology to advance the earth, and create abundance, health and happiness for all. Together, we will re-create the pure light and original beauty of Terra, the earth as it once was, and will be again.” End of quote

Decreed by Heaven~ Eclipse Energies Bring IN the Game Changer for a Deep wake Up Calls and Deep Transformations to The Masses as We Continue to Prepare for a Full Planetary Awakening. Events Will Intensify this Month! No Seatbelts. All Earth Allies are In Position or getting into Position Now! CHOO CHOO! This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

Remember Loves we are not in a time linear schedule, We are In A Divine one!

 ~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~

   Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!

   ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.


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