The Galactic Free Press Update: The Great Awakening On Planet Earth=Heart is Well Underway

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Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center

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Greetings Love Beings, The Great Awakening On Planet Earth=Heart is Well Underway. Today is the 26th Anniversary of the First Harmonic Convergence which took place in August of 1987. This was life altering energy which changed the direction of the Entire Planet and Literally Moved Humanity Into The Positive Outcome. This was assisted with Many events there after. Currently,  We are at a definate Breakthrough and turning point on the Planet in Favor of the Real Reality of The Light and the Real and Whole Truth. The Truth is Coming Spiraling Out to the forefront for all to see, one way or another. Love is The Only Reality which Exists, this Will Become Apparent for those who are paying attention and are In The Present moment of Now! Welcome to the increased Miracles and Synchronystic Events for those in the Oneness Energies.

 Quoted from Zen Gardner...."There appears to be a growing sentiment that we’re on the verge of some kind of significant breakthrough. Not the obvious crackdown of the PTBs, but a good move forward for conscious humanity. It seems to be an awareness step of some sort, but this next stage is becoming more and more palpable. Many have talked about these energetic changes and the consciousness shift we’re in the midst of, but even within that we can sense levels of relative change and I’m hearing it from all sides. There’s an unraveling going on as the awakened become empowered, but many dynamics are involved. Is it related to this feeling of a calm before a storm on the world stage, a version of our own anticipation clearly known amongst the awakened?

Yes. The difference is the awakened are not reactive, but responsive and even proactive. We follow our hearts and feel out what’s transpiring......This isn’t just the overall “shift” we’re in the midst of, but a clear staged move into a post awakened awareness and understanding of where we are at in this present moment....." End of Quote

Quoted from John McIntosh..."This Direct Pathless Path was not available before Now – in these early days of THE GOLDEN AGE in which humanity is Now immersed … and the longer path was required to (satisfy the mind) that spoke of unworthiness, sacrifices, hard work, discipline and long arduous practices under the guidance of a master or guru seemed like absolute necessities for full Liberation in the old energy dominated by the control of the mind. Today, the frequency of the Heart ... the ‘ever fresh’ Truth available only in the Now Moment, is pulling the rug from beneath the ever changing dreams borne in the mind. The house of cards humanity has lived within and believed in for thousands of years is crumbling around it everywhere ‘emptying’ every illusion to leave ‘space’ for the Truth emanating from the Heart...." End of quote
Ascension Painting Angel ~ In Physical Manifestation Amy Pomar - site

 Quoted from Jimmy..."You have been releasing fearful energies and replacing them with love. Many of you can feel this process as it occurs. A tingling sensation rises up your spine and exits through your crown. Your crown opens up and takes in packets of energy, spreading it throughout your body. Your heart chakra opens up and sucks in packets of energy, expanding outward and filling your energy field with love and joy. Your pineal gland opens up and takes in packets of energy, expanding outward and opening your mind to unlimited possibilities. Eventually, every one of you will reach a critical point where you have released all of your fearful energy and are completely filled with the energy of love. Your energy body will expand to encompass the entire multiverse.

Every one of you will eventually blossom into fully ascended beings of light. You will experience the fireworks you crave. There will be no mistake when you have finished the process and have acheived a light/love quotient of 100%. The threefold flame in your heart will ignite, your ears will buzz, your extremities will tingle and start vibrating at a rate not previously known to you, and you will suddenly feel as if you have been engulfed in a cool flame. Every molecule in your body will dance with joy. Your heart will feel the joy of a thousand lifetimes.

This will happen in a moment, as if somebody lit a kerosene lamp. You will hear the swooshing sound of a flame igniting. It will be like plugging yourself into a super generator....You will change the world, leading by example. People will see what you can do, and their minds will expand along with their hearts. Humanity will ascend, one person at a a time, but the ascension of humanity will accelerate exponentially with every person who completes the ascension process.

Many of you will experience this shift before the end of the year. 2013 is a year of completion, wherein all of codes and formatting for full ascension will be available for download by the end of the year. The information will be downloaded to all those open to receive it. The world awaits the first person to complete the process in this era. That person will break ground for others to follow. This is truly the first year of the ascended Earth, and a critical turning point of one of the most amazing journeys ever imagined..." End of Quote

 Ascension Painting ~the Bridge ~ Amy Pomar - site


Quoted from Sandra Walters" Will it be the Division of Worlds? Something miraculous is about to occur to those on the Ascension Path. We can all feel it; the moment-by-moment increase in energies, the vertigo of lovelight, the constant Shamanic dream of images, lessons, and final shedding of the veils for so many of us. We had our time together .....and now we get to that grand turning point in the Shift. Someone has to go first, someone has to show HUmanity what is possible.  All of the signs, signals, sensations point to one thing; this is going to be BIG. Deeply transformational for some, pure transcendence for others. The *evidence* of Ascension is about to get KRYSTHL clear......

