GFP Newsletter - 2/14/2019

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If you really want to have a transformed life, if you really want to become a light unto yourself, if you really want to know the ultimate mystery of existence and the ultimate ecstasy of being alive, then the first force is intensity, totality. Whatsoever you do, do it intensely, to the optimum. Don't be lousy, don't be lazy, don't be partial. Go into it wholeheartedly, let it become a total absorption.

If you dance, dance so totally that the dancer disappears and only the dance remains, and it will be a transformation. If you love, love totally, so totally that there is no lover found.

The lover is found only if you are holding something back. That which you are holding back becomes the lover. If you are holding something back, that which you are holding back becomes the dancer, the singer. If you are totally in the dance, in the song, in the love, who is left behind there to say, "I am the lover, I am the dancer"? Nothing is left.

And totality transforms.



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