GFP Newsletter - 10/10/2017

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If you fight with yourself, there is no victory. Nobody is going to be defeated, nobody is going to win; the whole game is stupid. But one thing is certain - if you go on fighting with yourself, you are dissipating energy. The right cannot win, the left cannot win - you will be defeated in the end. It is suicidal, you are destroying yourself.

When you are one, you become a creator, when you are two, you become suicidal - you destroy yourself. And how do you become two? Whenever self-consciousness arises, you become two.

Whenever you look at others and feel; What do they think about me? - you become two.

That's why all that is beautiful cannot happen when you are two. A creator has to forget everything, he has to forget the whole world; only then something from Beyond descends.



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