I have felt transcendence since mid June, and it amplifies every day, every night. I AM amazed that this passage is finally here, and I sense the division of worlds may be witnessed very soon. That’s not a cosmic soon, it is right now. For those seeing the 5s or 25 sequences, pay attention. You’re getting the prompt to drop your bags and run for the gate. Leave it all behind: the beliefs, fear, doubts, wavering, tasks … none of that matters now.

Be as present with the truth as you can. Be the lovelight: Resonate at its vibration and it will upgrade you straight into Solar Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Deal with everything moment by moment – the clearing, the final adjustments, the pre-agreements, the challenges – all of these last-minute tests are presenting to honor your free will. It is your choice if you want to make this transformation. You must do it for the proper reasons. The ego will fight, the mind will distract, the emotions will cripple if you are not ready to walk through this next gateway. Be focused on divine will, not the lower level will. Your engagement with the shadow of 3D prevents its dissolvement. This is a pivotal point for authenticity. Be clear on what is you and what is an old program. Be clear on what is the truth and what is belief or false perception.

We, the awakened and ascending, are about to experience the miraculous."

Many have Been Following their Higher Selves Missions! What they have been discovering Everywhere Is that Love Is winning, Light Has One~ WON! CHOO CHOO

Quoted from KP [KP's Mission]..."With confidence I can pronounce this statement of completion. We have now achieved…“Victory… OF the Light… IN the Light… FOR the LIGHT… It is Done… End of quote


Sunspots AR1817 and AR1818 pose a threat for M-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI

The Energies Continue Increasing and We are Arriving at many more energetic events which will impact Everyone and Everything on the Planet.  These Events which will be impacting us are the Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence energies, Flares and Solar wind streams from the Sun, More Important Astrological Alignments, and a Second Full Blue Moon IN Aquarius. Whats Exciting are the Solar Flares and a solar wind stream arriving to us today at the Anniversary of the First Harmonic Convergence which will provide us another round of intense transformational energies. You can Look forward to Surprise, Life changing Events to Grace Us in these energies for the remaining of August and Beyond!.

 Quoted from Sonja Myriel Raouine......."We all know about the Harmonic Convergence which took place August 16/17 in 1987. It marked the beginning of Humanity changing the prophecies of ancient times from apocalyptic disaster to Ascension. Since that day MANY world wide synchronized meditations have taken place in order to help bring PEACE to the peoples and LOVE to the hearts of mankind and a new paradigm, which we have begun to call "NEW EARTH", into reality.........

On August 16th and 17th we will celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, and thus the closing of the first half of a 52 year cycle.

As we entered the New Mayan Year called "Yellow GALACTIC SEED" on July 26th, this celebration can be regarded as a SEED which we plant now in the Year CERO, half a year after the 12-21-12 Shift of the Ages. This seed will grow roots and develop its full potential .....and YOU can be PART of it! The way in which you decide to participate is entirely up to you.

It may suffice to be consciously AWARE of the fact that August 16th/17th is a TURNING POINT in history and whatever way you choose to deepen this insight is perfect - and your piece of the puzzle which you add to the bigger picture...... SPREAD the INFORMATION that August 16th/17th is a true TURNING POINT from the old to the new paradigm of LOVE and Mutual Support! ....I wish you a most wonder-filled Celebration, SEEDING the Age of Love and Prosperity, Peace and Harmony, Unity and LIGHT and hope that you will bring this date to the attention of your friends and family, passing on this or your personal message of WHAT IS TO TAKE PLACE...." End of quote

~ Quoted from Astrologer Salvador Russo [On August 21st right after the Full Moon] "Jupiter in Cancer.... forms an active square to Uranus Rx in Aries! This ... powerful planetary alignment has not graced our skies since September of 1930 when a series of unexpected revolutionary events were sweeping across the globe. The same will hold true in these times as these energies will again catalyze unexpected revolutionary change in our lives and in our planet.......Being that this is such a rare alignment with such powerfully catalytic energies involved it is vital that we live in a state of peace, higher awareness, and that we seize the good grace that will soon manifest without hesitation. It has been nearly 83 years since an alignment of this kind! It is designed to create instantaneous quantum leaps in our lives and trajectories into the future. Be prepared for Divine shock and awe! Liberty, abundance,, peace, and promise will be flashing into and rippling throughout all of our lives through August 30th!" End of Quote

