GFP Newsletter - 11/1/2018

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Once the first taste of awareness has happened on your tongue, be quick! Because the mind is very cunning -- the mind can start telling you, "Look, you are no longer ordinary, you are extraordinary. Look, you have attained. Look, you have become a buddha, you are enlightened. Look, this is the goal of all human beings, and very rarely, one in a million attains. You are that one in a million."

The mind will say all these beautiful sweet nothings, and of course the ego can come back. You can start feeling very good, holier than thou. You can start feeling special, spiritual, saintly. And all is lost. Through the remedy, the disease is back. Cling to the remedy, and the disease is back.

One has to be very alert about dropping the method. Once you attain something, immediately drop the method, otherwise your mind will start clinging to the method.



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