GFP Newsletter - 11/17/2017

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When a child is born the mother is the only reality. He is in contact only with the mother and every desire is fulfilled: he is hungry and mother gives him milk; he is thirsty and water is given; he is feeling wet, the clothes are changed; he is not feeling warm, a blanket is put over him - everything is fulfilled. And every child is a dreamer, has to be. The child starts feeling as if he is the center of the world - he is here to demand and the world is there to fulfill. If you continue to try it, you remain a child.

I see people not growing at all. They reach their graves but in fact they have remained in their cradles, still playing with toys, still dreaming. Then they weep and cry because the reality doesn't bother about them; they feel frustrated, they feel aggressive, they feel that everywhere something is going wrong and against them - as if the reality is the enemy.

It is neither enemy nor friend - it is neither. If you are aware, it becomes your friend; if you are unaware, it proves to be your enemy. In itself it is neither. Reality has no prejudice about you, as a friend or an enemy.



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