 Quoted from Kelly Rosana......"On August 20 we have a Aquarius Full Moon, Star of David, Grand Square & Grand Sextileplayful Aquarius Full Moon. This is the second Aquarius Full Moon. The first one was on July 22, at the beginning of Leo/Aquarius. We have now come full circle. We are at the end of Leo/Aquarius......Jupiter makes his first of three exact squares (challenge) to Uranus. This starts at the Full Moon. Uranus is Aquarius ruling planet. Uranus is the awakener. Uranus is the planet of change......The Aquarius Full Moon is our wake up call to the dawning Age of Aquarius.... Starting with yourself is the most important thing you can do[ right now in these energies]. Take responsibility for thoughts, words and actions[ Just Choose Love]. Gather with other like-minded[Hearted] friends. Invite us in to help you to make plans and carry them out. Be open to connecting more with the space brothers and sisters that are also waiting to carry out their parts of the Divine Plan. There are reasons for everything and little by little you will see that more of the truth is coming out. The shakeup will be many as people are awakening you will see increasing implosions within old systems as the dark is forced to back away. They are slipping and losing control so imagine how much fear they are facing. " End of quote

In Our last update we shared we are moving fast and everyone has to catch up to themselves. The Sun is Helping us as We are Currently maintaining a Solar wind Speed Above 700.  All HigherSelves were decreed into Physical Manifestation and Mother Earth=Heart Decreed that the ignorance and illusion cease on her Planet.  The Sun and Earth Combined are Here to Share Something with Humanity!  Welcome Home! Decree's Hold the Highest Energy there is no way around this,This is the Destiny Of Humanity! Resistance Is Futile, cause These Incoming Energies will not stop! This Planet's Destiny is to become a Blue Star Seed Nation and we are well On our Way!

Quoted from Zen Gardner"....These energetic changes accompanying this huge scale awakening are not the[ Only] answer. We are the answer. Those they affect who in turn willingly transform and pass it on, helping others understand and utilize what’s going on, are the answer. You and me. With or without any new cosmic or otherwise energies, combined with all we’re co-experiencing, our mission is the same. And what a great time to be alive as this awakening and all its accompanying energies unfold. Good for conscious  humanity, but bad for the matrix whose minions are scared to death of what’s happening. This is why we’re seeing the frantic implementation of the control system..... It’s like a bucket of water on a raging forest fire. Sorry guys, you’ve already lost. You really think you can fight the Truth? C’mon. .... Keep On! We’re here to act out our mission, however we’re each called. We can follow, we can lead. We can sit by the wayside. I don’t personally condone non-action in the least. We need to be conscious responders..... Raise your voice. Radiate your energy.... " End of quote

Quoted from Dr Moe " I can feel the tide turning as we move along at an ever accelerating pace. The energies are there. The will on our parts is there. Just waiting for that Green Light that now feels very close indeed." end of quote

Love is an Unstoppable Energy, which will be shifting this Planet Quickly. We Know many are reading several messages here at the Press about the Feelings and Experiences many are having and probably feeling yourself that something is  definitely shifting. This is More Apparent for those Who are Choosing 5d Reality Right Now as More Joy and Synchronystic events come flowing into your Lives.

Decreed by Heaven~ The Great Awakening On Planet Earth=Heart is Well Underway. Increased Energies released during this Anniversary of the 26th Harmonic Convergence to assist IN the Great awakening. The Sun and MotherEarth=Heart have Decreed,  its indeed time to Wake Up! This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

Remember Loves we are not in a time linear schedule, We are In A Divine one!

 ~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~

   Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!

   ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

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Gaia Portal Aug 15

gaia_energy1Gaia Portal Update "Sensational Illuminations are flowing from all Gaia Ascension portals after recent energetic uplifts. Such may be “sensed” by stepping into Higher Clarity Sensories.“Sensational” refers to the grand awakening moment of humanity, already preceded by Hue-manity. Prior acts of Light caregivers are manifesting results required for complete Ascension of all beings on Gaia, along with Gaia. The phrase, “Sparks are flying” (“Sparkles are flying”), is most applicable at this now moment."